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The Libya Montes Crown Face on Mars

by 5ocietyx

Libya Montes

The Crowned Face (M0203051) or what has been referred to by some as the King Face, is located within Libya Montes (M0203051) in an area that has become known as the Mount Rushmore of Mars. Since its discovery in the summer of 2000 by fellow Mars researcher Greg Orme, this complex facial monument has become a source of much debate throughout the scientific and anomaly hunting community.

George J. Haas

Burj Khalifa and SnowDome

by 5ocietyx

burj dubai

Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure in the world and was completed in 2009. It came to symbolise the bursting of the economic bubble because it seemed to reach up trying to burst the sky.

The credit crunch indefinitely postponed the construction of the SnowDome in Dubai by the 32Group which was planned to be the largest dome in the world.


Decoding the letter G

by 5ocietyx

Dennis Fetcho explains through the Isisian Code that the letter G represents a combination of the earth and the sun as well as the compass and square. The letter G is the combination of C and T, the bar on the T is exactly half way up the C and represents the celestial equator.

The Mayans associated the symbol with the Milky Way galaxy and the centre of creation. A whirlpool vortex that is associated with God, Geometry, Gravity, Galaxy, Gematria, Grand Architect, Google and Gnosticism.

Mayan symbol

The Giant of St Michael’s Mount

by 5ocietyx


Cornish folklore tells the story of how in the time of King Arthur a fearsome giant by the name Cormoran built St Michael’s Mount and lived in a cave there from where he would launch raids into Penwith and the Cornish mainland.

A local lad by the name of Jack rowed to the mount and dug a pit before luring the giant into it. He did this by blowing a horn at sunrise when the giant was asleep which woke him up. He staggered out and blinded by sunlight fell into the pit.


Jack and the locals mocked the trapped giant before killing him with a pickaxe.

This became the fairy-tale ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ which still resonates today with a Hollywood production based on the legend due for release next year.

St Michael’s Mount lies on the St Michael line previously discussed here.

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