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King Henry’s Mound decoded

by 5ocietyx


St Paul’s from Henry’s Mound

Like a shimmering sea-shell floating in the clouds this is the magical view of St Paul’s Cathedral from 10 miles away at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park taken through a telescope.

As a protected view, it is forbidden by law to erect any buildings on the line of sight although when Ken Livingstone was mayor he tried to overturn this tradition.

The key to understanding the alignment appears to be phi, the golden ratio.  You ascend the mound in a spiral motion.


Henry’s Mound, Richmond Park

The ornate viewing frame is decorated with spiraling twirls

spirals Henrys Mound

spirals on viewing frame


Henry’s Mound – The Way

the gates of Arcadia are decorated with branches and leaves suggesting to observe the fractal nature of nature.


The Way, Richmond-Park

Below the telescope is a stone circle with a poem inscribed in a spiral

The Seasons James Thomson

The Seasons James Thomson


Heavens! what a goodly Prospect spreads around. Of Hills and Dales, and Woods, and Lawns, and Spires, And glittering Towns, and gilded Streams, till all the stretching Landskip into smoke decays! The Seasons James Thomson 1727

The poet marvels at the harmony of nature with human dwellings and architecture. The word ‘spire’ comes from spiral.

The focal point of the mound, St Paul’s Cathedral,  was built in the divine proportion by Sir Christopher Wren.

views on the view of St Paul’s Cathedral from around the 1nt3rw3b5

“Interestingly, the view in the opposite direction from St Paul’s to King Henry’s Mound aligns with the setting of the full moon closest to the summer solstice (major southern moon set). Another bronze age mound previously existed on the other side of sidmouth wood along this same alignment. This particular alignment is very common in other bronze age structures (e.g. the recumbant stone circles of n-e scotland. Also the alignment of Avebury with Glastonbury Tor, thought by many to be part of an ancient ley line, runs along a very similar angle. It seems improbable that the mound(s) were constructed to make this alignment with the site of St Paul’s/ludgate hill (thought to be the site of a pre-roman temple) but the possibility remains intriguing. The line also runs directly through 10 Downing Street…”

“In 1925 Alfred Watkins published “The Old Straight Track: Its Mounds, Beacons, Moats, Sites and Mark Stones”. It described the presence in Britain of ley lines, a mysterious grid of ancient energy paths aligning sites of religious or cultural significance like Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral or the Tower of London and Windsor Castle. These leys were often marked by ancient trackways, tumuli, hills or standing stones. One such ley line runs from Charing Cross, through Richmond and Bushey Park to Horstell near Woking. Another runs from St. Paul’s Cathedral and across King Henry 8th Mound, a former round barrow, near Pembroke Lodge.”


by 5ocietyx

Mên an Tol

Mên an Tol – lol

The name literally means the ‘hole stone’ and along with two upright granite stones either side appears to form a three dimensional lol. The circular stone is in the shape of a torus. This is the shape of a human embryo in its early stages and the shape many scientists use to model the universe.

The stones were known for their healing properties and fertility.

On a full moon if a woman passes through the stone 7 times backwards she increases her chances of becoming pregnant

Likewise if a child with rickets passed through naked 9 times he will be cured.

The circular stone aligns exactly with the centre stone at Boscawen-Un and the church at nearby St Buryan. While this may conceivably be coincidental, the precision of the alignment suggests an intentional positioning of the structures in relation to each other.

Mên an Tol

Mên an Tol – lol

Source: Wikipedia

Unusual ‘Meteor’ storm hits Britain

by 5ocietyx

‘People from across the UK have reported seeing bright objects in the night sky, thought to be meteors or “space junk”

Some speculate it’s a pop-up meteor shower, some that its a piece of space debris, all of which is apparently charted and monitored by NASA. One observer described it as ‘an unidentified object’, obviously cautious of using the word ‘flying’ in between those two. We wonder, what else could it be moving slowly across the heavens, and are we just being fed whatever excuse is the most probable, rather than the truth?

taken from –

15.48, 23.09.2012 update:

I see the royal astronomers have already been summoned to run with the mundane explanation  (from 1:00)

Why is it so many small-minded people who seemingly have no interest in the wonders of the cosmos work as astronomers?

20.42, 23.09.2012 update:

The meteor shower appears to be flying in formation on BBC news report


Meteor shower or UFO fleet?


Meteor shower or UFO fleet?

meteor shower or UFO fleet?


see video here:

From around the Interwebz


Meteor shower or UFO fleet?

01.12, 25.09.2012 update:

‘Meteors’ over Ballymena, Northern Ireland

‘Meteors’ over Ballymena, Northern Ireland

UFOs over Ballymena, Northern Ireland

UFOs over Ballymena, Northern Ireland

This must surely be classed as an alignment?


Nico Valuev

by 5ocietyx


One for the Hybrid-Origin folk out there, and for those who still refuse to see Paeolithic traits in Modern Humans. The Russian boxer Nico Valuev has the classic sloping forehead of Neanderthal, and in the first picture at least, a nice coat of hair. The bone structure of the face could easily be described as paleolithic, accented by the point where the neck enters the skull, which hangs forward slightly, giving a ‘hunched’ look. Put it this way, i wouldn’t attempt to steal his food…

Neanderthals harvested feathers

by 5ocietyx

‘Our evolutionary cousins the Neanderthals were harvesting feathers from birds in order to use them as personal ornaments, a study suggests.’

Positive news for those who believe Neanderthal played some part in the creation of modern human culture. The article then goes on to continue the party line that Neanderthals were still in some way inferior to our own species –

‘Numerous tribal peoples from history have also adorned themselves with feathers, and the authors stress that they are not suggesting we learned the practice from Neanderthals.

Feather ornamentation could in fact go back even further, to a common ancestor of modern humans and Neanderthals.’

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