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Month: July, 2012

Ian R Crane’s 2012 Alien Invasion Olympics

by 5ocietyx

The researcher Ian R Crane has recently ramped up his campaign to expose the Illuminati/NWO hijacking of the London 2012 Olympics. We are interested to see where this is going to end, as the date of the unfolding is rapidly approaching. Not only is time itself speeding up, but the rate at which conspiracies can be generated also appears to be on the increase. Im sorry we cant provide a textual taster on this blog, as it looks like Ian would rather you ingest the hypothesis visually, or at least aurally (there is no breakdown of it on his site).

And if the proposed event doesnt happen? we guess there is always the next time…

Its worth a listen/watch anyway.

Etymology of the word ‘Government’

by 5ocietyx

Big Brother

govern late 13c., from O.Fr. governer (11c., Mod.Fr. gouverner) “govern,” from L. gubernare “to direct, rule, guide, govern” (cf. Sp. gobernar, It. governare), originally “to steer,” a nautical borrowing from Gk. kybernan “to steer or pilot a ship, direct” (the root of cybernetics). The -k- to -g- sound shift is perhaps via the medium of Etruscan. Related: Governed;governing.

An alternative ‘etymology’ speculates that the word ‘government’ can also mean ‘mind control’ in Latin. if you take govern to mean ‘control’ or ‘dominate’ and ‘ment’ to correspond to ‘mind’.

gubernātiō (genitive gubernātiōnis); f, third declension
(nautical) steering, pilotage
direction, control
management, government

Late Latin mentālis (“of the mind, mental”), from Latin mēns (“the mind”).

Whether government means ‘steering with intelligence’ or ‘control of the mind’ depends entirely on the way they behave and the results of their actions.

by 5ocietyx

Related to Stan Gooch’s Hybrid Origin Theory

Rokus Blog

The acceptance of hybridization processes in the origin of species already came much closer with fossil DNA analyses and more detailed comparisons with extant organisms. For humans the strong suggestion of genetic ‘admixtures’, already claimed in various genetic studies dealing with Neanderthal and Denisova hominines, is reinforced by new investigations that now even start to penetrate the holiest of Out of Africa strongholds, that is Africa. This is no longer about a select set of single genes whose implications for origin and whereabouts could be happily reduced, but about entire sequences of diverging genome ‘regions with unusual patterns of genetic variation’: new results reveal the survival in African genes of ‘an archaic population that split from the ancestors of anatomically modern humans ~700 kya.’ (Hammer et al., 2011). Being much more than a mere warning against obsolete paradigms, this should already give us a valuable insight in what happened…

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Venus Rosewater Dish

by 5ocietyx

Venus Rosewater Dish

The Venus Rosewater Dish isn’t named after Venus Rosewater nor Venus Williams. It got its name because the goddess Venus is featured on it and it is a dish that holds rosewater. It was custom for royalty and the nobility to have rosewater poured over their hands before meals and the dish caught the drops.

As the British Museum Project explains

The trophy is actually named after the goddess of love Venus who is depicted on the dish along with Sophrosyne and the goddess Minerva. Venus represents love and sexual desire, Sophrosyne represents the spirit of moderation and temperance, and Minerva which was the goddess of poetry, wisdom, medicine and crafts.

Around the rim Minerva presides over the seven liberal arts: grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy.

Venus Rosewater Dish

The Shard and St Paul’s Cathedral

by 5ocietyx

The Shard and St Paul's Cathedral
Laser beam directed at St Paul’s Cathedral from the Shard during the inaugural opening ceremony light show.


The Shard and St Paul's Cathedral

St Michael and St Mary lines

by 5ocietyx

The St. Michael Line

According to Jiro Olcott if you were given a ruler and a map (or better still Google Earth) and asked to draw the longest line in Britain without crossing water you will end up with a track that stretches from the tip of Lands End to the Norfolk coast near the town of Hopton.

This old straight track is known as the St Michael and St Mary line.

Olcott goes on to say

Coincidentally this also happens to be the exact axis along which the May Day sun rises over Britain.

This is not the only astronomical coincidence. The distance from coast to coast between these two end-points of Lands End and Hopton measures 365.24 miles precisely.

1 solar year = 365.242199 days

Stone circles, abbeys, tors, mounts, churches, man-made mounds, castles, holy wells and henges have been situated all along these currents. Academia would dismiss this holographic cryptogram as a mere sequence of happy coincidences or simply irrelevant.

Lands End


evidence removed at request of copyright holder

It is 365.00 miles precisely to the circular grass entrance to Lands End that is marked with stones.

Lands End

If the creative force of the universe is able to create the universe perhaps it can intelligently design the dimensions of an island, the undulations of the land or the flow of a river any way it so pleases.

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