Knight in Shining Armour 2.0: Is EMF protective clothing the new chainmail armour of the 21st century?

by 5ocietyx


With governments openly announcing their interest in EMF weaponry and cities throughout the world bathed in electro-smog will EMF protective clothing be the new body armour and chainmail of the 21st century?

Silver Mesh Fabric/Chainmail riveted comparison

Chainmail riveted/ Silver Mesh Fabric comparison

Chainmail was invented to prevent penetration by sharp objects such as swords as well as to absorb the blow. Electro-Magnetic Frequency protective clothing deflects invisible, silent blows of electromagnetic radiation.

An EMF face shield is an updated version of the knight’s visor


EMF headnets are a combination of a veil and a helmet and provide all round head protection.

Guantlet/Faraday fingers comparison

Guantlet/Faraday fingers comparison


Conductive socks/Sabbaton comparison

9th century German chainmail, Eastern riveted armour hood, EMF protective hoods

9th century German chainmail, Eastern riveted armour hood, EMF protective hoods

Knight in shining armour/Go Anywhere RF Shielding Disposable Poncho

Knight in shining armour/Go Anywhere RF Shielding Disposable Poncho

Tinfoil hats

Tinfoil hats

The tin-foil hat 1.0

Synonymous with moonbattery, the accusation of being a ‘tin-foil hat wearer’ is a common riposte used when degrading a fringe researcher who questions the status quo and the path of ‘progress’ governments and universities are taking society down to make them appear foolish.

That the conventional image of a tin-foil hat does look silly allows the trick to be performed contrary to scientific evidence.

The method behind the madness is simple. Aluminium shields you from certain electro-magnetic frequencies that your brain is sensitive to.  Therefore it is perfectly sensible to want protection from it. Whereas the Tin-foil hat 1.0 had a design flaw in that it didn’t cover the entire head, EMF protective hoods alleviate much of this problem although the facial area is still unguarded but could be covered by an EMF face shield or similar supplementary mesh-veil.

So in this context it’s no different from cyclists wearing their even more outlandish space-cadet helmets. Society does not point and stare and laugh at cyclists no matter how ridiculous they look. Do people stand, stare, point and laugh at people wearing air filter face masks in polluted metropolises? Then why should tin-foil hats be objects of ridicule?

Will urban-ware of the 21st century have EMF protective materials, as well as more traditional forms of armour including chainmail, built-in to clothing such as hoodies and coats to protect from knife attack as well as EMF becoming as ubiquitous as day-glo jackets?


Lonsdale and Adidas sportswear and Japanese Kusari armour comparison

Japanese kusari armour

Japanese Kusari armour

electromagnetic protective womens shirt

Damsel-ware: electromagnetic protective womens shirt


Orgonite pendant and pyramid

Orgonite pendant and pyramid

Orgonite is said to have many beneficial properties including healing, heightened consciousness, turning negative energy into positive, purifying the atmosphere and detoxifying water. It is also said to mitigate the harmful effect of EMF radiation.