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The Voodoo Chile, the African Queen and the Parakeets of Twickenham

by 5ocietyx

Monk Parakeet Flying Flying in Sky

The sight and sound of exotic green birds in the west and south London area has become common-place in recent years.

It is thought that the origins of the flock, which now number in their tens of thousands, is attributable to a single pair of breeding parakeets that were released into the wild.

African Queen

The jungle scenes from The African Queen were filmed @ Isleworth Studios

Some suggest they escaped from the set of The African Queen when filming took place at Isleworth Studios in 1951.

Parakeets in Teddington

Parakeet in Teddington

Another theory romantically attributes the ‘Voodoo Child’ Jimi Hendrix who it is said released them as a symbol of love in Carnaby Street in the Sixties.

Some people see them as a noisy unwanted alien pest that is displacing native British birds from their habitats through sonar dominance and weight of numbers. Others see them as an exotic and beautiful addition to our feathered fraternity of friends.

Parakeet takes flight..

Fortean Times however thinks the truth of where they came from is more mundane:

Feral parrots have been recorded in London since 1855. A study by Oxford University biologists of the rose-ringed, or ring-necked, parakeet (Psitacula krameri), suggests that London’s parrot population may reach 100,000 by 2010, having grown from fewer than 500 in 1983. They are long-lived birds with no natural predators in Britain, and it’s feared they will become serious pests to agriculture and biodiversity. They are now found as far west as Wales and as far north as Glasgow. There are already more parakeets in London than there are nightingales. Their recent population explosion is perhaps explained by a warmer climate, and by the spread of garden bird-feeders. The likeliest explanation for their origins, say experts, is disappointingly mundane: they probably escaped, and were released, from aviaries, pet shops and private homes. Quick – close that window!


The stone circle of Hounslow

by 5ocietyx


It has come to our attention that a number of modern stone circles have appeared in recent years ostensibly as parking barriers and garden ornaments. But is there more than meets the eye? Have these standing stones been surreptitiously placed in position by the Elders as part of a reconfiguration of earth’s energy matrix with the shifting precession of the equinoxes and advent of a new age? Hounslow-stone-circle1

The en-trance to Hounslow Civic Centre features one such stone circle.  Maybe the sinister Hounslow Council and all its corruption and bureaucracy will become transformed by the energies emitting from the stone configuration? Hounslow-stone-circle2

Hounslow Civic Centre

Hounslow Civic Centre

The Civic Centre is down Lampton Road or Lamb Town – the heart of the sign of Aries in the Godmother of Synchromysticism Mary Caine’s Kingston Zodiac. The building has always struck us as being a good location for a sinister government complex in a sci-fi film which would have been about all that it was good for..until now?


Hounslow Civic Centre

What did Ira Levin know?

by 5ocietyx

Ira Levin

Far from being a prolific author Ira Levin wrote only seven novels, but they included one that prompted the late 1960’s gothic revival, Rosemary’s Baby, as well as the transhuman nightmare The Stepford Wives, cloning thriller The Boys from Brazil and Sliver, all of which were made into films – and made their author a great deal of money. Along with these he also wrote the long-running Broadway comic thriller Deathtrap (which was also later made into a film). His major works, those that were transposed to the silver screen intertwine in a strange, occult way, almost suggesting Levin knew something unspoken, and had encoded it into his works, much the same way as it is alleged Stanley Kubrick had.

When he was twelve Ira Levin said he was fascinated by the magicians of Tannen’s Magic Shop in Times Square and he learned about concealing reality behind illusion. He liked detective stories and had a collection of mystery books. Anagrams played major roles in Rosemary’s Baby and Son of Rosemary. Ira Levin continued the tradition of  using the transposition of letters (Lon Chaney Jr. in Son of Dracula) and basics of cryptology (Poe in The Gold Bug).

The first book we’ll look at, ‘The Stepford Wives’ (1972) was supposedly a satire on American culture, its anti-feminist theme subtly poking an eye of the recently liberated women of the world. It was a patriarchal wet-dream of the future, centred around a seemingly normal suburban town where the men attend secret meetings, during which they plot with a neighbour and ex-employee of Disneyland (a specialist in animatronics)  to replace their wives with robotic doubles, obedient housewives and grateful sex kittens ready to perform their duties at a moment’s notice, with no complaints.

The second book, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ (1967) was a diabolic tale involving the implanting of the seed of a demon in a young woman. A young couple – Guy and Rosemary – move into an apartment block (the Dakota building, New York, famous for being the scene of John Lennon’s assassination) where they befriend an eccentric elderly couple, who initiate the Guy into a secret occult group based within the building. With Guy’s consent, they drug Rosemary, and through a satanic ritual involving sex (rumoured to have been scripted by Church of Satan leader Anton Le Vey) they impregnate Rosemary with the seed of the Anti-Christ, in much the same way as Aleister Crowley suggested was possible with his Moon Child ritual. Incidentally, the film was directed by certified child pest Roman Polanski. (see this post at vigilantcitizen for more details on Rosemary’s Baby and its occult links)

The third book is ‘The Boys From Brazil’ (1976) in which a German scientist – who escaped prosecution after WW2 by hiding out in South America – implants dozens of women with the genetic descendants of the German beast, Adolf Hitler. These little Hitler clones would grow up to become the new leaders of the Third Reich, the thousand year empire of the Nazis.

