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Tour Montparnasse: the Mars leyline and the monolith of Saturn

by 5ocietyx


Tour Montparnasse is a skyscraper in Paris located at 33 Avenue du Maine.  Ever since it was built, film-buffs have noticed its resemblance to the monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Although not of the exact same dimensions as the monolith it is interesting to note that construction commenced one year after the film and the novel of the same name written by Arthur C Clarke, who wrote the book concurrently, was released.


It is slightly offset from the Champ du Mars leyline and dominates the skyline.



For more in depth analysis of the Saturn-Mars-Paris connection see links below.


The magician Matisse and his magic wand

by 5ocietyx

Master @ Work: Matisse and his magic realism wand

Master @ Work: Matisse and his magic wand

The great French artist, Henri Matisse is seen here brandishing a bamboo pole with a stick of charcoal on the end like a magician’s wand conjuring a master-piece seemingly from thin air.

The word ‘wand’ derives from Proto-Germanic *wend- “to turn,”  the notion is of a bending, flexible stick. similar to ‘wind’ – turning and twisting air in motion, also related to ‘wander’ and to breathe or to ‘spirant’ in latin.  (So the act of breathing is directly related to the spiral and the wind is directly describing the spiralling vortexes of weather patterns and things like hurricanes and tornadoes.)

The stage magician’s wand is now solid – it doesn’t bend (unless they use a trick one), the meaning of the word ‘wand’ diminishing over time.

According to a BBC documentary, Matisse was a life-long atheist until he found God in the twilight of his life. This coincided with his design of a chapel using sunlight itself as the paint that he applied to the canvas of stain-glass windows.

(from 31.30)

Savile, Bond, Fleming and Touquet

by 5ocietyx



James Savile visited the French town Le Touquet one month after  the war in Europe ended.  The official story is that having cycled all the way there he took one look at a bombed out grand hotel and then cycled all the way home again.

Ian Fleming Touquet

Ian Fleming photograph hanging in Westminster Hotel, Le Touquet. The cryptic inscription reads “sometimes I’m east, sometimes I’m west’

Ian Fleming stayed in this resort town in the ’30s, or more accurately, casino town as this is what gave him the inspiration for Casino Royale – the first James Bond novel.

According to the Daily Mail, Fleming met his wife here

In private, she soaked up the pain the abusive Fleming caused her – physically and mentally – and then gave some of it back. Had Ann not been in Fleming’s life, the James Bond novels might never have been written.

They were first acquainted around a swimming pool in the chic French seaside resort of Le Touquet in 1936.


Other notable guests included Winston Churchill, the former Prince of Wales and Mrs Simpson, P G Wodehouse and Noel Coward.


Duchess of Westminster Hospital

Duchess of Westminster Hospital, Le Touquet

During the First World War, the British set up a Base Hospital in Le Touquet and named it the Duchess of Westminster Hospital.  Casualties from the trenches were treated here for shell-shock by pioneering psychologist  Charles Myers.

It is thought that the work carried out here and data collected may have helped form the knowledge base of the military mind control project that became known as MK Ultra.

Along with William McDougall, another psychologist with a medical background, Myers argued that shell shock could be cured through cognitive and affective reintegration. The shell-shocked soldier, they thought, had attempted to manage a traumatic experience by repressing or splitting off any memory of a traumatic event. Symptoms, such as tremor or contracture, were the product of an unconscious process designed to maintain the dissociation. Myers and McDougall believed a patient could only be cured if his memory were revived and integrated within his consciousness, a process that might require a number of sessions.


It is not suggested at this stage that Myers was complicit in mind control himself, he seemed to genuinely want to help the afflicted solders against stiff opposition within the military who thought he was protecting ‘cowards’ and ‘deserters’ feigning injury to escape the hell of the trenches.  Just that his early work may have been referred to and used to the advantage of MK Ultra – not to understand how to heal a shattered mind but to be able to scientifically shatter minds themselves. This viewpoint is dependent on further data collection by the 5ociety and as the facts emerge.

The Mystery of Mont Saint Michel and Saint Michael’s Mount

by 5ocietyx

St Michael and St Michel mount comparison

St Michael and St Michel mount comparison

Those who read the earlier post ‘The Giant of St Michael’s Mount” and the previous post “The Giant of Mont Saint Michel” may be having a sense of deja-vu at this point because the similarities between these two mounts are more than coincidence will allow.  Andrew Gough’s Arcadia details the mysterious connection  between St Michael’s Mount and St Michael’s Mount in his article ‘Land’s End or Beginning’.

Similarities include:

Religious visions
Local flags
Churches built on the peak
Ley lines

The Giant of Mont Saint Michel

by 5ocietyx

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel

A Giant from the legends of King Arthur. This Giant killed and abducted the niece of Brittany, Helena. He took her to his cave in the mountains known as Mont Saint Michel. He had plundered the nearby villages spreading fear among the locals. There was no man or woman who had not fled the land where the Giant dwelled. Hearing this, King Hoel then asked for the help of King Arthur and his knights to kill the Giant. King Arthur ventured with Sir Kay and Sir Bedevere, and two squires.

They rode through the deserted forests until they they were within site of Mont Saint Michel. Upon the mountain range they saw two fires burning one to the east and one to the west. King Arthur could not decide which one to investigate first and so he sent Bevidere to the smaller fire. Bevidere journeyed across the rocky terrain and drew his sword when he heard movements. When he came to the fire he met an old woman mourning next to a tomb. She told him that she cried for the death of a girl that she had nursed since childhood who had been killed by the Giant. She told Bevidere to leave this place now before the devilish beast killed them all. Bevidere reported back to King Arthur who decided to travel to the other larger fire alone. King Arthur with sword and shield in hand, approached the Giant in an attempt to catch him off-guard. The Giant lept up immediately and took a club of oak which he put in the fire. The two fought ferociously until King Arthur cut the Giant between his eyebrows. Blinded by blood the Giant thrashed about with his club and eventually caught King Arthur’s arm. The King wrestled free and after exchanging blade against wood, the King thrusted his sword under the Giant’s crocodile skin armour and killed him. He then called for assistance and Sir Kay beheaded the enormous man to prove to the locals that the Giant had been slain.

saint michel mont giant

Saint Michel Mont giant

Eiffel Tower and Hôtel des Invalides

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