Plan X

by 5ocietyx


As Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama and his oppo-same Mitt Romney brazenly preach to sycophantic morons about the U.S.A bringing peace and security to the world, the world’s greatest terrorist threat and biggest malwarez purveyors – the U.S military intelligence planners, the faceless walk-ins at the NSA and the Pentagon paedophiles – begin work on the latest addition to their cyber-weaponry arsenal and plans to ‘dominate the cyber battle-space’  with a $100,000,000 bounty looted from a bankrupt nation’s taxpayers, 5ociety X will continue to piece together our own survey of the landscape of cyberspace, consulting experts in every field, creating a digital reference map of the entire universe (eventually) with a budget of zero.


The UK For reign (or Foe reign) secret ary, William Haig, has already spoken of Britain’s desire to prevent an arms race in the same way – by building the very cyber-weapons and infrastructure that will guarantee an arms race and consequently snubbing Russia’s proposal to make cyber-weaponry illegal by international treaty.

By creating the plan they create the battle-space.  The plan is the battle-space. It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy, a business that is diversifying into new markets using the Zaharoff system.

Not content with militarizing air, land, sea, space, the weather, the human mind, nature and even dolphins the out of control military-industrial complex now plans for cyber-war whilst the travelling salesmen politicos preach of peace.

Military dolphin

Military dolphin