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Organised Chaos

by totalgooched

We would like to call to the reader’s attention the recent appearance of these flyers at anti-Trump rallies in America which bear a striking resemblance to flyers handed out at the 2011 London riots. 

The London riots, like the anti-Trump rallies were apparently spontaneous and grass roots incidents, specific to flash point causes, which would have left anyone intent on capitalising on them very little time to organise. So why at both (and probably others) were participants handed these flyers? 

We can almost guarantee there is a hidden hand in the anti-Trump demonstrations, the enemies of humanity are reeling from two defeats this year, but who would have possibly benefitted from a mass chimp-out in London, back in 2011?

The 5ociety continues to monitor the global elitist agenda to destroy the indigenous people of the UK…

Miley Cyrus: Transhumanist Pedobear

by 5ocietyx

‘Pedobear’ is a meme popularised on the imageboard 4Chan but originated on the Japanese website 2channel as an innocent helpful teddy bear.  4Chan gave the character its paedophile persona designed to mock those with a sexual interest in children and flag dodgy content posted on the boards to moderators.

Noone really knows who drew the cartoon and its copyright free status meant that RCA were not only able to freely use the image in their product ‘We Can’t Stop’ by Miley Cyrus, they also decided to derivatively use Pedobear CC style as the basis for Cyrus’s alter-ego that the world saw on display at the annual VMA Awards Black Mass Mega-Ritual surrounded by her multiples.  We think it’s fair to say she has come a long way since Disney’s creation Hannah Montana and her alter-ego. See what good a little sharing can do?

So this explains the slobbering tongue, ‘inter-generational relations’ and sexually debased and explicit behaviour with her handler and troupe of dancing bears.

That the outwardly respectable mainstream music industry, aimed with military precision primarily at the teenage market like a heat-seeking missile,  is able to revel in its paedo-friendly image even post Savile the Wizard’s exposure reverse trolling the troll kings themselves is an indication of the psy-ops at play underneath the seemingly nonsensical and bizarre stage-shows and public demonstrations of their sonic weaponry that is designed to make the public increasingly uncomfortable, as well they should, particularly parents with young children.

As the lyric goes

It’s our party we can love who we want
We can kiss who we want
We can see who we want

This is our house
This is our rules
And we can’t stop
And we won’t stop
Can’t you see it’s we who own the night

But maybe we are guilty of indulging in moral-faggotry with our analysis? Maybe  we’re just ‘haters’?

Anonymous were not the first to associate teddy bears with paedophilia. Stanley Kubrick also appears to have used the teddy bear to flag his many references to paedophilia throughout his work which will be the subject of a future post as it is beyond the scope of this document.

A.I. Teddy

The concept of transhumanism has been a recurring meme within the pop industry in recent years and here at the beginning of the show we are greeted with the distressing spectre of ‘Transhuman Pedobear’. This synchs with ‘Teddy’ the super-toy in Kubrick/Spielberg’s A.I.

So Kubrick, Anonymous and RCA, have all used Pedobear as a warning symbol to be on the look out for paedophiles.  In the case of RCA it is called ‘hiding in plain sight’ and placing the onus on the consumer of their products to accurately ascertain what it is they are selling to them.

It is an undisputed fact left largely unspoken in the mainstream media that in the formative years of the 21st century an army of trauma-based mind controlled and brutalized child sex-slaves created by black magicians and psychotic military handlers were idol worshipped and whose increasingly pornographic stripteases provided the light entertainment of choice for the masses.

Are you not entertained?

What will we be treated to at next year’s mega-ritual we can only wonder.  The trend would indicate perhaps the sight of teenage fans slipping green-backs down the stripper’s stockings for turning a few tricks in front of them? As they have told us explicitly

And we can’t stop
And we won’t stop

The ‘mighty maze of mystic magick rays’ that is MTV  is a far murkier place than the imageboards of 4Chan that along with half the blogosphere is just about to vanish before the eyes of British internet subscribers by way of a cheap trick by stage magician David Cameron that rest assured will be relentlessly exposed from a 1000 angles.

