The Wizard of Top Of The Pops

by 5ocietyx

Jimmy Savile in wizard's gown

Jimmy Savile in wizard’s gown

Paul Hardcastle redid the Top Of The Pops theme tune in 1986. Although it is an instrumental piece of synth-pop electronica it features a sample of a creepy voice (The Wizard) saying scary things and issuing forth spine-chilling hexes.

We’ve not as yet found the ‘lyrics’ on the interwebz so have been unable to decipher a couple of utterances by ‘The Wizard’ so if anyone can work it out please let us know in the comments section below and we will update the post. Youtube video.

The Wizard by Paul Hardcastle

What does that say? The Wizard?

Sinister laughter

Darkness and Light I bid thee collide
Today, tonight, where ——- have died

Rekindle these spirits awaken by 10 ——-
Emerge from his cauldron alive again

Sinister laughter

Now buy this rotating plastic demon or I will curse thee till the end of time

The video also has a ‘Matrix’ theme to it 13 years before the film ‘The Matrix’ was released.

Jimmy Savile hosting TOTP

Jimmy Savile hosting TOTP

Jimmy Savile hosting the final TOTP

Hidden Hand of The Wizard: Jimmy Savile hosting the final TOTP

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