Xavier Guichard and his alaise lines

by 5ocietyx

Xavier Guichard

‘Guichard claimed to have discovered two prehistoric ‘rose des vents’ covering France and extending into other parts of Europe, based on 24 landscape alignments (corridors of incidence), all orientated so as to pass through a common centre-point (called Alaise). Secondly, he identified three European ‘root’ names;BurgosAntium, and Alaise, which he believed (similar to his UK counterpart, Alfred Watkins) had different meanings associated with ancient mineral sources and trade, but more controversially, that the ‘Alesian‘ locations had been placed according to their longitude and latitude.’

‘Alaise was the hub of an archaic, yet very precisely surveyed, radial system of 24 ley lines which emanated from Alaise, in all directions, one ley line every 15 degrees of 360, and along these ‘ley-lines’ were also located ancient settlements named with etymological affinity to the town-name of the ley line system’s hub, Alaise...’

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