The stone circle of Hounslow

by 5ocietyx


It has come to our attention that a number of modern stone circles have appeared in recent years ostensibly as parking barriers and garden ornaments. But is there more than meets the eye? Have these standing stones been surreptitiously placed in position by the Elders as part of a reconfiguration of earth’s energy matrix with the shifting precession of the equinoxes and advent of a new age? Hounslow-stone-circle1

The en-trance to Hounslow Civic Centre features one such stone circle.  Maybe the sinister Hounslow Council and all its corruption and bureaucracy will become transformed by the energies emitting from the stone configuration? Hounslow-stone-circle2

Hounslow Civic Centre

Hounslow Civic Centre

The Civic Centre is down Lampton Road or Lamb Town – the heart of the sign of Aries in the Godmother of Synchromysticism Mary Caine’s Kingston Zodiac. The building has always struck us as being a good location for a sinister government complex in a sci-fi film which would have been about all that it was good for..until now?


Hounslow Civic Centre