Finally, guilt-free robot sex

by 5ocietyx

‘Robotic sex won’t just blow your mind, it may curb many of society’s ills, says a new paper that envisions Amsterdam’s red light district staffed by androids that perform a full menu of sexual services. 

Lap dances and intercourse with robot prostitutes could help combat human trafficking and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases while teaching us to be better lovers, according to the arguments laid out in the May issue of the journal Futures. 

“Sex robots are absolutely inevitable,” Michelle Mars of the Victoria University of Wellington’s Victoria School of Management in New Zealand and a paper co-author told me in an email. “In fact, they already exist.”

One such robot, US Roxxxy, a $7,000 to $9,000 interactive doll that was unveiled at an adult entertainment expo in 2010, can be programmed with different personalities such as frigid Farrah and wild Wendy, Mars noted.’

frigid farah or wild wendy?

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