Hendrix in Hounslow High Street

by 5ocietyx

Artist's impression of the Jimi Hendrix Experience arriving at Ricky Tick's music venue in Hounslow High Street

Artist’s impression of the Jimi Hendrix Experience arriving at the Ricky Tick music venue in Hounslow High Street

In the Sixties and Seventies, west London was the epicentre of Rock n Roll. Not only were many of the musicians born in the area, many of the legendary venues and studios were to be found here too.

One less well known location was the Ricky Tick club where the Left-Handed God, Jimi Hendrix redefined the guitar.

It is hard to imagine nowadays the ‘Electric Gypsy’ rollin’ into town yet the ‘Kingston Zodiac‘ appears to be aware of the significance of this hyper-local area and attracted and inspired signs to inform us so.


Ricky Tick is now a recruitment agency called Class 1 Personnel

Ricky Tick was next door to ‘Art & Magic’, above what is now Nandos and was previously turned into a Tesco shortly after the club closed down.

As shoppers bought their groceries few would have known that above the Fruit and Veg aisle a psychedelic phenomenon occurred that would electrify the world and influence music to this day.


Hendrix @ Ricky Tick poster

An example of west London’s influence on Rock music is the fact that  ‘The Lord of Loud’, Jim Marshall was born in Acton and set up a music shop in Hanwell.