The Tempest: Prospero, Ariel, Gill and the BBC…and Anonymous

by 5ocietyx

BBC test screen

According to the Daily Mail, a BBC spokesperson said:

“The statue of Ariel and Prospero on the front of Broadcasting House stands as a metaphor for broadcasting, executed by one of the last century’s major British artists whose work has been widely displayed in leading UK museums and galleries.

“There are no plans to remove or replace the sculptures at the front of Broadcasting House.

Despite everything that has happened since the BBC’s number one asset, Jimmy Savile, was exposed as Britain’s most notorious peadophile the corporation remains unrepentant of its use of child abusers to host children’s television programmes and its use of paedophiles to decorate its flagship building.

(Broadcasting House was modelled on the ship the King of Naples was aboard before Prospero conjured a tempest from his island which caused a shipwreck.)

Ariel and Prospero

Ariel and Prospero, Broadcasting House

According to the BBC, a naked boy submissively leaning into the raised leg of a wizard is simply a metaphor for broadcasting. According to the BBC,  Eric Gill was a major British artist rather than an incestuous bestiality practitioner. He was both, of course,  but the BBC ‘spokesperson’ completely ignores the background context of the artist despite the ‘inappropriateness’ to use a word the BBC are fond of.

If the Ariel and Prospero statue is about broadcasting, what are we to make of ‘Ariel piping to the children’ another Gill creation adorning the inside of Broadcasting House which features a naked pied piper playing his phallus-pipe in a sea of children?

Ariel piping to the childen

Ariel piping to the childen

It would appear that this piece of work also represents broadcasting.

Like the wizard standing over the en-trance brandishing his little sex-slave like a trophy, we also see Savile in not only the pied piper which represents Pan but The Sower character too which represents Saturn.

Perhaps the BBC can convince us otherwise?


The Sower, Eric Gill represents broadcasting according to Beeb.

That the art of a paedophile that happens to feature the pied piper and a wizard as well as naked children in suggestive poses was not at all influenced by the artist’s personal preferences and the culture of the corporation as a whole.

The BBC approved Gill at the time and hold the same policy now. They obviously share his tastes, otherwise why would they have commissioned him?

Jimmy Savile in wizard's gown

Jimmy Savile in wizard’s gown

The Sower is a metaphor for the military grade psychological operation that is ‘Children’s Hour’.

One of many mind control devices used by the BBC is ‘political correctness’. But politically correct for whom? The mind benders of the Frankfurt School or the customs of the British public? They have habitually used this tool to silence opposition to the deviant agenda they are pushing.  Whilst they have forced people to watch what they say in case it upsets their sensibilities it would appear they allowed their *stars* to go hog wild behaving like Caligula even on their premises and are operating on an altogether different set of values than the millions who subsidize their indulgences through a tax on television set ownership.

BBC logo

BBC logo, black cubes of Saturn?

In the future when English civilisation has gone the way of the Greeks and Romans, assisted by the BBC’s promotion of the EU, paedophilia and multiculturalism, tourists will survey the ruins of London and all that will be left would be a collection of bizarre statues of wizards, nymphs, war-lords, dragons, warriors on horseback, goddesses in chariots, naked men with lions on chains, and of course there will be the statue of ‘Ariel’ and ‘Prospero’.

And the future tourists will take one look at the naked boy and bearded wizard and they will know the dark heart of #peadobritain and see it for what it was. They may even confuse the statue as an out and out memorial to Savile such was the hedonistic exhibitionism of the cult of celebrity and ruling elites of Britannia at the time.

They may even glance at the official NWO guide-book and read that this particular statue symbolised broadcasting.  And in an ironic way the BBC  ‘spokesperson’ is being quite candid. The wizard, the pied piper and the sower surrounded by innocent children, some naked, do indeed symbolise the British Broadcasting Corporation quite eloquently.

#OpBBC engaged.