Are ITV striking a blow to the BBC?

by 5ocietyx

One question many have been asking about the recent ITV documentary regarding allegations of sexual abuse perpetrated by the late Jimmy Savile is ‘why now’?  Why are these women revealing this story after the Knight of Savile has been dead for nearly a year?

In fact, these woman had only submitted their stories to the former Police detective and ITV researcher Mark Williams-Thomas, who started the investigation months before the former ‘King of Pop’ died,  in October last year. The question should surely be – ‘Why did ITV wait until now to broadcast this damning documentary?’

They have known about the allegations for some time, and were sitting on this documentary, just waiting for the ideal news story to piggy-back on. So along comes Jeremy Forrest –

The 30 year old school teacher ran away to France on September 20th with a 15 year old pupil, causing outrage for a couple of days with the public. Even though it was not a cut and dry abduction case, it was being painted as such by the press. Cue the anti-beeb documentary, as if by magic.

A shot across the bow of the Beeb, the ITV have sent a devastating message to the public about the institution, that it is riddled with corruption in the form of the most cardinal of new world sins, paedophilia.