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It’s to keep us all safe

by 5ocietyx

I’m old enough to remember when you could drink and smoke on the tube on a night out
and jump the barriers if you had no money for the fare home.

There were even designated smoking carriages.

If you could get hold of even a tatty London Underground cleaner’s jacket you basically had free travel with no questions asked.

It was the equivalent of the hi-viz jacket, it could open any doors like a magical cape.

Muslims blowing up tube-carriages and romanian beggar-women hawking tissues wasn’t a thing, and our own people appeared in virtually every advert and on every seat speaking english together.

No-one questioned it, no-one tried to demonize it, this was normal everyday life in a free country.

How times have changed.

You can’t really argue against banning smoking but do we really still need constant reminders?

Yes tourists might not know but I’m sure someone will tell them to stub it out if they assumed they could.
There are enough busybodies among the public and tube staff, the flame would never touch the paper.

There was also the freedom of knowing your every move wasn’t monitored by CCTV and swipe cards.

You can’t bill post on the tube, that’s their job.

Unimpeded views out the window are just not on, it’s valuable eyeball space to remind us what we are not allowed to do on their system even though everyone already knows as it’s been drummed into us for years.

Mind The Gap
See Something Say Something
Due to the wet weather conditions
No Smoking
No Alcohol
Hold the Handrail
It’s to keep us all safe

It’s a relentless stream of health and safety announcements that only a retard needs to hear and if that’s the case they shouldn’t be out in public unaccompanied in the first place.

This messaging is designed to infantilze us, to condition us that the nanny state is looking out for us and ‘keeping us all safe’ and to ultimately help drive us mad.

It’s to keep us all safe.

In reality the opposite is true but it’s only when you compare it to alternatives the dystopia really hits home.

In Russia works of art adorn their stations. In Italy the trains ran on time. If Stalin and Mussolini could do it why can’t we?

Instead we get race-replacement propaganda to look at and entire stations festooned in health warnings.

We should be hearing soothing classical or ambient music but instead it’s a barrage of commands reminding you not to trip over your own feet or put your foot into an obvious gap. Or to keep your hand-made muzzle on at all times but still hold the handrail in case you fall over, something I’ve never seen happen on the underground, and even if you did, what’s worse, a grazed knee or the plague that’s lurking out there on every surface?

In 2017 transport bosses banned the greeting “ladies and gentlemen” in favour of a gender-neutral alternative just to underscore the dehumanizing and alienating system they have created.

How apt that someone like Sadiq Khan is currently in charge of it all and would have bankrupted it last year had it not been for government bailouts.

Mainstream Britain has become a truly horrible place to live, lockdown just shed all pretense. It’s full of compliant cowards who have turned on family members who speak the truth of our predicament and instead hang on the every word of snide little politicians like Matt Hancock and Khan.

They are a disgrace and are the very reason we now eek out our non-lives in this undeniable hellscape that should so easily have been heaven.

The Return of the Griffin?

by 5ocietyx

Ariana Grande, The Great Aryan, London Bridge, Manchester, MKULTRA

by 5ocietyx

In 2014 Ariana Grande was caught out wishing death upon her fans.

In 2016 the aging thot Fergie released an anti-song entitled ‘London Bridge’. The video features among other things her coalburning up against a black Queen’s guardsman like a ten dollar street-whore and generally thotting through London as if she owned the place. As if she was a cut above everyone else.

Here are the anti-lyrics

Oh shit!
Oh shit!
Oh shit!
(Are you ready for this’)
Oh shit!
Oh! It’s me, Fergie
The pimp, Polow!
Fergie Ferg, what’s up baby’
Come on!
When I come to the club step aside
(Oh shit!)
Part the seas, don’t be havin’ me in the line
(Oh shit!)
V.I.P. ’cause you know I gotta shine
(Oh shit!)
I’m Fergie Ferg and me love you long time
(Oh shit!)
All my girls get down on the floor
(Oh shit!)
Back to back, drop it down real low
(Oh shit!)
I’m such a lady but I’m dancin’ like a ho
(Oh shit!)
‘Cause you know I don’t give a fuck, so here we go!
(Oh shit!)
How come every time you come around
My London London Bridge wanna go down like
London London London, wanna go down like
London London London, we goin’ down like
How come every time you come around
My London…

In 2017, in between this act of casual degeneracy where the masses were being pre-programmed to accept weekly terror and the London Bridge atrocity an anti-music concert performed by the terror-thot Ariana Grande was bombed.

In no time at all a stellar cast of MKULTRA slaves was assembled including the Monarch sex-kittens Viley Virus, Mrs Russell Brand as well as the bad penny himself William who was of course a member of the same band of reprobates as Fergie. It’s almost as if they all had fore-knowledge of the event. Or rather their handlers. Almost as if they act in unison by some unseen, controlling (((hands))).


