Origin of the name George

by 5ocietyx

masc. personal name, from L.L. Georgius, from Gk. Georgos “husbandman, farmer,” from ge “earth” + ergon “work”

As a mythologist and researcher into ancient mysteries, Mr Broadhurst has spent a number of years travelling across Europe and Egypt and has unravelled what he says is “a story of how a primeval god was absorbed by early Christianity so that pagan beliefs were incorporated into the new religion.” He goes on to explain that this knowledge was understood by the mystical Knights Templar, who became a powerful force in the medieval world and adopted St George as their patron saint.

He comments “The facts are that Constantine the Great, who created Christianity as we know it, was desperate to keep the crumbling Roman Empire together and was obliged to adapt many of the pre-Christian belief systems to make the new religion work. You can tell that George was a god of the earth through the etymology of his name, which contains the component Ge not once but twice. This is one of the oldest words for the earth known, going back to Egyptian and Sumerian times, over 5000 years ago. We still use it today in words such as Geography, Geology and many other sciences to do with studying the planet.”