Circles of Light: Transmissions from another world?

by 5ocietyx

Circles of Light in London

They have been described as ‘crop circles made of light’. It is said by Benjamin Creme of Share International that the appearance around the world of mysterious ‘circles of light’ are manifested by Maitreya and the Space Brothers from Mars and Venus.

For the past several months we have been photographing these solar halos on regular occasions.

A little while ago we entered into a brief discussion on a previous post, ‘Circles of Light photographed in London again‘ where a more mundane explanation for the phenomena was suggested by a commenter – that they were caused by ‘possibly sunlight through a street-light glass bulbs/cover’.

According to Creme, sunlight is required by our cosmic correspondents in their creation.

The photos above and below were taken in January, March and April of this year and haven’t previously been published. More examples can be found in the Related Posts section below.

What do you think? A trick of the light or magical messages from another world?

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