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Greek legend asserts that the Boreades, who were the descendants of Boreas and the snow-nymph Khoine or Choine founded the first theocratic-monarchy on Hyperborea. This legend is found preserved in the writings of Aelian:

…This god [Apollon] has as priests the sons of Boreas (North Wind) and Khione (Snow), three in number, brothers by birth, and six cubits in height [approximately 3 metres tall].[31]

Diodorus Siculus added to this account:

…And the kings of this (Hyperborean) city and the supervisors of the sacred precinct are called Boreadae, since they are descendants of Boreas, and the succession to these positions is always kept in their family.[32]

The Boreades were thus believed to be giant kings, around 3 metres tall who ruled Hyperborea.

No other descriptions of the physiognomy of the Hyperboreans are provided in classical sources.[33] However Aelius Herodianus a grammarian in the 3rd century wrote the mythicalArimaspi were identical to the Hyperboreans in physical appearance (De Prosodia Catholica, 1. 114) and Stephanus of Byzantium in the 6th century also wrote the same (Ethnica, 118. 16). The ancient poet Callimachus described the Arimasi as having fair hair[34] but it is disputed as to whether the Arimaspi were Hyperboreans.


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