The Lions of London

by 5ocietyx

Torch Bearer and Lion Statue

Prometheus and Lion statue, London

Some esoteric researchers suggest that the name ‘London’ means ‘Lion King’. The lion is seen in many places in the city from the three lions of Wembley to the lion’s den of Millwall. Lions guard Trafalgar Square and the London Eye. A black lion adorns the door-knocker of Number 10.

The Lion King is the most popular show in the West End due to this resonance.

The lion symbolizes the sun. Its mane is the corona.

London is a sun city.  ‘On’ – the city of the sun appears not once but twice.  A mayoral logo features the word London with the second ‘on’ in red letters. The symbol of the London Underground is a setting sun.

The stone and bronze lions stand still in mute testimony to the days when man-eating big cats roamed the land.  The only real lions in London now are caged in the zoo. Their faces are used as door knockers, tourists clamber on their backs and pose for photos underneath their gaping jaws. The nation adopted the lion as its emblem due to the memory of this time.

Trafalgar Square Lion

Trafalgar Square Lion

Team GB logo

Team GB logo