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The Harrow-on-the-Hill Pentagram

by 5ocietyx

Harrow-PentagramThe Harrow Pentagram: Centre is St. Mary’s at Harrow-on-the-hill. The five points around it are: Belmont Hill Stanmore, Horsenden Hill Greenford, Barn Hill Wembley, Dabbs Hill, St. John’s Pinner.

According to Christ Street of

“London’s ley lines are not just simple straight alignments. Many of our ancient sacred sites are located in precise and complex geometric patterns on the landscape. When I first began to investigate this phenomenon in the early 1980s, I found a vast and beautiful network of sacred geometry linking many of London’s ancient sacred sites. It covered  the whole of Greater London and extended to linkup with other similar places the length and breadth of the land.

Most of the patterns are star-shaped, so the name Earthstars came naturally.

Earthstars can be understood in many ways. As a vast landscape temple.

As a construction of the spirit of the land, or in the case of London, the soul of the city.

As an aspect of the universal and planetary life-force, the web of life, which invisibly connects and binds all things.

As a protective spiritual aura over our Capital and other places where they are found.

Ultimately, I believe the specific geometry of London’s Earthstars (and the sites which define them) form a vast stargate, through which a transformative evolutionary force will affect our planet.

Obviously, this could only happen when certain planetary and stellar alignments occur. What they might be is open to debate.

Astrologers amongst you will know that the galactic centre will be focussed on London from 2012 and will remain there for the next fifty years.”

Harrow Pentagram and Heathrow Hexagram

Harrow Pentagram and Heathrow Hexagram

The Harrow Pentagram is not far from the Heathrow Airport Hexagram which is a patented airport runway design known as the ‘Star of David’ and is not thought to be based on leylines yet also forms a geometric shape on the landscape.

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Savile, Scarborough, Dracula, Whitby

by 5ocietyx

Whitby is a seaside town, port and civil parish in the Borough of Scarborough and English county of North Yorkshire. Situated on the east coast of Yorkshire at the mouth of the River Esk, Whitby has a combined maritime, mineral and tourist heritage, and is home to the ruins of Whitby Abbey where Caedmon, the earliest English poet, lived.

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey

Jimmy Savile was buried in Scarborough, 15 miles along the same stretch of coastline as Count Dracula first set foot in England as a black dog in Bram Stoker’s famous gothic novel, leaping ashore from the ghost ship Demeter before running up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey.

Whitby is also where Stoker came up with the name ‘Dracula’.


Scarborough is adjacent to the Prime Meridian.

Savile coffin

Savile coffin

Savile’s gold satin coffin was decked with a bouquet of white Yorkshire roses. As previously mentioned in the post ‘The language of flowers’ a white rose signifies purity. The cross on the top of his coffin is equally inappropriate (depending on whether you view it as a symbol of Jesus or the Catholic church that is)

Traditionally the origins of the emblem are said to go back to Edmund of Langley in the fourteenth century, the first Duke of York and the founder of the House of York as a cadet branch of the then ruling House of Plantagenet. The actual symbolism behind the rose has religious connotations as it represents the Virgin Mary, who was often called the Mystical Rose of Heaven. The Yorkist rose is white in colour, because in Christian liturgical symbolism, white is the symbol of light, typifying innocence and purity, joy and glory

Savile tombstone

Savile tombstone: Yellow and black – colours of the Illuminati?

When the revelations as to Fix-it’s past emerged, his honorific tombstone was said to have been ordered to be destroyed by his family ‘as a mark of respect to other families with loved ones buried nearby’. His grave was also encased in reinforced concrete.

Was this to keep grave robbers out or to keep something well and truly buried?

Savile coffin 45 degrees

Savile coffin 45 degrees

Savile’s coffin was angled at 45 degrees ‘so Jimmy could have a sea view’. It was pointed out that it also overlooked a school.

Savile grave

Savile grave

Both Count Dracula and Sir James Savile were energy vampires who stalked and terrorized England preying on young virgins.

The masonic-military* send-off, the gold coffin, the white rose, the cross, the 45 degree angle, the location on the Prime Meridian, the direction it faces, the erstwhile tombstone. They all seem to signify something. Whether it is some kind of  ritual to keep the ‘head vampire’ from rising again like the idea of a stake through the heart or silver bullet for werewolves, or if it is at Savile’s own choosing is debatable.

