The Si-Te-Cah

by 5ocietyx

Si-Teh-Cah jawbone in comparison with a human cast

‘The Si-Te-Cah were taller than the native tribes, had red hair, and lived on the lake that faced the cave in which the mummies were found… they lived on rafts made out of a fibrous plant called tule (the name “Si-Te-Cah” means “tule eaters” as they also ate the plant).’

‘the Paiutes said they were ancient enemies of their people. They called them troublemakers who towered over the native people — the Si-Te-Cah. The Paiutes said that the Si-Te-Cah were a warlike people who made no alliances with any of the tribes in the area. In fact, several tribes allied against them in self defense. A long war with them drove the remnant of the Si-Te-Cah back to the place the Paiutes believed they came from; near Mount Shasta in California.’

A mystery noted by the author of this article:

‘tule no longer grows in the area. What once was a place of lakes and heavy rain is now a desert. However, from time to time a small bundle of tule appears outside of the cave, laid there by an unknown person in tribute to the lost tribe.’

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