The Flying Saucer Working Party Unclassified Documents

by 5ocietyx

Flying Saucer Working Party

Flying Saucer Working Party

The Flying Saucer Working Party unclassified documents are part of the latest tranche of UFO related documents that the MOD has released through the National Archives to the public in the July 2012 data-dump.

Among other things, the document reveals the existence of a British X-Files composed of agents from various military intelligence agencies.


Genesis of British X-Files


THE CHAIRMAN said that Sir Henry Tizard felt that reports of flying saucers ought not to be dismissed without some investigation and he had, therefore, agreed that a small D.S.I./J.T.I.C. Working Party should be set up under the chairmanship of Mr. Turney to investigate future reports.

Sir Henry Tizard

Sir Henry Tizard

This happened  in 1950, 3 years after Roswell.  Sir Henry Tizard was a radar scientist and the MOD’s Chief Scientific Advisor and according to Nick Pope he wanted to conduct a scientific inquiry into the UFO phenomenon.

After discussion it was agreed that the membership of the Working Party should comprise representatives of DSI1, ADNI(Tech), MI10 and ADI(Tech). It was also agreed that it would probably be necessary at some time to consult the Meteorological Department and ORS Fighter Command but that these two bodies should not at present be asked to nominate representatives”.

This last point is an illustration of how the UFO Cover-up is compartmentalised, not just internally and on an individual employee basis but on an organisational scale.

Digital copy of DEFE 24/1987/1: UFO policy; with redactions (of course)