Bernard Hogan-Howe on Jimmy Savile

by 5ocietyx

Bernard Hogan Howe

Bernard Hogan Howe

Far from wanting to reveal that the police have been powerless in the intervention and smashing of an alleged international pedophile ring, which Jimmy Savile may have been part of, Bernard Hogan-Howe instead is trying to project the story that the police neither knew, or suspected Savile of this crime, contrary to the belief of many specialist investigators, who feel that they have been actively prevented from exposing it. Has he been asked to step in and ‘normalise’ the situation, by repeating the politicians’ stance that no such thing does, or ever did exist?

‘Mr Hogan-Howe told reporters: “You might have thought that people would at least have talked about it and intervened.

“It does look as if from time to time people have been concerned, they’ve made the start to intervene, but probably then they’ve relied a little bit too much on his reputation and his word that he did nothing.

“If you accept all the public accounts of the activity then it’s possibly spanned 50 years which is a huge amount of time.’

50 years is indeed a huge amount of time, for the crime to both be perpetrated, and for the police to claim to have no knowledge of someone who was, it seems, a prolific and at times blatant sex offender.

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