She’s the One..

by 5ocietyx

A new website ‘’ allows users to create their perfect partner, but unfortunately for now, they will only be in text form. Mind you, this doesn’t really break the convention of the evolution of  invention – such as language – as it’s a step up from the traditional ‘pretend girlfriend’, who has until now only existed in the spoken form.

Here is the ‘how it works’ taken from the site:

1. Login to FakeGirlfriend using Facebook.
2. Connect with Twilio and buy a phone number for your FakeGirlfriend.
3. Pick your own personalized girlfriend-esque responses.
4. Text your own unique FakeGirlfriend and receive one of the responses you created.
5. Tell everyone how great your “girlfriend” is.

So a user gets the ideal girlfriend – one who only says what he wants to hear, as long as he is content to suspend disbelief.

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