Meanwhile the black magicians who control the media will be provided with the world-stage by the corporate broadcast television networks with the critics neatly tucked out of sight behind The Filter. But The Filter won’t really make anything disappear, it is just an illusion. When the stage magician wants you to miss what the left hand is doing he shows you a distraction with his right.

We see this as fundamentally unfair that sanctimonious twerps like Cameron can reduce all the hard work of a growing segment of the people’s voice to a mere lazy check-box that he knows is unlikely to be unticked due to his knowledge of ‘nudge theory’.

We see this therefore as an alien concept being introduced into British society that will not be tolerated.


Pop Paedo-Magickian Jimmy Savile with teddy bear.


#OpBBC engaged: Political Warfare Executive

by 5ocietyx

George Orwell at the BBC

George Orwell @ the BBC (note the black hexagon)

During World War II, the Political Warfare Executive (PWE) was a British clandestine body created to produce and disseminate both white and black propaganda, with the aim of damaging enemy morale and sustaining the morale of the Occupied countries.

The Executive was formed in August 1941, reporting to the Foreign Office. The staff came mostly from SO1, which had been until then the propaganda arm of the Special Operations Executive. The organisation was governed by a committee initially comprising among others Anthony Eden (Foreign Secretary), Brendan Bracken (Minister of Information) and Hugh Dalton (Minister of Economic Warfare) (they were more forthright in those days).

PWE included staff from the Ministry of Information, the propaganda elements of the Special Operations Executive, and from the BBC. Its main headquarters was at Woburn Abbey with London offices at the BBC’s Bush House. As the Political Warfare Executive was a secret department when dealing with the outside world PWE used the cover-name ‘Political Intelligence Department’ (PID).

After D-Day most of PWE’s white propaganda staff transferred to the Psychological Warfare Division (PWD/SHAEF) of SHAEF.

At the end of World War II PWE were tasked with the re-education of German Prisoners of War. As with different types of propaganda, PWE used the same ‘white’, ‘grey’, and ‘black’ classifications for German POWs. Prisoners classed as ‘black’ were considered dangerous ardent Nazis, with anti-Nazis classed as ‘white’ and regular non-political soldiers classed as ‘grey’.

Hacking terms such as white-hats, black-hats and grey-hats use the same classification system even if the terminology has been turned on its head in our Orwellian existence where black is white and white is black. Aaron Barr of HBGary infamy is an example of this.

Sir Hugh Carleton Greene was a British journalist and television executive. He was the Director-General of the BBC from 1960―1969, and is generally credited with modernising an organisation that had fallen behind in the wake of the launch of ITV in 1955.

From 1941, Greene also helped to smooth the relationship between the BBC and the PWE whose goals were somewhat at odds (the BBC strove for accurate, unbiased journalism whereas the PWE was largely concerned with propaganda).

Bush House

In his novel 1984, Orwell named Room 101 after a conference room at Bush House where he used to sit through tedious meetings. When one of the possible original room 101s at the BBC was due to be demolished, a plaster cast was made by artist Rachel Whiteread for posterity.

Orwell worked in Bush House between 1941 and 1943 and the building is said to have given him the idea, when writing 1984, both for the nightmarish Room 101 and the almost equally awful canteen at the Ministry of Truth.

Bush House was used by many celebrities, including Sir Paul McCartney, for his broadcasts to Russia. This was Britain’s mouth-piece to the world.

As with most if not all  institutions, the BBC has elements of good and bad. Honest journalists and even writers of the calibre of Orwell were up against and compromised by agents of the Political Warfare Executive which says it all really.

Truth is the first casualty of war and in a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act..

The World Service vacated the premises in the summer of 2012.