*The men in suits with ribbons round their necks were in fact Knights of Saint Columba – a Roman Catholic chivalric order and nothing to do with Freemasonry.

Knights of St Columba @ Savile's funeral

Knights of St Columba @ Savile’s funeral. The uniformed men are Royal Marines


It would however seem that super-villain Savile will enter folklore becoming the monster in children’s bedtime stories and in centuries to come his deeds will be seen as mythological fairy tales no more real than Dracula or The Joker of which Savile was a composite of the two. Already his image has joined the Transylvanian count and Batman’s nemesis in the rogues gallery of All-Hallows’-Eve fancy dress costumes. 31st October was his birthday after all.

But with a new age dawning perhaps what happened in the iron age stays in the iron age. Fear based constructs won’t be able to survive the shift of the ages and frequency recalibrationSavile never saw 2012. Perhaps because he knew his time was up?

Savile funeral

Savile funeral


Reports on the interwebz suggest this photo has question marks as to its validity.  Our technicians are currently running tests using sophisticated image processing software and will present the results in due course.

Jimmy Savile's wishbone necklace

Jimmy Savile’s wishbone necklace

The wishbone is said to be symbolic of the clitoris.


Whitby whale-bone arch.

Jimmy Savile Roundhay Park pent-house

Jimmy Savile Roundhay Park pent-house

Bran castle, legendary home of Count Dracula

Bran castle, legendary home of Count Dracula

Meaning of the name ‘Tyler’

by 5ocietyx

Operation Mayhem

Project Mayhem

Project TYLER is a key component of Project Mayhem. It is described as a ‘virus’ and a ‘weapon of mass seduction’. The idea put forward is for millions of insiders to leak confidential information as evidence of official or corporate wrong-doing building up to 11.11 21 12 2012.

Tyler is derived from the Old English ‘tigele’, meaning “to cover”. In Middle English it became Tiler, and was an occupational surname applied to persons that made and laid “tiles” or bricks.

Origin & History
Paralleling or rather complimenting its history as an occupational surname, the name Tyler is also associated with the Freemasons as a title for someone who stands guard outside the lodge to ensure that all who enter have both the authority and the credentials to do so. Along with other secondary duties the Tyler is also responsible for reviewing the credentials of prospective members and then guiding the accepted initiates into further Freemasonhood.

Tyler, Freemasonry

Tyler, Freemasonry

Tyler was an ancient office, responsible for delivering summons to lodge meetings and acting as doorkeeper, which was particularly important for any Lodges meeting in a tavern. The Tyler also had a traditional role of representing poor and distressed freemasons.

This has led some anons and commentators to suspect that Project TYLER is a masonic honey-pot to collect the data-leaks and gatekeeper to attempt to identify leakers. This theory appears to be dispelled as the peer to peer network that TYLER is based on means there is no centralised storage of information and is transparent to everyone.  Freemasonry has a bad name on the interwebz. It is usually said to be behind every conspiracy in existence.  This situation has arisen for two main reasons. Firstly, the influence that freemasonry has had on the world has been significant. This is played down by lodges who prefer a low-key approach to their work. This has given credence to accusations of secrecy and plotting.

The other main reason for the misunderstanding is that like all noble institutions Freemasonry has been infiltrated by various nefarious groups who then alter its rituals to serve their own purposes.

There are also left and right hand paths, white and black lodges. These are then grouped together as one brotherhood according to the internet. And in a way everything in the universe is one.

This state of confusion with regards to freemasonry is illustrated by the fact that most of the founding fathers were masons so they find themselves as both the freedom fighters and dastardly global fascists simultaneously in the same play.

George Wasington lays the cornerstone of the U.S Capitol building in 1793

George Washington lays the cornerstone of the U.S Capitol building in 1793

A Declaration of teh independence of Cypherspace
In what is in effect a call for a second American revolution (or evolution) the Youtube video that announced Project Mayhem is extremely well produced. Obvious Fed is obvious? Or underestimating the diverse capability and nature of an evolving Anonymous movement?

The message of the video of itself is promoting openness, freedom, unity and love. Albeit with a need to bring down the old system first.

Project TYLER videos here and here

Softpedia gives the low-down:

The Anonymous hacktivist community has released a new video to reveal the initiation of TYLER, an operation part of Project Mayhem 2012.

