Meaning of the word ‘Coronation’

by 5ocietyx


late 14c., from L.L. coronationem (nom. coronatio) “a crowning,” from pp. stem of L. coronare “to crown,” from corona “crown” (see crown).

early 12c., “royal crown,” from Anglo-Fr. coroune, from O.Fr. corone (13c., Mod.Fr. couronne), from L. corona “crown,” originally “wreath, garland,” related to Gk. korone “anything curved, kind of crown.” (O.E. used corona, directly from Latin) Extended to coins bearing the imprint of a crown (early 15c.), especially the British silver 5-shilling piece. Also monetary units in Iceland, Sweden (krona), Norway, Denmark (krone), and formerly in German Empire and Austria-Hungary (krone). Meaning “top of the skull” is from c.1300. The verb is from late 12c. Related: Crowned; crowning. The latter in its sense of “that makes complete” is from 1650s. Crown-prince is 1791, a translation of Ger. kronprinz.

A corona is a type of plasma “atmosphere” of the Sun or other celestial body, extending millions of kilometers into space, most easily seen during a total solar eclipse, but also observable in a coronagraph. The Latin root of the word corona means crown.