Anonymous message to the BBC

Anonymous message to the BBC



by 5ocietyx

Anonymous message to the BBC

Anonymous message to the BBC

With #OpBBC planned for 1st June 2013 to bring to the attention of the executive, staff and members of the public concerns regarding paedophilia and the grooming of children, the TV tax, tax dodging, the dissemination of truth and a range of other issues it is worthwhile trying to understand the legacy applications and the dynamics at play within the state broadcaster that currently prevent transparency and to have an open dialogue about the BBC’s place in the 21st century and internet age.

We shouldn’t let Savile and others legacy be the dismantling of the BBC as it is as British as a cup of tea and produces world-class natural history programmes, sporting coverage and documentaries and without incessant advertising and other forms of commercialism. But it is compromised by other factors, mainly state control and groupthink.

We need to understand how the BBC works and forensically examine where the blockages to transparency are occurring and rectify it.

As paying customers it shouldn’t really be the job of protesters to ensure we aren’t handing over hard cash only to be lied to and to have twisted wizards groom us from childhood and illusionists try to sabotage our minds through the Eastenders program-me, the CBeebies program-me, the 6 O’Clock News program-me, the Newsnight program-me, the Question Time program-me and of course the Jim’ll Fix-it programming.

One suggestion would be to transform the Programme to the Program. Television is a medium where you just sit back and passively soak up an illusion of reality induced into an alpha wave state of mind as your brain mistakes pixels for atoms and compression ratios and algorithms for form and movement.

The programming is already breaking down. Where once there was a solitary television channel now there are millions. Where once everyone had to watch a certain programme at a certain time – now you can view at your convenience. Where once you were trapped in your living room or bedroom – now you can watch anywhere you like.

What we really mean though by ‘reprogramming the programme’ is for the public – interested groups and individuals to collaborate with the BBC to create software tools and frame-works that make it more difficult for any hidden agenda to twist the truth.  The BBC should also look to involving citizen journalists and hyper-local news to provide a broader picture of what is happening in the world. This should not be seen as a vast transitory slave workforce to be exploited however.

This will look a lot different from stage-shows like the QT programming where questions as well as answers are carefully scripted, the same panellists appear again and again and audience members are hand-picked.

Imagine a feature for example whereby in real-time every utterance from the talking heads that appear on debate shows and news programming was checked and verified against trusted data-sets that could indicate when they are lying?

The BBC should work with the public in making its vast archives freely accessible, searchable and shareable thus enriching the commons. This would also act as a distributed archiving solution that would help to ensure material is not lost forever by single points of failure.

Whilst we have concerns as to elements and policies within the management of the Beeb we are also in no doubt there are hundreds of honest creative people who are already thinking about or even working on similar minded projects within the corporation or in their own time. It would be informative to hear what they have to say.

If we don’t program then we will be programmed at will by the hypnotist that skulks in the corner of the living room. This is why they call it program me.

We don’t really want to hear your agenda-based opinion on the news we just want the facts. We don’t really want you to decide what is news in the first place as we think censorship should be censored. Data is King, let it speak instead.

program (n.)
1630s, “public notice,” from L.L. programma “proclamation, edict,” from Gk. programma (gen. programmatos) “a written public notice,” from stem of prographein “to write publicly,” from pro- “forth” (see pro-) + graphein “to write” (see -graphy).

General sense of “a definite plan or scheme” is recorded from 1837. Meaning “list of pieces at a concert, playbill” first recorded 1805 and retains the original sense. That of “objects or events suggested by music” is from 1854. Sense of “broadcasting presentation” is from 1923. Computer sense (noun and verb) is from 1945. Spelling programme, sometimes preferred in Britain, is from French and began to be used early 19c.

So by its origin all software should be open source.

The BBC should still be a people-powered institution, just tempered by incorruptible and transparent software protocols that the people whether they be British or our brothers and sisters around the world can call upon in times of need when their voices need to be heard and cause for truth and justice defended.

We need to ensure the opposite is not the case where the all-powerful state uses it to spread lies, to censor dissent, to fiddle with our kids and to mind control us all.