“With censorship bills being passed and bills that attempt to rid us of our freedoms that this country was founded upon the time has now come to act. We have devised a plan to bring forth the final act of the evolution,” the digitized voice says.

TYLER is described by the hacktivists as a form of protest against the United States government and its Cybersecurity Act of 2012.

“We now call upon the top hacktivists, coders, crypto anarchists, cypher punks, Non-violent Civil Rights activists, Internet Censorship and Freedom of Speech activists everywhere to collaborate to jointly BRAINSTORM IDEAS to develop TYLER,” they explained.

“TYLER is a massively distributed and decentralized Wikipedia-style P2P cipherspace structure impregnable to censorship. TYLER will improve where Wikileaks could not. In other words TYLER will be a Wikileaks on steroids.”

The activists reveal that on the symbolic date of November 5, TYLER will be out of beta testing and in the timeframe between December 12 and December 21, 2012, it will be put to use.

During this time, everyone who supports the movement is advised to gather as much information as they can on illegality, fraud and corruption and upload it to the new service.

At the end of the video statement, Anonymous warns that TYLER is only a small part of Project Mayhem.

The name of this particular phase of Project Mayhem 2012, Tyler, is most likely inspired by Tyler Durden, the character played by Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club from 1999. It appears that Durden’s attitude is one that’s considered to be appropriate for this operations and its success.


Whether Project Mayhem peters out into a damp squib or causes a breach of the matrix only time will tell. Whether it is malicious or a breath of fresh air remains to be seen. It depends on how the interwebz reacts to it and the robustness and usability and trust in the system that has been developed. The limited time-frame for the leaks and the obscurity of TYLER may be a problem as it would need to run and run and build trust in the internet community. It has been said to be a replacement for Wikileaks which is also an issue as not every anon agrees with this stance.

One thing seems certain though. The alchemical dialectic of the unstoppable force of Anonymous and the free internet versus the immovable object of the U.S Government and its Cyber Security apparatus will result in a cypher-space whereby all internet traffic is encrypted with virtually unbreakable keys. It will no longer remain economically viable (unless secret quantum computers are operational) to monitor everyone. Law Enforcement, as well as requiring warrants, will only be able to eavesdrop on specific targets. This is how things used to be before the surveillance grids were installed in atomic space as well as cyberspace.  This is how things should be.

George Washington in Freemasonry regalia

George Washington in Freemasonry regalia

Will the Fed end in 2012?

by 5ocietyx

Federal Reserve Note

Federal Reserve Note

A theory circulating the interwebz suggests the charter the U.S Government granted the 12 private banks that run the Federal Reserve will expire on 22 12 2012.  This is because the maximum duration of a United States Government charter is 99 years before it needs to be renewed. The Federal Reserve Act was enacted in the Congress on 23 12 1913 as this was when most congressmen had already left Washington for Christmas holidays.

The poetic justice is almost too good to be true.  For this is the day after 21 12 2012, the date of the galactic alignment. On this occasion it seems that something that sounds too good to be true probably is.  The act runs in perpetuity unless the Congress abolishes it.

Section 31. Reservation of Right to Amend
1. Reservation of Right to Amend
The right to amend, alter, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved.

The recently retired U.S Congressman Ron Paul is pushing for an audit of the Fed with the view to its controlled wind-down and abolishment but with time hurtling towards 2013 via that most auspicious of dates there doesn’t appear to be any open plans, at least within Congress, at this stage.

H.R.1207 – Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009
To amend title 31, United States Code, to reform the manner in which the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System is audited by the Comptroller General of the United States and the manner in which such audits are reported, and for other purposes

However, as pointed out by Ron Paul and others, the value of the U.S dollar has declined on average 1 cent for every year of the Fed’s existence.  This trend suggests the dollar will become worthless in 2013.  With U.S taxpayers $16,313,784,836,446.66 in debt and rising, and with other nations forming blocs and drawing up plans to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency their days appear to be numbered.

The Federal Reserve Note also faces a challenge from precious metals:

Ron Paul believes that the first step towards monetary freedom is to allow open competition in currencies. Once gold and silver are allowed as legal tender and can be sold without sales tax, everyone can use them to store their wealth and to pay for the things they want to buy. The Federal Reserve will finally have a very compelling motivation to stay honest and maintain the value of the dollar because if they don’t, they will simply lose all their customers.