William gets Manchester crowd to flash ISIS salutes at the memorial anti-concert for the victims of ISIS. 

William at one stage got the crowd in Manchester flashing the ISIS salute, in tribute to the latest victims of ISIS I guess? That’s how it works isn’t it nowadays? Commit the most obvious acts of madness before the eyes of the world and somehow get away with it every time?

One of the London Bridge mass-murderers even appeared in a MSM TV programme called ‘The Jihadi Next Door’.

One of the anti-songs Grande dedicated to the victims of her own making is about getting fucked so hard you can’t walk. Her fanbase is largely preteen girls. Such a cutey ain’t she??

She closed the mega-ritual with the notorious ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ that has for decades been used as part of trauma-based mind-control.

The evidence suggests the Manchester and London Bridge attacks were part of an elaborate psy-op.

This blog has long since suspected deeply embedded ties between liberals and jihadists. Why else would libshits invite them all into our home then continually and gleefully thwart any attempts to deport any of them? Not in our wildest nightmares however could we have imagined something so complex. so callous, so conniving as this.

But it’s all for ❤ love ❤ and fe-fe’s isn’t it?

We will of course continue to monitor events as the dire situation in the UK continues to worsen as the disastrous 50 year cycle of the Liberal Consensus finally draws to an ignoble close.

As more and more truth emerges regarding the planned moslem invasion of Great Britain and Europe and the open collaboration of the likes of the Mayor of Londonistan, Sadiq Khan, voted into office by libshits naturally, more and more normies are being red-pilled.

There is a Reckoning on its way, surely we can all feel it in our bones?

What shape this will take is still hard to ascertain.

#ManchesterOneLove? We are being played for fools as we watch our children turned into thots before being blown to pieces by the most despicable people on earth – (((SIS))), ISIS and Libshits.

They mistake our righteous fury for hate, our love for our country and people for hate yet all they do is lust. All they do is lust after raw flesh and mistake it as love.


Manchester Terror Attack: Rallying the Youth Around the Occult Elite

Further thoughts on Boudica’s ‘Andred’

by totalgooched

In a previous piece we speculated on the origins of the goddess invoked by the Briton Queen Boudica in her famous last stand against the Roman invaders, in 67 AD.

On page 177 of Richard Carlyon’s excellent book ‘A Guide to the Gods’ we find a description of the Greek goddess Nemesis.


Goddess of destiny; alias Adrasteia, ‘the inevitable’


Wikipedia has a listing for ‘Adrestia (Greek: Ἀδρήστεια) in Greek mythology ‘she who cannot be escaped’ was the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite and known to accompany her father Ares to war. She was venerated as a goddess of revolt, just retribution and sublime balance between good and evil. Because of her role in revenge and retribution, she was usually portrayed with Nemesis, and sometimes identical to Nemesis herself, who had the epithet of Adrestia or Adrasteia.’

Were the Greeks known to the Druids, or more importantly, were the Druids known to the Greeks? The answer is, yes. In fact, the Greeks believed that the study of philosophy originated with the barbarian magicians, such as the Druids.

‘The earliest record of the druids comes from two Greek texts of c. 300 BCE: one, a history of philosophy written by Sotion of Alexandria, and the other a study of magic widely attributed to Aristotle. Both texts are now lost, but were quoted in the 2nd century CE work Vitae by Diogenes Laertius.[55]

Some say that the study of philosophy originated with the barbarians. In that among the Persians there existed the Magi, and among the Babylonians or Assyrians the Chaldaei, among the Indians the Gymnosophistae, and among the Celts and Gauls men who were called druids and semnothei, as Aristotle relates in his book on magic, and Sotion in the twenty-third book of his Succession of Philosophers.

— Diogenes Laertius, Vitae, Introduction, Section 1[56]

Subsequent Greek and Roman texts from the third century BCE refer to “barbarian philosophers”,[57] possibly in reference to the Gaulish druids.’

So its quite possible that the Greeks took some of the gods of their pantheon from the Druids, whom they considered philosophically superior, with Adrasteia being just one such goddess.

So in light of this information, wouldn’t it make much more sense that Boudica – who, having been humiliated by the Romans when they raped her daughters and stole her land, was leading a revolt against the invaders – was instead invoking the goddess of revolt, retribution and justice ‘Adrasteia’, rather than ‘Andrasta’, who was merely a mother goddess loosely associated with war? The incident with the hare seems to suggest that an element of redressing balance was present in the ritual performed by Boudica in that field many years ago, a retribution that would eventually befall the Romans, when centuries later it would be the Welsh Briton Queen Helena who effectively brought about the dissolution of their empire, by encouraging her son Constantine to adopt Christianity as the official religion.


