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Month: February, 2013

Dubai unveils world’s largest star-gate

by 5ocietyx


A representative of the Intergalactic Trade and Teleportation Federation (ITTF) showcasing plans for earth’s largest star-gate to His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE as other earthling delegates look on.

The Ruler of Dubai, third from left, has approved the Bluewaters project. Plans have also been unveiled for the AED 1 billion Dubai Eye that will feature as a major component of the Bluewaters Island development. The world’s largest star-gate will prove amust-visit experience for visitors and residents in the UAE and beings from across the galaxy and articulates Dubai’s long term vision to be a key energy portal and teleportation hub in the solar system. (The National-Photo courtesy of Dubai Media).

Dubai Eye

Dubai Eye

Dancing on the Brink of the World

by 5ocietyx



Anders7777 aka Andrew Rowland passed away over Christmas of last year. A couple of months before he died he started a thread on the David Icke forum relaying the news that Jimmy Savile had been outed as a paedo. This referred to long-standing rumours finally breaching the defensive walls of the mainstream media and controlled public mind. Apparently he made several abortive attempts in the past. This time he caught the tide of the affairs of men.

It instantly became an internet sensation to date receiving over 5 million views, building to over 2500 pages and over 50,000 posts.

For the past few weeks our technicians have been processing and analysing a data-dump of the thread a member of the forum kindly provided when it was at 1882 pages.

Peadopedia Britannica 

Whilst the initial idea was to counter information overload by trying to provide a textual as well as graphical overview of a mega-thread that was soon becoming a monster that had become so large that the thread of the thread was in danger of being lost and collapsing under the weight of its own deluge of data, it soon became clear that not only were our technicians trying to understand the subject matter of the thread – we were also inspecting the inner workings of the hive-mind that evolved the thread over time.

Adding to the complexity is the fact that the mega-thread is not one solitary train of thought but is multi-threaded with several lines of inquiry branching into different directions yet posted sequentially on the thread.

So in order to find patterns in the ongoing chatter and attempt to tie these threads together in what had become an all-encompassing investigation that was delving into every dark corner of the land  as well as overseas from castles to seedy King’s Cross bedsits, to children’s homes in Jersey to the Outer Hebrides we decided to utilize the once novel but now dreaded word-cloud interface to display the raw text as this seemed an appropriate tool to try to make sense of over 4 million words in a 25MB text file.

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing the findings and presenting the data in various other forms of info-graphics. If this pilot project from our newly formed technical division is successful we will be exploring other data-sets and developing new tools to analyse and present the data to make it meaningful.

Teh Savile Files

Teh Savile Files

Mercury and the disintegrating star-gate of Feltham

by 5ocietyx


In 2009 to much fanfare and ceremony a memorial was installed in Feltham shopping centre to Freddie Mercury, a former resident of the nondescript satellite of Heathrow.

It featured a gold star in a black pentagon in a red star in a yellow pentagon in a white circle in a black circle with the inscription ‘FREDDIE MERCURY, MUSICIAN, SINGER & SONGWRITER’ and was decorated with two clef symbols.

We use the past tense because just two years later it had fallen into such a state of disrepair through weathering that Hounslow council decided to rip it up and replace it with a smaller memorial stone across the High Street.

Freddie Mercury memorial, Feltham

Freddie Mercury memorial, Feltham

This is all that remains of the Mercury Star-gate of Feltham once the portal had been deactivated and sealed.

It currently remains a mystery as to whether the cosmic gateway was deliberately designed to self-destruct or not.

According to Modern Stargates, Queen were fascinated by the concept of ‘star-gates’ through the band’s lifetime and featured them on album covers, artwork and stage-shows and even memorials.

When the Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux was unveiled in 1995 a ferris wheel was installed behind it. Ferris wheels, as we will be discussing in a future post are also ‘star-gates’ according to Matthew Delooze.