Some suggestions for reformation of the BBC

To stop competing with commercial channels in light entertainment – talent shows, reality tv, Monarch programming etc
To rediscover principles of public service
To give the license fee payer more of a say in how the institution is run by appointing members of the public onto the Trust or abolishing the Trust altogether for a more socially equitable mixture of people
To trim down executive salaries to more realistic levels of remuneration. The more you pay someone, the less they think they have to do especially when supping from the teat of the tax-funded sacred cash-cow of neverending milk and honey
To make their tax structure more equitable and in keeping with their own rhetoric
To open the archives for forensic examination by the public
For the EU funding to be forbidden by contract. Why should their millions, which is really our millions, outstrip the billions the British public hand over in the expectation we will get unbiased news coverage and not propaganda from a Vassal of an imploding federalist super-state?
To explore other revenue generators and cost savings with the mind to cut or abolish altogether the TV tax

Clarion call to the British Order of the Jedi

by 5ocietyx

Jedi High Council

Jedi High Council

It has come to our attention that the number of sentient life-forms in Britain who describe themselves as a follower of the Jedi religion has reached 180,000.

With the economy in ruins, the government planning for civil unrest, trusted celebrities unmasked as goblins, and seemingly every department of state shown to be corrupt we call upon the British Order of the Jedi to stop the petty bickering with the BBC’s Dr Who fans and concentrate your efforts towards the real enemies of the land that reside within the British Brainwashing Contraption.

Help us brothers and sisters, noble Jedi of Britain in your countries hour of need. You could be our only hope.  We humbly call upon all Jedi Knights in the land who hear this plea to join us on 1st June, Portland Place, London to counter the mind control apparatus beaming propaganda far and wide and listing it as news, dressing up grotesque paedophilia as art with which to adorn their tempestuous Broadcasting House facility.

An operation to culture jam the transmissions emanating from this central London mind control facility using the force, telepathy, orgonite crystals and peaceful, non obtrusive awareness so as to neutralise the effect of this sub-station of state control and manipulation of the mass mind and gather preliminary intel on what is essentially a mission of diplomacy albeit thinly veiled.

This message arrives with a word of caution. It is estimated that it will optimally require 1028 Jedi Knights to join Anonymous @ #OpBBC and form a telepathic cone of power focused on the broadcast tower on the roof and Jimmy Fixit sculpture idol above the en-trance to Broadcasting House with which to alter the base frequencies that hold together the construct of deceit to then allow the truth vibrations to flow into the building like a breathe of fresh meadow air and influence its energy signature, culture, atmosphere and mindset for the better and free them from the charms of the youth idol worshipping peadocracy and their  death cult of Saturn.

It has been noted and documented in the recently released 5ociety X film – Was Jimmy Savile a Wizard? that your legendary ancestor master Obi Wan Kenobi utilized ‘black magic’ by performing a ‘Jedi mind trick’ upon storm-troopers at the Mos Eisley space port. We have also noted that Jimmy Savile aka Saturn aka Darth Vader also used the same ‘Jedi mind trick’ at the beginning of episodes of the Jim’ll Fix It programming.

With this in mind, we advise all participating jedi to refrain from performing the ‘Jedi mind trick’ during the operation and instead call upon more restorative forms of jedi magic that can be decided upon yourselves as you see fit.

An example of this white magic realism would be to create alternative ethereal designs and thought-forms for works of art that could replace the child-abusing, animal loving Eric Gill’s handiwork.

This is why we have identified the Jedi Order as perfect for this operation as you can offer expertise in these areas of diplomacy and reconassance and consult telepathically the hive mind with your findings. Although this is a covert mission, we would suggest a dress code comprising full ceremonial robes to make your presence proudly known.

The BBC should also be aware that spies have already infiltrated their secretive organisation. There are undoubtedly Jedi  already employed within Broadcasting House just as there are undoubtedly anons, some that don’t yet know it, with official security passes, clearance and access to restricted files.

This is perfectly natural seeing as the BBC employs members of the Great British Public and required no planning by spymasters or strings pulled. They are us and it is time to make that known to them.