Three different books, that all seem to have something in common. The Boys From Brazil and Rosemary’s Baby are both about implanting women with a demon seed, with the intention of having them take over – and presumably enslave – the world. The Stepford Wives relates to both the others in that it also is about enslaving the world – this time the world of women – by replacing them not with genetic clones but with Disney-tech robotic clones. It also has in common with Rosemary’s Baby the idea that people are meeting in secret to implement their plans.

We have yet to discover any links to secret services with Ira Levin – although he was drafted into the US army signal corps (1953-55), where, whilst stationed in Queens, he wrote and produced training films. But considering nearly everything he wrote was immediately pushed into the public consciousness and popularised (some creepier elements of which still linger with us today) he is to us an intriguing character. The occult links to Rosemary’s Baby alone – both its story and the controversy surrounding director Roman Polanski – coupled with Levin’s fascination for magic, ciphers and, as he described it, the concealing of reality behind illusion, are enough to suggest something else was going on below the surface with his work.

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Classic cooking: How to make Crowley’s traditional ‘cakes of light’

by 5ocietyx

Aleister Crowley, the wizard, invented his own equivalent to the wine and wafers of Catholicism. He proposed that his peculiar mixture could be used as a perfume (see Lady Gaga), or as a ‘cake’ to be eaten during ceremony.
‘For perfume mix meal & honey & thick leavings of red wine: then oil of Abramelin and olive oil, and afterward soften & smooth down with rich fresh blood.
The best blood is of the moon, monthly: then the fresh blood of a child, or dropping from the host of heaven: then of enemies; then of the priest or of the worshipers: last of some beast, no matter what.
This burn: of this make cakes & eat unto me. This hath also another use; let it be laid before me, and kept thick with perfumes of your orison: it shall become full of beetles as it were and creeping things sacred unto me.’
note: The menstrual blood may be substituted for semen.
taken from –  
The Book of the Law, Aleister Crowley

Finally, guilt-free robot sex

by 5ocietyx

‘Robotic sex won’t just blow your mind, it may curb many of society’s ills, says a new paper that envisions Amsterdam’s red light district staffed by androids that perform a full menu of sexual services. 

Lap dances and intercourse with robot prostitutes could help combat human trafficking and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases while teaching us to be better lovers, according to the arguments laid out in the May issue of the journal Futures. 

“Sex robots are absolutely inevitable,” Michelle Mars of the Victoria University of Wellington’s Victoria School of Management in New Zealand and a paper co-author told me in an email. “In fact, they already exist.”

One such robot, US Roxxxy, a $7,000 to $9,000 interactive doll that was unveiled at an adult entertainment expo in 2010, can be programmed with different personalities such as frigid Farrah and wild Wendy, Mars noted.’

frigid farah or wild wendy?

taken from –

Do you walk like a man, or like a chimp?

by 5ocietyx

An interesting piece from states that 8% of humans have what is referred to as ‘chimp feet’, in that the foot is effectively split in two, allowing the foot to ‘flex’ in a way rather like that of our distant primate cousins.

‘Anthropologist Jeremy DeSilva and occupational therapist Simone Gill looked at 398 people as they walked up and down barefoot in the Boston Museum of Science. They filmed the feet up close to see what midtarsal flexibility there was, and found 32 of the participants — or nearly one in 13 — “possessed both elevated lateral midfoot pressures and even exhibit midfoot dorsiflexion characteristic of a midtarsal break”. That is, they have bendy feet, like chimps.

The owners of the monkey feet didn’t look like they were walking noticeably different to the casual observer, nor did they tell DeSilva or Gill that they felt like they could notice the bending of their feet as they walked. However, people with the midtarsal break had much flatter feet than normal.

Whether the difference confers any advantages — beyond making it easier to pick stuff up with one’s feet, or climb trees — is unclear. DeSilva told New Scientist that he believed, because flexible feet should pose a disadvantage for humans who only use their feet for walking, it might be a reemerging trait caused by new lifestyle variations (like wearing shoes) that mean the feet ligaments fail to become as rigid.’

What isn’t mentioned is whether or not this trait could have existed in our paleolithic ancestors, such as Neanderthal man, who, like  those humans who possessed the midtarsal break in the foot, we previously reported had been discovered to have flatter feet than humans, which made them less suited to running.

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She’s the One..

by 5ocietyx

A new website ‘’ allows users to create their perfect partner, but unfortunately for now, they will only be in text form. Mind you, this doesn’t really break the convention of the evolution of  invention – such as language – as it’s a step up from the traditional ‘pretend girlfriend’, who has until now only existed in the spoken form.

Here is the ‘how it works’ taken from the site:

1. Login to FakeGirlfriend using Facebook.
2. Connect with Twilio and buy a phone number for your FakeGirlfriend.
3. Pick your own personalized girlfriend-esque responses.
4. Text your own unique FakeGirlfriend and receive one of the responses you created.
5. Tell everyone how great your “girlfriend” is.

So a user gets the ideal girlfriend – one who only says what he wants to hear, as long as he is content to suspend disbelief.

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