The Green Man and the Dragon

by 5ocietyx

The Green Man and the Dragon

What Lies behind the mask of St George? Most modern researchers believe he never existed as a historical character, and yet he is still revered throughout the world as an inspirational guide and spiritual power.

The truth is that he is far older than we might imagine, pre-dating Christianity by many thousands of years. He has powerful links with the enigmatic Green Man and also the Knights Templar who understood the mystical traditions of those former times.

Is he really an ancient God of the Earth from the very beginnings of time?

This quest to discover the real St George leads to Ancient Egypt, the Holy Land, the megalithic temples of Britain and Ireland and the churches and cathedrals of Europe. It is the story of human evolution from the earliest times, and includes the rediscovery of a science of the forces of Nature, symbolised by the Dragon.