Freddie Mercury Statue, Montreux, Switzerland

Freddie Mercury Statue, Montreux, Switzerland

Freddie Mercury memorial

Freddie Mercury memorial

Freddie Mercury memorial, 21 High Street, Feltham

Freddie Mercury memorial, 21 High Street, Feltham

Origin of the word ‘Wizard’

by 5ocietyx

Djed Wizards

Djedi Wizards

wizard (n.)
mid-15c., “philosopher, sage,” from Middle English wys “wise” (see wise (adj.)) + -ard. Cf. Lithuanian zynyste “magic,” zynys “sorcerer,” zyne “witch,” all from zinoti “to know.” The ground sense is perhaps “to know the future.” The meaning “one with magical power” did not emerge distinctly until c.1550, the distinction between philosophy and magic being blurred in the Middle Ages. As a slang word meaning “excellent” it is recorded from 1922.

wise (adj.)
Old English wis, from Proto-Germanic *wisaz (cf. Old Saxon, Old Frisian wis, Old Norse viss, Dutch wijs, German weise “wise”), from pp. adj. *wittos of PIE root *weid- “to see,” hence “to know” (see vision). Slang meaning “aware, cunning” first attested 1896. Related to the source of Old English witan “to know, wit.”

We are thinking that the Lithuanian word for magic ‘zynyste’ and their word ‘zynys’ for sorcerer is similar to ‘sinister’ which means ‘left’ or ‘evil’.

As western literature, folklore, and films have shown – wizards can be light or dark.

A related origin theory suggests the word Wizard comes from those who held the Staff of Power, which was called the WSR (Wassar). Osiris was the Life Force within creation, his backbone the Djed, or Djedhi, hence the “Force” of the Jedi Knights of Star Wars. Osiris was called SR, or ASR (Ausir), as well as Wassir. The Wasser staffs were electrical conductors of power, hence the Wizzards were Wassirs or Osiris’ using WSR Wands for their Hex’s (hexagon), in Egyptian Heku.

Unknown Source

The main tenet of the Star Wars universe is completion of the circle or finding the balance between good and evil. It is a metaphor for knowing whether you are on the wrong side and whether you are becoming destructive.

Ironically enough, the idea of completing the circle with ritual and of finding balance in awareness was known in ancient Egypt as raising the Djed.

Djed and human backbone

Djed and human backbone

33 vertèbres:
4 vertèbres coccygiennes
5 vertèbres sacrées (sacrum)
5 vertèbres lombaires
12 vertèbres thoraciques
7 vertèbres cervicales


The purpose of the ritual was to preserve order and repel chaos. In order to do this there first had to be an effort to raise this “awareness’” or “Djed.” Those that did this were known as “Djedi.”

Archetypal symbols such as the circle, the spiral, trees, and a pillar or pole were magically and ritually employed to preserve essential order. These symbols all have a connection to the sun and worship of the Sun.

Historically, the Djed was raised at crucial transitional times between cycles, evoking light and stability to dispel darkness and disorder. Such periods were the Winter solstices, the failing years of a reigning monarch or the coronation of a new one.

August the 12th and 13th was the time that the Osiris Mysteries were shared and performed, this coincides with the closing of the Lion’s Gate.

A tower or an obelisk that is symbolic of the connection and balance of all things in heaven and in earth now represents the Djed. We see this symbol all over the world as secret societies have used it as a backdrop for their empires.

Osiris Hall: The raising of the Djed Pillar

Osiris Hall: The raising of the Djed Pillar

Osiris Hall: The raising of the Djed Pillar, conceptualized as the Spine of Osiris, traditionally raised at the completion of the annual Rites of Osiris in ancient Egypt, in order to re-establish the right connection between the earth and the sky. The human spine was equated with the world axis mundi (mirrored in the Kabbala). Osiris was a god of vegetation, his ceremonies began with earth ploughing and ended with the raising of the Djed pillar, an act of mediation between earth and sky

The Sun, the Chalice, the Blade, and the hidden Vesica Pisces of Staines

by 5ocietyx

Staines Swan Arch

Staines Swan Arch. Photo by 5ocietyx

Swan Arch of Staines

Swan Arch of Staines decorated with golden diamond motif by Spelthorne Council

Quite by chance, one of our field researchers who had been collecting data from the nearby location of the long lost Negen Stones stumbled across this discovery by being in the right place at the right time.

