Meaning of the name ‘Nickelodeon’

by 5ocietyx

Nickelodeon logo

Nickelodeon or simply ‘Nick’ is an American cable and satellite television network that is operated by the MTV Networks Kids & Family Group unit of Viacom.

Its programming is directed at pre-teens, teenagers and infants.

‘Nickel’ means ‘devil’ in German. Odeons were Greek theatres where poets and musicians submitted work and contended for prizes.

Nickelodeon: ‘The Devil’s Theatre’.

masc. proper name, from Gk. Nikholaos, lit. “victory-people,” from nike “victory” + laos “people.” The saint (obit. 326 C.E.) was a bishop of Myra in Lycia, patron of scholars, especially schoolboys.

Saint Nicholas of Myra, ‘Old Nick’ became Santa Claus, that is  Saturn of Saturnalia which was celebrated around the same time as Christmas.