We are highly confident of the ultimate success of this mission as part of #OpBBC for we feel certain that the ineptitude of the bureaucratic managerial levels within the BBC will have neglected to properly vet employees  even if it was known to them they were recruiting jedi. This is because they think you are a joke. That you are not to be taken seriously. That you are nothing more than a hokey religion from a bygone age.

It is time to prove them wrong.

This complacency towards your noble order provides you with perfect cover to scope the BBC unmolested from the inside as well as outside. All eyes will be on Anonymous not to mention the P.E.L and attempts to hack into the transmissions providing a distraction.

The Palestinian Electronic Army recently commandeered the BBC Weather twitter feed illustrating how vulnerable the BBC is to compromise.

At the 5ociety we are sympathetic of those wishing to send a more direct message to the BBC especially with the obvious lulz that were generated by this particular hack but are mindful of the need to ultimately reform the BBC from the inside. If they stubbornly refuse the will of the people, their paymasters, and squirrel away output that we have paid for to cover their tracks then we will obviously need to re-evaluate our position.

The archives are going to be opened one way or the other so it is advisable for the BBC to do so in an orderly and equitable fashion rather than be hacked wide open for non-compliance with their patrons demands.

We know that many of you have already received this message telepathically and send our greetings, best wishes, love and lulz to one and all.

We are Legion

The Truth is Out There

May the Force be with You

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Do You Know Your Human Rights?

by 5ocietyx

This stirring song should be the sound-track for the revolution!

Does anyone know what it’s called?

Meaning of the name ‘Tyler’

by 5ocietyx

Operation Mayhem

Project Mayhem

Project TYLER is a key component of Project Mayhem. It is described as a ‘virus’ and a ‘weapon of mass seduction’. The idea put forward is for millions of insiders to leak confidential information as evidence of official or corporate wrong-doing building up to 11.11 21 12 2012.

Tyler is derived from the Old English ‘tigele’, meaning “to cover”. In Middle English it became Tiler, and was an occupational surname applied to persons that made and laid “tiles” or bricks.

Origin & History
Paralleling or rather complimenting its history as an occupational surname, the name Tyler is also associated with the Freemasons as a title for someone who stands guard outside the lodge to ensure that all who enter have both the authority and the credentials to do so. Along with other secondary duties the Tyler is also responsible for reviewing the credentials of prospective members and then guiding the accepted initiates into further Freemasonhood.

Tyler, Freemasonry

Tyler, Freemasonry

Tyler was an ancient office, responsible for delivering summons to lodge meetings and acting as doorkeeper, which was particularly important for any Lodges meeting in a tavern. The Tyler also had a traditional role of representing poor and distressed freemasons.

This has led some anons and commentators to suspect that Project TYLER is a masonic honey-pot to collect the data-leaks and gatekeeper to attempt to identify leakers. This theory appears to be dispelled as the peer to peer network that TYLER is based on means there is no centralised storage of information and is transparent to everyone.  Freemasonry has a bad name on the interwebz. It is usually said to be behind every conspiracy in existence.  This situation has arisen for two main reasons. Firstly, the influence that freemasonry has had on the world has been significant. This is played down by lodges who prefer a low-key approach to their work. This has given credence to accusations of secrecy and plotting.

The other main reason for the misunderstanding is that like all noble institutions Freemasonry has been infiltrated by various nefarious groups who then alter its rituals to serve their own purposes.

There are also left and right hand paths, white and black lodges. These are then grouped together as one brotherhood according to the internet. And in a way everything in the universe is one.

This state of confusion with regards to freemasonry is illustrated by the fact that most of the founding fathers were masons so they find themselves as both the freedom fighters and dastardly global fascists simultaneously in the same play.

George Wasington lays the cornerstone of the U.S Capitol building in 1793

George Washington lays the cornerstone of the U.S Capitol building in 1793

A Declaration of teh independence of Cypherspace
In what is in effect a call for a second American revolution (or evolution) the Youtube video that announced Project Mayhem is extremely well produced. Obvious Fed is obvious? Or underestimating the diverse capability and nature of an evolving Anonymous movement?