The setting sun to the west drops itself directly onto the crossed steel ‘swords’ that sort of form a ‘chalice’ in the middle or a swan in flight. The blade is formed by the shadow of the chalice at the bottom of the photo.

The shadow of the sun also completes the vesica pisces of the arch just before sunset before it dips below the horus line.

During a solar eclipse, the sun and the moon momentarily form a vesica pisces as they intersect each other.

There are actually two of these ‘swan arches’, one on either entrance to the Staines Memorial Garden.

The Arc of Triumph in Baghdad, Iraq is actually a pair of arches aligned with each other too.

Swords of qadisiyah

Swords of qadisiyah, Baghdad, Iraq

We recently blogged about the Whale Arch sculpture in Whitby in relation to Jimmy Savile’s wishbone necklace but there is only one of them. The whale rib-bones do not cross at the top unlike the Baghdad and Staines ones.

Whitby Whale Arch

Whitby Whale Arch

The Wild Horses of Newbury and the Yellow-coat hordes

by 5ocietyx

‘The Wild Horses of Newbury’ is a film and poetry recitation by Mark Carroll made on a February dawn in 1997 at the building site of the Newbury Bypass and is a heart rending film documenting the yellow-coats swarming on the ancient English countryside felling a pair of ancient oak trees with manic electric scythes in a matter of minutes and leaving piles of charred remains in their wake.

Seemingly from nowhere, two wild horses appear and try to disrupt proceedings, even confronting a riot police horse.

The film and poetry by Mark Caroll is poignant and catches a glimpse of the mystical nature of the English countryside despite the dark scenes of destruction.  A truly magical moment.

England, what has become of you?

The Queen’s Spymaster and Barn Elms

by 5ocietyx

Barn Elms map

Barn Elms map

Sir Francis Walsingham was Queen Elizabeth I’s Spy Master and lived in Barn Elms.

It is directly opposite Rocks Lane, the former location of the notorious Elm Guest House where politicians and VIPs are alleged to have held regular paedophile parties where they abused young boys from Richmond Council ‘care’ ‘homes’.

Its name is derived from the Georgian house and parkland, the original manor house of Barnes, which stood on the site, until it was burnt out and demolished in 1954. In earlier times the manor house of Barnes was in the ownership of the Archbishop of Canterbury and then of the Dean and Chapter of St Paul’s. The Georgian house replaced the earlier one occupied by Sir Francis Walsingham, “Elizabeth’s Spymaster”. Queen Elizabeth I would visit Barn Elms to see her Spymaster. Barn Elms features in English literary history from the time the royalist poet Abraham Cowley moved to the house belonging to John Cartwright in 1663. In the 1660s Barn Elms became a fashionable destination for boating picnics: Samuel Pepys, who arranged many a Sunday afternoon or moonlit evening boating party to Barn Elms himself,recorded that on 26 May 1667

“I walked the length of the Elmes, and with great pleasure saw some gallant ladies and people come with their bottles, and basket, and chairs, and form, to sup under the trees, by the water-side, which was mighty pleasant”

When Barn Elms was in the possession of the bookseller Jacob Tonson, the Kit-Cat Club met at Barn Elms for many years; here the “Kit-Kat portraits” hung; Tonson’s extensions to the house, c1703, seem to have been made under the general advice of John Vanbrugh, a Kit-Kat member. During Tonson’s tenure, John Hughes wrote a poetical description of sunrise in “Barn-Elms”:

Let Phoebus his late happiness rehearse,
And grace Barn-Elms with never-dying verse !…
Ye verdant Elms, that towering grace this grove
Be sacred still to Beauty and to Love !

John James Heidegger, the opera impresario, resided at Barn Elms, where he entertained George II, and as Heidegger’s guest Georg Friederich Handel stayed here at his first arrival in England, in 1711.

As London’s suburban sprawl encroached, Barn Elm’s reputation waned over the decades. In the 1980s the adjoining Barnes Common became infamous for being a late-night hang-out and pick-up point for cruisers.

