Operation Vendetta

by 5ocietyx

5ociety X @ Operation V

5ociety X @ #OperationVendetta

On the 5th November 2012 under Jupiter’s watchful gaze Anonymous UK descended on Trafalgar Square for a march on the man-made insect nest known as the Houses of Parliament to reenact the final scene from V for Vendetta, to provide a show of force and solidarity with our brothers and sisters, to demand the release of fellow anons and political prisoners, to defend the freedom of the internet,  and to protest government austerity cuts and their effect on the disabled. Whilst in the area, 5ociety X decided to bring to the attention of the honourable ladies and gentlemen that were in session that night the distinct possibility that monsters sit amongst them draped in red and white gowns protected by official sanction.

In a democracy, or many other forms of government, this situation is clearly intolerable.

Our ‘UNMASK PARLIAMENT PAEDOS!’ statement was well received by fellow anons, photographers and uniformed police alike.  Peering through condensation drenched V masks it was noted that many policemen upon reading the placard gave nods and rye smiles. Most policemen join the police to catch criminals and want paedophiles bought to justice as much if not more so than the general public and are tired of seeing the CPS fail to prosecute. We are all tired of the likes of former Just Ice Secret ary Kenneth Clarke PC, QC, MP being lenient on paedophiles under the false pretext of compassion and the fabled promises of rehabilitation that usually leads to further abuse upon their release. Clarke fixed it so accused paedophiles would have their already lenient sentence automatically halved if they just said the magic word ‘guilty’.

Clarke and others motives are shown for what they are by their failure to show the same compassion and protection for the victims of child abuse and other crimes.

On 6th November 2012 the UK Home Secret ary Theresa May in a speech to parliament warned MPs not to unmask parliamentary paedophiles using parliamentary privilege (which exempts them from being sued for libel) as it may jeopardize future trials.

May may or may not have a fair point but having quashed Gary McKinnon’s extradition, described paedophile activity across Britain as ‘absolutely horrific’ and launched an inquiry into the North Wales Care Homes Inquiry appointing a female judge who it is hoped isn’t compromised perhaps we need to give her the benefit of the doubt.

However, we will be closely monitoring Mrs May’s conduct, the outcome of the inquiry and subsequent police actions.  If an inquiry into the inquiry into the inquiry becomes necessary and the judiciary, CPS and police close ranks again to protect our Lords and Masters then we will obviously need to re-evaluate our position.

There is genuine need for scepticism as historically elements of the police, judiciary, intelligence services, law lords, House of Commons and CPS have not only comprehensively failed but have been shown to be part of the very paedophile rings they are legally bound to bring to justice.

This desperate situation is also clearly intolerable.

In Vickers super-salesman David Cameron’s world the courts are uncorrupted, the judges always dispense justice, there are no bent coppers and the Tory party is clean as a whistle. We beg to differ.

However, in light of the McAlpine saga it is imperative for the facts to be made available to the public to prevent any false allegations in specific circumstances being unduly made.

Some members of the establishment untainted by the paedophile rings may view a cover-up as in Britain’s best interests because blowing the lid off government involvement by all 3 heads of the Lib-Lab-Con Cerberus will  destroy the public’s trust in parliamentary democracy (if it wasn’t already threadbare after the Expenses scandal and other failures too numerous to mention) as well as tarnish Britain’s reputation around the world.

For many decades the British Empire was involved in the slave trade until public opinion and the actions of  activist William Wilberforce forced Britain to abolish slavery and set the Royal Navy in hot pursuit of slavers world-wide.

Is it really in Britain’s best interests to condone institutionalised child abuse, to cover it up and allow paedophiles to run our country into the ground, compromised morally and wide open to blackmail by foreign nations and clandestine groups?  Or would the history books look more favourably on Britain if we took the lead in the Western world to go after the paedophile rings that operate globally and smash them to pieces? Starting on our own doorstep.

Other nations are now beginning to show concern for Britain’s current policies that effectively kidnap children from parents and hand them to molesters in charge of ‘childrens’ ‘care’ ‘homes’.

But rather than sail the seven seas in search of twisted perverts (with the exception of certain former Prime Ministers from the early 1970s and traitor to Britain..allegedly) the key suspects are likely to be found hidden in plain sight occupying official positions of power.

The U.K and the U.S Governments have tirelessly pursued Julian Assange around the world on the Orwellian charge of ‘rape’ for having consensual sex with adults. It is time they stopped and instead turned their attention to the genuine abusers within their ranks they have kept hidden for so long.

Catch May’s speech here

Mysterious woman in red @ #OpVendetta

Mysterious woman in red @ #OpVendetta


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Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament


Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament