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Dr Savile, the Devil’s Highway and the human battery farm of Broadmoor

by 5ocietyx

Broadmoor map
Shortly after the ‘Savile Spell’ was broken it transpired that the 5ociety’s old friend Kenneth Clarke was the minister responsible for handing the keys to Broadmoor to Dr Savile FRCR (Hon). When questioned he claimed not to recollect his decision.


Why is it that these politicians who think they know it all, when you ask them a question it turns out they know nothing?

The Devil’s Highway is a continuation of the A30 leyline aka ‘The Hidden Unity’ due to a multiplicity of faiths erecting temples and churches on the ley.  The road is known by this name all the way to Silchester which is the terminus of the ley.

Was Broadmoor Hospital deliberately situated on this important ley to influence the telluric energies with negativity and would this explain the diabolical name of the highway that runs straight past it?

When a convict, such as Ronnie Kray or Peter Sutcliffe is charged and found guilty they are placed in a cell.  Sometimes they are used as slave labour. If they are old mates with the prison governor then they may get special treatment. Are these ‘cathedrals of criminality’ such as Broadmoor, run by criminal masterminds such as Dr Savile, some kind of cells composed of battery cells that are harvesting the prison atmosphere which in turn affects the flow of earth energies along the meridians?

We will be discussing this question and other intriguing features of the A30 leyline in subsequent posts. In the meantime, if you have any pertinent information or comments please feel free to post them below.

by 5ocietyx

M James Bond

Charles Henry Maxwell Knight OBE, known as Maxwell Knight, (b. Mitcham, Surrey, 4 September 1900 – 27 January 1968) was an English spymaster, naturalist and broadcaster, whilst reputedly being a model for the James Bond character M.

After World War II, in 1946, Knight, who had since childhood been an ardent naturalist, began what was to become a successful broadcasting career on BBC radio, appearing in and hosting such programmes as NaturalistCountry Questions and Nature Parliament. He appeared occasionally on television in Peter Scott’s Look and Animal, Vegetable or Mineral and published 34 books and wrote magazine articles. His broadcast career progressed alongside his MI5 work until 1956 when he retired early, from MI5, on the grounds of ill health, suffering from angina. He died in Midgham, Berkshire from heart failure in 1968.

Declassified report on Wikipedia –

Herschel, Slough and the discovery of Mimas

by 5ocietyx

Frederick William Herschel was the first man to discover the DS-1 orbital Battle Station Mimas, a moon of Saturn.

Although he also wrote 24 sympthonies and other musical work, his telescope became the talk of the town attracting royalty to Observatory House, his home in Slough.

He also made the discovery of the planet Uranus, along with two of its major moons (Titania and Oberon), and also discovered another of Saturn’s moons – Enceladus. In addition, he was the first person to discover the existence of infra-red radiation.

On 1 March 1774 he began an astronomical journal by noting his observations of Saturn’s rings and the Great Orion Nebula (M 42).

From 1782 to 1802, Herschel conducted systematic surveys in search of “deep sky” or nonstellar objects

Herschel's telescope in Slough

Herschel’s telescope in Slough


The Wild Horses of Newbury and the Yellow-coat hordes

by 5ocietyx

‘The Wild Horses of Newbury’ is a film and poetry recitation by Mark Carroll made on a February dawn in 1997 at the building site of the Newbury Bypass and is a heart rending film documenting the yellow-coats swarming on the ancient English countryside felling a pair of ancient oak trees with manic electric scythes in a matter of minutes and leaving piles of charred remains in their wake.

Seemingly from nowhere, two wild horses appear and try to disrupt proceedings, even confronting a riot police horse.

The film and poetry by Mark Caroll is poignant and catches a glimpse of the mystical nature of the English countryside despite the dark scenes of destruction.  A truly magical moment.

England, what has become of you?

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