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Washington DC, or Rome?

by 5ocietyx

Circular debate.

The area which eventually became Washington, District of Columbia was originally known as Rome.

‘The community was part of the ten mile square tract of land which would become the American capital Washington, D.C., and its owner, Daniel Carroll, transferred the community to the federal government after the amendment to the United States Constitution sanctioning the building of the new United States capital city was ratified.

Daniel Carroll was the chairman of a three-man commission appointed by President George Washington to find a suitable location for the capital city. A signer of theDeclaration of Independence, Daniel Carroll was a Roman Catholic educated by Jesuits in Maryland and France. His brother John Carroll became the first Catholic bishop in America, presiding over the See of Baltimore, which included Washington, D.C. John Carroll also founded Georgetown University.’

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Crossing the Rubicon

by 5ocietyx

Caesar crossing the Rubicon

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