Helicopter Ben Bernanke

Helicopter Ben Bernanke

The reason for The Federal Reserve’s existence in the first place was to ‘stabilize the economy’.  Instead they have looted it. With Timothy Geithner and Helicopter Ben Bernanke printing paper measured in football pitches it is easy to see why Americans and the world are fast losing faith in the dollar. Once confidence in the system goes the confidence trick loses its power.

‘The Federal Reserve System is neither federal or a reserve, nor is it a system’


The Titan Supercomputer

by 5ocietyx

Titan-supercomputerTitan is the largest moon of Saturn.

In Greek mythology, the Titans were a primeval race of powerful deities, descendants of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Heaven), that ruled during the legendary Golden Age.

They were immortal beings of incredible strength and stamina and were also the first pantheon of Greco-Roman gods and goddesses.

In the first generation of twelve Titans, the males were Oceanus, Hyperion, Coeus, Cronus, Crius and Iapetus and the females – the Titanesses – were Mnemosyne, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Rhea and Themis.

Cronus was the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans.

He overthrew his father and ruled during the mythological Golden Age, until he was overthrown by his own son, Zeus and imprisoned in Tartarus.

Cronus was usually depicted with a sickle or scythe, which was also the instrument he used to castrate and depose Uranus, his father. In Athens, on the twelfth day of the Attic month of Hekatombaion, a festival called Kronia was held in honour of Cronus to celebrate the harvest, suggesting that, as a result of his association with the virtuous Golden Age, Cronus continued to preside as a patron of harvest. Cronus was also identified in classical antiquity with the Roman deity Saturn.

One of the topics that we will be covering is the ‘Saturn death cult‘ that according to Troy D. McLachlan developed a twisted interpretation of the Saturn golden age mythology. The cult manifested itself in culture, embedded in the Abrahamic religions, the educational and legal systems and other social structures and secret societies.

The Titan Supercomputer was developed by Cray Inc and is located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and became operational in October 2012.

Prepare to geek-out as here are the tech specs and projects that Titan will be processing:

Titan will be the first major supercomputing system to utilize a hybrid architecture, or one that utilizes both conventional 16-core AMD Opteron CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerators.

Titan will have a theoretical peak performance of more than 20 petaflops, or more than 20,000 trillion calculations per second.

By pairing the CPUs and the GPU accelerators and maximizing the efficiency of applications to exploit their strengths, Titan will lead the way on the road to the exascale.

The six initial projects to use Titan include S3D, a project that models fine grain physics surrounding combustion aiming to improve the efficiency of diesel and biofuel engines.

In 2009, they produced the first fully resolved simulation of autoigniting hydrocarbon flames relevant to the efficiency of direct injection diesel engines using Jaguar.

The WL-LSMS project simulates the interactions between electrons and atoms in magnetic materials at temperatures other than absolute zero. An earlier version of the code was the first to perform at greater than one petaFLOPS on Jaguar.

Denovo simulates nuclear reactions with the aim of improving the efficiency and reducing the waste of nuclear reactors. Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator (LAMMPS) is a molecular dynamics code that simulates particles across a range of scales from atomic to relativistic to improve materials science with potential improvements to semi-conductors, biomolecules and polymers.

CAM-SE is a combination of two codes: Community Atmosphere Model, a global atmosphere model, and High Order Method Modeling Environment, a code that solves fluid and thermodynamic equations. CAM-SE will allow greater accuracy in climate simulations.

Non-Equilibrium Radiation Diffusion (NRDF) plots non-charged particles through supernovae with potential applications in laser fusion, fluid dynamics, medical imaging, nuclear reactors, energy storage and combustion.

nvidia-logoVidyā, or Vidhya, is a Sanskrit noun meaning “right knowledge” or “clarity”.

Titan supercomputer


Rubiks Cube

Google Plus logo

Google Plus logo


The NVIDIA, Microsoft and Google+ logos resonate with the happening on Saturn. The spiral, cross in a circle and letter G all symbolize whirlpool vortexes. The black cube is a symbol of Saturn. Saturn is associated with Satan and the letter G, spirals and whirlpool vortexes symbolize God.

