Majority suspect Minority Reporting

by 5ocietyx

In the Midlands area of Britain Police are unleashing what they are calling ‘Predictive policing’, where victims of crime are given 24 hour check-ups to make sure they don’t fall victim to crime again, as well as helping immediate neighbours to the crime address their own security issues, by recommending locks and measures that can be employed as prevention.

Meanwhile, in the US, the multinational firm Raytheon (the world’s largest supplier of guided missiles) have developed a technology they are calling Rapid Information Overlay Technology (RIOT – this has been noted), which uses information gleaned from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social networks to analyse your past movements and apparently predict future ones.

Although Raytheon has confirmed the US government are interested in their pseudo-telepathic technology, they added that they haven’t made a deal with anybody, yet.

We at 5ociety X will continue to monitor the future, without RIOT technology.


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