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Month: August, 2012

The Millennium Monolith stone

by 5ocietyx

The Millennium Monolith stone sits atop Monolith Hill in Bedfont Country Park. This is a man-made mound built in modern times with land-fill and is the highest point in Hounslow.

The construction of the park was part of the deal when Bedfont Lakes Business Park was built. It is now home to Hounslow’s own ‘Silicon Valley’ with IBM, SAP and Cisco’s UK HQ all situated on the site.

The Bedfont Lakes complex is nearly adjacent to the A30 or the Staines Road or earlier still the  Roman Road ‘Via Trinobantes’ whose name refers to a Pre-Roman tribe of Celts suggesting it dates back to Pre-Roman times. Perhaps this old straight track has always been there considering the ley line it delineates.

The place-name Staines means ‘Stones’ and is probably meta-tagged to remember the 9 lost standing stones of Staines – the Negen Stones.

Millennium Monolith

Millennium Monolith

The Millennium Monolith stone

Millennium Monolith distance marker

Time Flies: Millennium Monolith distance marker

click for close-up.

The Cydonia-Avebury cosmic connection

by 5ocietyx

Avebury Cydonia

In 1991 it occurred to Prof David Percy that the Cydonia crater on Mars was a depiction of the Avebury circle in England.  This led him to match the nearby Silbury Hill with Cydonia’s spiral mound. Further investigation revealed that Avebury was in fact a mirror of Cydonia with other landmarks corresponding with each other with the exception of the ‘Face on Mars’ which is also part of the Cydonia complex.

Richard C. Hoagland championed the theory and presented the findings in his famous lecture in the 1990s.

Hoagland speculates that the primary meaning of the geometry of Cydonia is to emphasize the ratio of the sphere and circumscribed tetrahedron.



Mr Black of the Alien Research Corp remarks on the prime meridian connection:

“Cydonia is on the prime meridian on Mars, then what is on the prime meridian of Earth? It goes through England; the island of Britain. In this area, we find some of the greatest megalithic sites in the world. Including, you guessed it, Avebury Stone Circle and Silbury Hill.”

Prof David Percy also notes that Karl Munck calculated the following:

“The angles of a tetrahedron, 720° x 2 = 1440 multiplied by Pi, the universal constant, extends to 4523.893421, thereby encoding 41° 11’ 10.03080581″ which is the precise latitude of the ‘face’ on Mars.

This can be verified by 41 x 11 x 10.03080581 = 4523.893421.”


Cydonia geometry relationship model

The Libya Montes Crown Face on Mars

by 5ocietyx

Libya Montes

The Crowned Face (M0203051) or what has been referred to by some as the King Face, is located within Libya Montes (M0203051) in an area that has become known as the Mount Rushmore of Mars. Since its discovery in the summer of 2000 by fellow Mars researcher Greg Orme, this complex facial monument has become a source of much debate throughout the scientific and anomaly hunting community.

George J. Haas

Burj Khalifa and SnowDome

by 5ocietyx

burj dubai

Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure in the world and was completed in 2009. It came to symbolise the bursting of the economic bubble because it seemed to reach up trying to burst the sky.

The credit crunch indefinitely postponed the construction of the SnowDome in Dubai by the 32Group which was planned to be the largest dome in the world.


Decoding the letter G

by 5ocietyx

Dennis Fetcho explains through the Isisian Code that the letter G represents a combination of the earth and the sun as well as the compass and square. The letter G is the combination of C and T, the bar on the T is exactly half way up the C and represents the celestial equator.

The Mayans associated the symbol with the Milky Way galaxy and the centre of creation. A whirlpool vortex that is associated with God, Geometry, Gravity, Galaxy, Gematria, Grand Architect, Google and Gnosticism.

Mayan symbol

The Giant of St Michael’s Mount

by 5ocietyx


Cornish folklore tells the story of how in the time of King Arthur a fearsome giant by the name Cormoran built St Michael’s Mount and lived in a cave there from where he would launch raids into Penwith and the Cornish mainland.

A local lad by the name of Jack rowed to the mount and dug a pit before luring the giant into it. He did this by blowing a horn at sunrise when the giant was asleep which woke him up. He staggered out and blinded by sunlight fell into the pit.


Jack and the locals mocked the trapped giant before killing him with a pickaxe.

This became the fairy-tale ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ which still resonates today with a Hollywood production based on the legend due for release next year.

St Michael’s Mount lies on the St Michael line previously discussed here.

The Heathrow Airport Hexagram decoded

by 5ocietyx

Heathrow Airport Hexagram

Heathrow Airport, 1955


Although not a geometrically perfect hexagram the hexagon formed by the terminal buildings suggests that the formation is deliberate as too will be the off-centre layout.


Gradually fading…

Heathrow Airport map

Heathrow Airport map

Update: 22.01.2012
According to David Pascoe in  his book  ‘Airspaces’, he likens the layout to drawing compasses clamped around the terminal buildings.  It transpires that this arrangement is patented by the Austin Company of Cleveland, Ohio and is called ‘Star of David’.

It allowed the RAF (Heathrow was formerly a military airport)  simultaneous landings and take-off from 6 different directions according to the wind. Of course, this is only the exoteric explanation.

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Possible Egyptian Pyramids Found Using Google Earth

by 5ocietyx

Lost Egyptian pyramids found

Two possible pyramid complexes might have been found in Egypt, according to a Google Earth satellite imagery survey.

Located about 90 miles apart, the sites contain unusual grouping of mounds with intriguing features and orientations, said satellite archaeology researcher Angela Micol of Maiden, N.C.

One site in Upper Egypt, just 12 miles from the city of Abu Sidhum along the Nile, features four mounds each with a larger, triangular-shaped plateau.

The two larger mounds at this site are approximately 250 feet in width, with two smaller mounds approximately 100 feet in width.

Skeptics argue that these sites were in fact discovered in 1931 but until more data becomes available and field trips to the sites conducted Angela Micol’s claims remain unverified.

1960 Rome Olympics logo

by 5ocietyx

The London 2012 logo caused a few raised eyebrows at the aesthetics and cost as well as sparking ‘Krypton Factor’ style conspiracy theories. But back in the sixties Italy proudly chose a she-wolf being suckled by Romulus and Remus. This tells the story of Rome’s creation myth.

Montréal Olympic Tower

by 5ocietyx

Montreal Olympic Tower

When the world was due to converge on Montréal for the 1976 Summer Olympics, the city embarked upon the construction of a new stadium that was to have a unique observatory tower that would provide visitors with an incredible view of the Olympic area and the city in general.

However, it wasn’t until more than 10 years after the Olympic athletes left this Québec city that the Montréal Tower Observatory opened to the public. In actuality, it wasn’t really until during the building process itself that architects and planners decided to place the observatory, the exhibition hall and the reception hall on the 3 upper floors of the tower.

view from observation deck

Montreal Olympic Tower

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