Google Cube logo

Google Cube logo

Microsoft logo

Microsoft logo: The symbol of a vortex is a cross in a circle


With thanks to for the insights.  We are still trying to establish what the multi-coloured surface of black cubes signifies and will update the post when the data becomes available.

Whirlpool vortex appears in hexagon on Saturn

by 5ocietyx


Whirlpool vortex appears in Hexagon on Saturn’s north pole.

The whirlpool vortex is 1200 miles across and has appeared in the middle of the North Pole Hexagon

North Pole Hexagon on Saturn

North Pole Hexagon on Saturn: taken on November 27, 2012 and received on Earth November 27, 2012

According to NASA  ‘Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft imaged the (hexagon) feature over two decades ago.’

The hexagon is a symbol of Saturn. A cube viewed from a corner angle from above or below forms a hexagon. The black cube is also a symbol of Saturn.

Black cube

Black cube

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Operation Vendetta

by 5ocietyx

5ociety X @ Operation V

5ociety X @ #OperationVendetta

On the 5th November 2012 under Jupiter’s watchful gaze Anonymous UK descended on Trafalgar Square for a march on the man-made insect nest known as the Houses of Parliament to reenact the final scene from V for Vendetta, to provide a show of force and solidarity with our brothers and sisters, to demand the release of fellow anons and political prisoners, to defend the freedom of the internet,  and to protest government austerity cuts and their effect on the disabled. Whilst in the area, 5ociety X decided to bring to the attention of the honourable ladies and gentlemen that were in session that night the distinct possibility that monsters sit amongst them draped in red and white gowns protected by official sanction.

In a democracy, or many other forms of government, this situation is clearly intolerable.

Our ‘UNMASK PARLIAMENT PAEDOS!’ statement was well received by fellow anons, photographers and uniformed police alike.  Peering through condensation drenched V masks it was noted that many policemen upon reading the placard gave nods and rye smiles. Most policemen join the police to catch criminals and want paedophiles bought to justice as much if not more so than the general public and are tired of seeing the CPS fail to prosecute. We are all tired of the likes of former Just Ice Secret ary Kenneth Clarke PC, QC, MP being lenient on paedophiles under the false pretext of compassion and the fabled promises of rehabilitation that usually leads to further abuse upon their release. Clarke fixed it so accused paedophiles would have their already lenient sentence automatically halved if they just said the magic word ‘guilty’.

Clarke and others motives are shown for what they are by their failure to show the same compassion and protection for the victims of child abuse and other crimes.

On 6th November 2012 the UK Home Secret ary Theresa May in a speech to parliament warned MPs not to unmask parliamentary paedophiles using parliamentary privilege (which exempts them from being sued for libel) as it may jeopardize future trials.

May may or may not have a fair point but having quashed Gary McKinnon’s extradition, described paedophile activity across Britain as ‘absolutely horrific’ and launched an inquiry into the North Wales Care Homes Inquiry appointing a female judge who it is hoped isn’t compromised perhaps we need to give her the benefit of the doubt.

However, we will be closely monitoring Mrs May’s conduct, the outcome of the inquiry and subsequent police actions.  If an inquiry into the inquiry into the inquiry becomes necessary and the judiciary, CPS and police close ranks again to protect our Lords and Masters then we will obviously need to re-evaluate our position.

There is genuine need for scepticism as historically elements of the police, judiciary, intelligence services, law lords, House of Commons and CPS have not only comprehensively failed but have been shown to be part of the very paedophile rings they are legally bound to bring to justice.

This desperate situation is also clearly intolerable.

In Vickers super-salesman David Cameron’s world the courts are uncorrupted, the judges always dispense justice, there are no bent coppers and the Tory party is clean as a whistle. We beg to differ.

However, in light of the McAlpine saga it is imperative for the facts to be made available to the public to prevent any false allegations in specific circumstances being unduly made.

Some members of the establishment untainted by the paedophile rings may view a cover-up as in Britain’s best interests because blowing the lid off government involvement by all 3 heads of the Lib-Lab-Con Cerberus will  destroy the public’s trust in parliamentary democracy (if it wasn’t already threadbare after the Expenses scandal and other failures too numerous to mention) as well as tarnish Britain’s reputation around the world.

For many decades the British Empire was involved in the slave trade until public opinion and the actions of  activist William Wilberforce forced Britain to abolish slavery and set the Royal Navy in hot pursuit of slavers world-wide.