Queen Elizabeth II in Druidic costume

taken from –

Star Wars in Ancient Britain – Nuada

by totalgooched



Former leader of the Tuatha De Danann. Alias Nud, Nodens, Lud and Llud Llaw Eraint. His epithet is Argetlam (‘silver hand’).

At the first battle of Moytura, Nuada had the misfortune to his arm cut off. This gave Dian Cecht the chance of pioneering the field of bionics; he designed and fitted a fully operable arm made out of silver. Nuada owned an invincible sword which he used in the second battle of Moytura. By now Lug had arrived on the scene to lead the Tuatha De in battle, for Nuada had forfeited the leadership when he lost his arm.


taken from –

p.221, A Guide to the Gods (Richard Carlyon, 1981)

Jimmy Savile, Ice Cream, Pizza and Chicken

by totalgooched

In light of the breaking #pizzagate scandal we decided to go over a few connections Jimmy Savile may have to the subtle codes apparently used by the alleged elite paedophiles.

the first concerns Peter Jaconelli, who was of course, know as the king of Ice Cream, and, it turned out, was a prolific and dangerous paedophile.


this  next image sees Jimmy Savile dressed as a chicken, whilst surrounded by young girls.

MoS2 Template Master

and then we have quite a few references to a pizza restaurant in Leeds known as Flying Pizza. which Jimmy Savile was known to frequent.


This picture shows arch-paedophile TV presenter Jimmy Savile groping a teenage girl at a pizza restaurant ‘The Flying Pizza’ (where, apparently, modern artist Damien Hirst once worked) in Leeds, in 2000, caught on camera in the Louis Theroux documentary on Savile.
there is also a review on trip advisor from 2008:


just a couple of little things that may be worthwhile noting.

dont forget all the satanic links we made in our documentary ‘was jimmy savile a wizard?’

taken from –

Organised Chaos

by totalgooched

We would like to call to the reader’s attention the recent appearance of these flyers at anti-Trump rallies in America which bear a striking resemblance to flyers handed out at the 2011 London riots. 

The London riots, like the anti-Trump rallies were apparently spontaneous and grass roots incidents, specific to flash point causes, which would have left anyone intent on capitalising on them very little time to organise. So why at both (and probably others) were participants handed these flyers? 

We can almost guarantee there is a hidden hand in the anti-Trump demonstrations, the enemies of humanity are reeling from two defeats this year, but who would have possibly benefitted from a mass chimp-out in London, back in 2011?

The 5ociety continues to monitor the global elitist agenda to destroy the indigenous people of the UK…

Trump and the Roots of Freedom

by totalgooched

​So it looks like Europeans have hit their ‘Gates of Vienna’ moment yet again, in their eternal quest for freedom of association. Europeans have a tendancy to never notice how bad things actually are until the very last moment. Like the crusades before, the Ottoman invasion or the battle for America against the native indians, Europeans will believe everything is fine until the problem is in their face, and then, and only then, can something like the election of Donald Trump happen (a much metered reaction when compared to those of the past). Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit), in his ‘follow the white rabbit’ podcast has made good analysis of this phenomenon.
But another ‘angle’ (pun intended) that needs to be acknowledged in this European struggle is the almost exclusively Anglo aspect of the fight for freedom. Because it appears that it is only Anglo’s who really care about freedom. 

The founding fathers of the American nation were heavily influenced by the English philosophers of their day, and pretty much all of them were either Anglos themselves, or loyal to the English Crown up until the time for revolution came about. 

They recognised something that had been inadvertantly taken away from them (through no fault of the English, who, short sightedly, had lost their truth in the quest for empire) that had always been afforded to those in their colonial homeland, England, and that was freedom. So, they set about trying to achieve a more pure version of that always hypothetical freedom within their new homeland, America.

If we examine the history of Europe, and the world at large, no other nation has had such an innate feel for freedom as the English. The Germans and their northern relatives, and the Italians and their mediterranian kin were always happy to be dictated to, and if today one was to slowly remove their little fought for freedoms i suspect they would barely notice the difference (see Rome, aka the EU 1.0). As for the rest of the world, the concept of freedom seems almost alien to them.

The reasons for this are, i propose, deeply instinctive, that is, there is a genetic component to the concept of freedom that other, less and less Anglic people, dont really understand the appeal, or necessity of.

We must also forget the weaponised lie that the English are either 1) a nation of immigrants, and 2) of Germanic origin, as both of these can be proven as false, creationed for the purpose of legitimising an illegitimate royalty, who are, of Germanic descent. The true history of the people of the British isles is far more esoteric than most know, and has been subject to political revision, but the truth still persists if one is inquisitive enough.

