Star Wars in Ancient Britain – Nuada

by totalgooched



Former leader of the Tuatha De Danann. Alias Nud, Nodens, Lud and Llud Llaw Eraint. His epithet is Argetlam (‘silver hand’).

At the first battle of Moytura, Nuada had the misfortune to his arm cut off. This gave Dian Cecht the chance of pioneering the field of bionics; he designed and fitted a fully operable arm made out of silver. Nuada owned an invincible sword which he used in the second battle of Moytura. By now Lug had arrived on the scene to lead the Tuatha De in battle, for Nuada had forfeited the leadership when he lost his arm.


taken from –

p.221, A Guide to the Gods (Richard Carlyon, 1981)