Is it really in Britain’s best interests to condone institutionalised child abuse, to cover it up and allow paedophiles to run our country into the ground, compromised morally and wide open to blackmail by foreign nations and clandestine groups?  Or would the history books look more favourably on Britain if we took the lead in the Western world to go after the paedophile rings that operate globally and smash them to pieces? Starting on our own doorstep.

Other nations are now beginning to show concern for Britain’s current policies that effectively kidnap children from parents and hand them to molesters in charge of ‘childrens’ ‘care’ ‘homes’.

But rather than sail the seven seas in search of twisted perverts (with the exception of certain former Prime Ministers from the early 1970s and traitor to Britain..allegedly) the key suspects are likely to be found hidden in plain sight occupying official positions of power.

The U.K and the U.S Governments have tirelessly pursued Julian Assange around the world on the Orwellian charge of ‘rape’ for having consensual sex with adults. It is time they stopped and instead turned their attention to the genuine abusers within their ranks they have kept hidden for so long.

Catch May’s speech here

Mysterious woman in red @ #OpVendetta

Mysterious woman in red @ #OpVendetta


Unmask parliament paedos





Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament


Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament

The Samhain ritual slaughter of the Ash?

by 5ocietyx



Britain’s Ash trees are threatened by a fungal disease that has spread from the continent.

In September 2009 the aptly named Stephen Ashworth (see nominative determinism post) wrote to the Forestry Commission requesting a ban on European imports to prevent the disease spreading to the UK.

According to the Telegraph

The Forestry Commission, however, thought that the disease was caused by a fungus already endemic in Britain, making a ban illegal under European laws. It has since been discovered that the fungus is a new one.

The article goes on to say

In October 2009, Mr Burgess replied that he agreed that the situation was “worrying” but said “our hands are tied” by European legislation.

“I am sorry this is not the response you had hoped for but I hope you understand how our hands are tied,” he wrote. “All I can recommend for the moment is that the industry carefully considers where it sources its planting material and monitors it purchases for signs of ill health.

And therein lies so many things wrong with how Britain is governed. An incompetent and scheming officialdom with little to offer except hollow apologies and excuses and blaming the EU that they themselves have acquiesced to.

Due to official incompetence and EU interference and meddling a cull of British Ash trees is now underway and commenced in the week leading up to Samhain and Halloween.

It gets interesting when you learn the symbolic significance of the Ash. According to

It’s mass, height, and deeply imbedded roots were all metaphors for the spiritually minded Celts (and us too). The ash speaks to us of growth, expansion, and higher perspective. If we think symbolically as the ancient Celts were apt to do, we can liken our own soul-growth with that of the ash. With greater (higher) attainment, the more we need to stay grounded (well rooted).

This concept falls right in line with the mystic message of the ash. Indeed, certain druid accounts indicate the realm between earth and sky were connected or held together by the mighty ash. Although it is associated with the element of air, the ash is also akin to the fire element for its amazing burning qualities. The wood of the ash burns with intense heat, even when green. This surfaced ideas of resurrection and renewal for the Celts.

The ash was commonly used for protective rituals because it was believed that helpful energies were contained within its great body. Specifically, the ash was thought to be the guardian of children, and was often used as a healing agent for childhood illnesses.

Its association with children may come from creation myths within Celtic lore. In some accounts the ash was considered the cradle of life, so too was it considered a gentle giant and a protector of youth.

Yggdrasil is a mighty Ash sacred to the Celts and Druids.

The disease and subsequent culling of Ash trees has echoes of the slaughter of livestock during the Foot and Mouth outbreak.

Circles of Light photographed in London again

by 5ocietyx


Circles of light

Photographs taken today by 5ocietyx in London. They have been described as crop circles made of light and are a relatively recent phenomena occurring around the world. The ones pictured here are interlinking forming vesica pisces.

Circles of light

Circles of light close-up

Circles of light

Circles of light

Circles of light close-up

Circles of light close-up

Circles of light, Oldfield filter

Circles of light, Oldfield filter

Experimental shot taken with the Oldfield ‘spiritual photonic interference’ filter.

Circles of light

Circles of light

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Circles of Light photographed in London

by 5ocietyx

circles of light

circles of light

Photograph taken 5th September 2012 in London by 5ocietyx

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