The message of the video of itself is promoting openness, freedom, unity and love. Albeit with a need to bring down the old system first.

Project TYLER videos here and here

Softpedia gives the low-down:

The Anonymous hacktivist community has released a new video to reveal the initiation of TYLER, an operation part of Project Mayhem 2012.

“With censorship bills being passed and bills that attempt to rid us of our freedoms that this country was founded upon the time has now come to act. We have devised a plan to bring forth the final act of the evolution,” the digitized voice says.

TYLER is described by the hacktivists as a form of protest against the United States government and its Cybersecurity Act of 2012.

“We now call upon the top hacktivists, coders, crypto anarchists, cypher punks, Non-violent Civil Rights activists, Internet Censorship and Freedom of Speech activists everywhere to collaborate to jointly BRAINSTORM IDEAS to develop TYLER,” they explained.

“TYLER is a massively distributed and decentralized Wikipedia-style P2P cipherspace structure impregnable to censorship. TYLER will improve where Wikileaks could not. In other words TYLER will be a Wikileaks on steroids.”

The activists reveal that on the symbolic date of November 5, TYLER will be out of beta testing and in the timeframe between December 12 and December 21, 2012, it will be put to use.

During this time, everyone who supports the movement is advised to gather as much information as they can on illegality, fraud and corruption and upload it to the new service.

At the end of the video statement, Anonymous warns that TYLER is only a small part of Project Mayhem.

The name of this particular phase of Project Mayhem 2012, Tyler, is most likely inspired by Tyler Durden, the character played by Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club from 1999. It appears that Durden’s attitude is one that’s considered to be appropriate for this operations and its success.


Whether Project Mayhem peters out into a damp squib or causes a breach of the matrix only time will tell. Whether it is malicious or a breath of fresh air remains to be seen. It depends on how the interwebz reacts to it and the robustness and usability and trust in the system that has been developed. The limited time-frame for the leaks and the obscurity of TYLER may be a problem as it would need to run and run and build trust in the internet community. It has been said to be a replacement for Wikileaks which is also an issue as not every anon agrees with this stance.

One thing seems certain though. The alchemical dialectic of the unstoppable force of Anonymous and the free internet versus the immovable object of the U.S Government and its Cyber Security apparatus will result in a cypher-space whereby all internet traffic is encrypted with virtually unbreakable keys. It will no longer remain economically viable (unless secret quantum computers are operational) to monitor everyone. Law Enforcement, as well as requiring warrants, will only be able to eavesdrop on specific targets. This is how things used to be before the surveillance grids were installed in atomic space as well as cyberspace.  This is how things should be.

George Washington in Freemasonry regalia

George Washington in Freemasonry regalia

Operation Vendetta

by 5ocietyx

5ociety X @ Operation V

5ociety X @ #OperationVendetta

On the 5th November 2012 under Jupiter’s watchful gaze Anonymous UK descended on Trafalgar Square for a march on the man-made insect nest known as the Houses of Parliament to reenact the final scene from V for Vendetta, to provide a show of force and solidarity with our brothers and sisters, to demand the release of fellow anons and political prisoners, to defend the freedom of the internet,  and to protest government austerity cuts and their effect on the disabled. Whilst in the area, 5ociety X decided to bring to the attention of the honourable ladies and gentlemen that were in session that night the distinct possibility that monsters sit amongst them draped in red and white gowns protected by official sanction.

In a democracy, or many other forms of government, this situation is clearly intolerable.

Our ‘UNMASK PARLIAMENT PAEDOS!’ statement was well received by fellow anons, photographers and uniformed police alike.  Peering through condensation drenched V masks it was noted that many policemen upon reading the placard gave nods and rye smiles. Most policemen join the police to catch criminals and want paedophiles bought to justice as much if not more so than the general public and are tired of seeing the CPS fail to prosecute. We are all tired of the likes of former Just Ice Secret ary Kenneth Clarke PC, QC, MP being lenient on paedophiles under the false pretext of compassion and the fabled promises of rehabilitation that usually leads to further abuse upon their release. Clarke fixed it so accused paedophiles would have their already lenient sentence automatically halved if they just said the magic word ‘guilty’.

