The Heathrow Airport Hexagram decoded

by 5ocietyx

Heathrow Airport Hexagram

Heathrow Airport, 1955


Although not a geometrically perfect hexagram the hexagon formed by the terminal buildings suggests that the formation is deliberate as too will be the off-centre layout.


Gradually fading…

Heathrow Airport map

Heathrow Airport map

Update: 22.01.2012
According to David Pascoe in  his book  ‘Airspaces’, he likens the layout to drawing compasses clamped around the terminal buildings.  It transpires that this arrangement is patented by the Austin Company of Cleveland, Ohio and is called ‘Star of David’.

It allowed the RAF (Heathrow was formerly a military airport)  simultaneous landings and take-off from 6 different directions according to the wind. Of course, this is only the exoteric explanation.

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