Savile, Bond, Fleming and Glencoe

by 5ocietyx

Savile's former home in Glencoe

Savile’s former home in Glencoe

James Savile owned a property in Glencoe, Scotland.  He claimed to own a mountain that he said was in his back garden. The ridges of Gearr Aenoch and Aonach Dubh can be seen in the background in the photo below.

He was Chieftain of the Lochaber Highland Games for many years.

Occultist Aleister Crowley declared himself  ‘Laird of Boleskine’ and once owned a property on Loch Ness that became the focal point for his Thelema cult.  Crowley was an accomplished mountaineer.

It appears that black magicians need to conquer or own mountains, particularly ones based on black energy vortexes, as they somehow derive power from them.

Savile at Glencoe

Goldfinger: Savile, The Vampiric Energy Beast of the North @ Glencoe performing spell with wand in right hand and with his left hand imparting magickal energy into the key to the only residential property in Glencoe through use of a magical ‘mudra’.

The Glencoe Cauldron
420 million years ago Glencoe witnessed a period of cataclysmic volcanic activity. During this time five major volcanic eruptions occurred, each of which displaced thousands of cubic kilometres of magma from inside the Glencoe volcano, leaving a huge void. After each eruption the unsupported rocks sagged and collapsed piecemeal along the major fault lines into the magma chamber below, forming a ‘caldera’, a huge basin-like crater, eventually extending to some eight kilometres across. Later in the history of Glencoe, after much of the volcanic activity had ceased, magma was squeezed into the fault lines, where it solidified to form the so-called ring intrusions that now surround the volcanic rocks.


The most recent Bond film ‘Skyfall‘ featured Glencoe. Ian Fleming’s family once owned nearby Dalness Lodge which featured in the film. Ian’s brother, Peter, died during a shooting expedition near Glencoe.

Dalness Lodge

Dalness Lodge

The Scottish father of fictional character  ‘James Bond’ was a company rep for Vickers and came from Glencoe.

James Bond briefly studied at Eton before entering Cambridge. He went on to become a Naval Officer in the Royal Navy and then a super-spy for MI6.

James Bond’s tailor is on…Savile Row.

It was pointed out by aferrismoon on the newspaceman’s blog that Savile Row runs parallel with Bond Street (as well as Regent Street – X).

London map

London map

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