Clarke and others motives are shown for what they are by their failure to show the same compassion and protection for the victims of child abuse and other crimes.

On 6th November 2012 the UK Home Secret ary Theresa May in a speech to parliament warned MPs not to unmask parliamentary paedophiles using parliamentary privilege (which exempts them from being sued for libel) as it may jeopardize future trials.

May may or may not have a fair point but having quashed Gary McKinnon’s extradition, described paedophile activity across Britain as ‘absolutely horrific’ and launched an inquiry into the North Wales Care Homes Inquiry appointing a female judge who it is hoped isn’t compromised perhaps we need to give her the benefit of the doubt.

However, we will be closely monitoring Mrs May’s conduct, the outcome of the inquiry and subsequent police actions.  If an inquiry into the inquiry into the inquiry becomes necessary and the judiciary, CPS and police close ranks again to protect our Lords and Masters then we will obviously need to re-evaluate our position.

There is genuine need for scepticism as historically elements of the police, judiciary, intelligence services, law lords, House of Commons and CPS have not only comprehensively failed but have been shown to be part of the very paedophile rings they are legally bound to bring to justice.

This desperate situation is also clearly intolerable.

In Vickers super-salesman David Cameron’s world the courts are uncorrupted, the judges always dispense justice, there are no bent coppers and the Tory party is clean as a whistle. We beg to differ.

However, in light of the McAlpine saga it is imperative for the facts to be made available to the public to prevent any false allegations in specific circumstances being unduly made.

Some members of the establishment untainted by the paedophile rings may view a cover-up as in Britain’s best interests because blowing the lid off government involvement by all 3 heads of the Lib-Lab-Con Cerberus will  destroy the public’s trust in parliamentary democracy (if it wasn’t already threadbare after the Expenses scandal and other failures too numerous to mention) as well as tarnish Britain’s reputation around the world.

For many decades the British Empire was involved in the slave trade until public opinion and the actions of  activist William Wilberforce forced Britain to abolish slavery and set the Royal Navy in hot pursuit of slavers world-wide.

Is it really in Britain’s best interests to condone institutionalised child abuse, to cover it up and allow paedophiles to run our country into the ground, compromised morally and wide open to blackmail by foreign nations and clandestine groups?  Or would the history books look more favourably on Britain if we took the lead in the Western world to go after the paedophile rings that operate globally and smash them to pieces? Starting on our own doorstep.

Other nations are now beginning to show concern for Britain’s current policies that effectively kidnap children from parents and hand them to molesters in charge of ‘childrens’ ‘care’ ‘homes’.

But rather than sail the seven seas in search of twisted perverts (with the exception of certain former Prime Ministers from the early 1970s and traitor to Britain..allegedly) the key suspects are likely to be found hidden in plain sight occupying official positions of power.

The U.K and the U.S Governments have tirelessly pursued Julian Assange around the world on the Orwellian charge of ‘rape’ for having consensual sex with adults. It is time they stopped and instead turned their attention to the genuine abusers within their ranks they have kept hidden for so long.

Catch May’s speech here

Mysterious woman in red @ #OpVendetta

Mysterious woman in red @ #OpVendetta


Unmask parliament paedos





Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament


Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament

Meaning of the word ‘Bilderberg’

by 5ocietyx

Occupy Bilderberg

In May 1954 came the first official meeting of the next organization in the Round Table web, the Bilderberg Group (Bil), which was named after the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands, where that opening meeting took place. Or that’s the official story, anyway. Bil or Bel was also the Sun God of the Phoenicians. Bilderberg translates as ‘Bel of the rock’ or ‘Bel of the mountain’.

The Biggest Secret, David Icke

The ‘Unknowns’ hack Nasa, Esa

by 5ocietyx

The Unknowns;siu-container

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