This may help explain why the notorious Elm Guest House set up shop on Rocks Lane – the common was an area that already attracted deviant types. Its proximity to Westminster must also have been a factor for politicians who paid regular visits there.

The house was later remodeled or rebuilt for Sir Richard Hoare, who died at Barn Elms, and enlarged in the early 19th century by his son, Richard Colt Hoare. When Hammersmith Bridge was erected in 1824-27, the company that undertook the work bought Barn Elms and drove the access road, Upper Bridge Road, now Castelnau Road, across the park. The house was also the home of Sir Lancelot Shadwell, who was Vice Chancellor of England in the 19th century: on one occasion he delivered an injunction while up to his neck in the cool lake. From 1883 to 1939 Barn Elms was used as the club-house of the Ranelagh Club, with polo grounds and extensive gardens.

More recently the site was the home of Ham Polo Club.

An interesting side-note is that this area is being trampled underfoot by the Sagittarian Rider in Mary Caine’s Kingston Zodiac.


by 5ocietyx

Frebruus Pope

On 11 February 2013, Benedict XVI announced his resignation, which is set to take effect on 28 February 2013, 8.00 pm making him the first pope to resign since Gregory XII in 1415.

Februalia was a month-long period of sacrifice and atonement, involving offerings to the gods, prayer, and sacrifices. If you were a wealthy Roman who didn’t have to go out and work, you could literally spend the entire month of February in prayer and meditation, atoning for your misdeeds during the other eleven months of the year.

In ancient Roman religion, Februus was the god of purification. He was also worshipped under the same name by the Etruscans, as the Etruscan god of purification, but also the underworld. For the Etruscans, Februus was also the god of riches (money/gold) and death, both connected to the underworld in the same natural manner as with the better-known Roman god Pluto.

These twilight of winter/ threshold of spring purification activities occurred at about the same time as Lupercalia, a Roman festival in honour of Faun and also the wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus, during which expiatory sacrifices and ritual purifications were also performed. Because of this coincidence, the two gods (Faun and Februus) were often considered the same entity.

The ancient Roman orgiastic festival of Lupercalia, was transformed into St. Valentine by Christianity and then into Valentines Day by the English finally to become dominated by commercial American Greeting Card and Confectionery interests in the 19th Century.

The Queen and Prince Philip are scheduled to visit Rome in the first week of March. This may also have influenced the timing of Ratzinger’s resignation.

Children of the Corn

by 5ocietyx

Interesting research from the University of Colorado Boulder suggesting altruism exists in corn plants:

“The researchers looked at corn, in which each fertilized seed contained two “siblings” — an embryo and a corresponding bit of tissue known as endosperm that feeds the embryo as the seed grows, said CU-Boulder Professor Pamela Diggle. They compared the growth and behavior of the embryos and endosperm in seeds sharing the same mother and father with the growth and behavior of embryos and endosperm that had genetically different parents.

“The results indicated embryos with the same mother and father as the endosperm in their seed weighed significantly more than embryos with the same mother but a different father,” said Diggle, a faculty member in CU-Boulder’s ecology and evolutionary biology department. “We found that endosperm that does not share the same father as the embryo does not hand over as much food — it appears to be acting less cooperatively.”

Quite what this says for Monsanto’s GM corn remains to be seen, but could their bio-engineered master race be poised to take over the indigenous corn populations of the world? We at 5ociety X remain skeptical about the future.

taken from –

Pelorus Jack

by 5ocietyx

Pelorus Jack was a Risso’s dolphin who helped guide ships through a perilous stretch of water between the islands of New Zealand. First seen in 1888, and last seen in April 1912, ‘he’ would meet and escort ships through Cook Strait, New Zealand. In 1904 Pelorus Jack was shot at from a ship called The USS Penguin, after which a law was passed protecting Jack from any harm in the future. Interestingly, the experience didnt put him off of his important work, though Jack would never escort The Penguin again, and it was wrecked on the rocks 2 years later.

Pelorus Jack would swim alongside a ship for twenty minutes at a time. If the crew could not see Jack at first, they would often wait for him to appear.

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