The Djed Cross

by 5ocietyx


‘The most prominent repeating structure in the body of vertebrate animals is the spinal column with its embryological somites and adult vertebrae. The first proposals that vertebrae were critical to understanding the relationships among the anatomy of various kinds of animals were made independently by Goethe, Oken and Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire in 1807.

Now the advent of Hox genetics has revealed that somites and vertebrae are organized by the same homeotic Hox genes that organize body segments in insects and other invertebrates. Nonetheless, very little attention has been paid by science to the evolutionary history and biology encoded in the spine.

The central feature of much of Egyptian religion is the ressurection of Osiris. This was accomplished by his wife and sister Isis, along with the help of Thoth – inventor of medicine and science by the reassembly of his vertebral column. The resurrection of Osiris was commemorated in the middle east for 3,500 years by the annual erection of the djed cross that symbolized the spine of Osiris

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