On the subject of innate behavioural traits, as is well known Donald Trump has Germanic roots. The nature of the German is to perfect that which already exists, to the point of absolute effectiveness. Their skill for efficiency is perhaps unmatched in any race. So their motorcars, whilst not being an invention of their own, are the best in the world because of their desire for perfection. They were able to ruthlessly administer national socialism to almost inhuman levels, gleefully adopting and implementing an essentially foreign political system to its logical conclusion of racial purity and technical and economic superiority. (Granted, the Germans have contributed a fair share to invention, particularly in warfare. The word ‘war’ in fact comes from the Germanic word ‘werran’ – to confuse. Still, it must be stated that all European nations have contributed massively to human enlightenment, but none have given the world concepts so life changing as the English). The Germans should not be hated for this ability to perfect, on the contrary, we should celebrate their skill, and utilise it by offering them our most brilliant ideas to get their teeth into.

Which brings us back to Trump. Being an American citizen of German origin (and therefore possessing Germanic faculties) Trump is able to recognise the qualities of English freedom, but is also able to see where it has gone wrong, and what could be done to reinstate those good qualities, and to make that system the most efficient it could be. Trump is going to attempt to do with freedom, ie. the English vision of liberty, what the national socialists tried to do to devotional bondage, ie. Italian Fascism.

Currently, what the left need to realise – and in this way they need to grow up and stop being such babies – is that history cannot step into the same river twice. Contrary to communist belief, history doesnt repeat itself, especially with an idea so disasterous as national socialism. Instead, the solid truths of ethno nationalism will be refined and reconfigured, hybridised with Anglo freedom, and become more sophisticated, as Europeans tend to do. And yes, this new movement will ultimately be good for Europeans, as it is the de facto evolution of nationalist thought, which is the natural state of high-spirited, enlightened human beings, such as Europeans.

So, in some ways, the left is correct in their accusation that Trump is literally Hitler, except this time round the ruthless efficiency will be for the good of America, and the world at large, when the power of European enlightenment is harnessed and administered under one ethnic flag, for the benefit of all.

This European revolution is an essentially Anglo revolution that doesnt just have its roots in Magna Carta, for there is a link even further back than that with the Molmutine laws put in place in the British Isles by Dunvallo Molmutius in 400 bc. It are these laws that distinguishes those people of the Isles from those of continental mainland Europe, which is still visible today in the fight for EU brexit, by the traditional English, Cymri and few Picts that remain (see the video below for the suppressed history of the people of the British Isles).

South Downs pre-Roman ‘farming collective’ discovered

by totalgooched

‘Evidence of a prehistoric “farming collective” has been discovered after aerial laser scanning was carried out in the South Downs National Park.

Large-scale farming from before the Roman invasion suggests a high level of civilisation, archaeologists said.

The survey also revealed the route of a long-suspected Roman road between Chichester and Brighton.

It covered an area between the Arun river valley in West Sussex and Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire.’

take from –

Annie Besant

by totalgooched

Annie Besant (1 October 1847 – 20 September 1933) was a prominent British socialist, theosophist, women’s rights activist, writer and orator and supporter of Irish and Indian self-rule.

‘For Besant, politics, friendship and love were always closely intertwined. Her decision in favour of Socialism came about through a close relationship with George Bernard Shaw, a struggling young Irish author living in London, and a leading light of the Fabian Society. Annie was impressed by his work and grew very close to him too in the early 1880s. It was Besant who made the first move, by inviting Shaw to live with her. This he refused, but it was Shaw who sponsored Besant to join the Fabian Society. In its early days, the society was a gathering of people exploring spiritual, rather than political, alternatives to the capitalist system.[13] Besant began to write for the Fabians. This new commitment – and her relationship with Shaw – deepened the split between Besant and Bradlaugh, who was an individualist and opposed to Socialism of any sort. While he defended free speech at any cost, he was very cautious about encouraging working-class militancy.

In 1890 Besant met Helena Blavatsky and over the next few years her interest in theosophy grew while her interest in secular matters waned. She became a member of the Theosophical Society and a prominent lecturer on the subject. In 1902, she established the first overseas Lodge of the International Order of Co-Freemasonry, Le Droit Humain. Over the next few years she established lodges in many parts of the British Empire. In 1907 she became president of the Theosophical Society, whose international headquarters were in Adyar, Madras, (Chennai).

In 1901 Annie Besant wrote a book titled Thought Forms, describing them in detail. The book divides them into three classes: forms in the shape of the person who creates them, forms that resemble objects or people and may become “ensouled” by “nature spirits” or by the dead, and forms that represent “inherent qualities” from the astral or mental planes, such as emotions.’

taken from –

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