The giant Fionn Mac Cumhaill

by 5ocietyx

‘Descriptions of him are always the same. He was tall and fair-haired. broad-shouldered and broad-browed, athletic, strong, and handsomely featured. His territory was eastern Ireland, centered in the area which is now County Kildare in Leinster, especially the Hill of Allen which is the base of most of his adventures. It is easy to imagine Fionn roaming this land with the fianna and his favorite hunting companions, the dogs Sceolan and Bran, stalking boar or deer.

Fionn carried a spear that never missed and a sword called Mac an Luin, Son of the Waves. When he was not wielding these weapons, the legendary strength of his bare hands and keen wits served him just as well. With all of the stories put together, he has probably slain serpents in every lake in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. He has been credited with carving out mountain passes, hollowing out caves, and chiseling strangely formed stones throughout the land. The uniquely formed Giant’s Causeway was supposed to have been made in just a few tosses of rocks when Fionn decided he wanted to bridge the sea between Ireland and Scotland. His monumental effect on the country’s landscape shows the depth, breadth and endurability of this legendary figure.’

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