The magician Matisse and his magic wand

by 5ocietyx

Master @ Work: Matisse and his magic realism wand

Master @ Work: Matisse and his magic wand

The great French artist, Henri Matisse is seen here brandishing a bamboo pole with a stick of charcoal on the end like a magician’s wand conjuring a master-piece seemingly from thin air.

The word ‘wand’ derives from Proto-Germanic *wend- “to turn,”  the notion is of a bending, flexible stick. similar to ‘wind’ – turning and twisting air in motion, also related to ‘wander’ and to breathe or to ‘spirant’ in latin.  (So the act of breathing is directly related to the spiral and the wind is directly describing the spiralling vortexes of weather patterns and things like hurricanes and tornadoes.)

The stage magician’s wand is now solid – it doesn’t bend (unless they use a trick one), the meaning of the word ‘wand’ diminishing over time.

According to a BBC documentary, Matisse was a life-long atheist until he found God in the twilight of his life. This coincided with his design of a chapel using sunlight itself as the paint that he applied to the canvas of stain-glass windows.

(from 31.30)