Blackpool: The superconscious energy farm of the stars?

by 5ocietyx

Blackpool tower

Blackpool obelisk and star-gate

The 5ociety takes a jaundiced, speculative look at the famous sea-side town..

BBC2 recently aired a fascinating documentary on the northern England town of Blackpool. The programme featured many British *stars* from yester-year reminiscing over the golden years of Blackpool, the Mecca of the entertainment industrial complex.

A recurring meme they all shared was how they spoke of the energy of the place and how the town itself was the real ‘star of the show’.

This is the pilgrimage site for gleemen and travelling minstrels across the land and even overseas including ‘international *stars*’ such as Bob Hope and Jayne Mansfield.

Was Blackpool an energy farm for the stars to harvest adulation energy from unsuspecting holiday-makers, thrill-seekers and cabaret fans? And did it take on a life and consciousness of its own?

Was a black pool of energy created in the shadow of the glitz and glamour of show-biz and permanent holiday mood from which stars were attracted to and cultivated for their military handlers?


Jayne Mansfield turns on the Blackpool Illuminations


The town was permanently buzzing with the same heady energy as the fizz in the champagne that flowed in the theatres, hotels and attractions in this early prototype for the hyper-real environment.  The ‘turning on the lights’ mega-ritual called the ‘Blackpool Illuminations’ is an annual mega-ritual whereby a pop *star* or celebrity is ritually chosen to flick the switch and light up the ‘golden mile’ with coloured bulbs.

All very pretty but what else is really going on here? An indication can perhaps be found in the plans to regenerate the town.

Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Grand Theatre, Blackpool, once owned by EMI

To the younger audience of today it is genuinely hard to fathom how some of these *stars* were seen as entertainers and how they became house-hold names. Perhaps it’s a generational thing. The power of broadcast television and lack of genuine ‘variety’ had a lot to do with it.

Believe it or not, the ‘comedy’ duo ‘Cannon and Ball’ not only performed in Blackpool – they actually topped the bill in the most prestigious pop palaces in the entertainment epicentre of the world for a number of years. This is an indication of the psy-op that was performed on the British public.  This was the alleged ‘golden age of British variety’ when artists such as Keith Harris and Orville the Duck were headlining and packing them in alongside Roy Chubby Brown, Danny Le Rue, The Krankies, Cliff Richard, Jess Conrad, Little and Large, Lionel Blair, Max Bygraves, Jimmy Tarbuck and many others.

Many children’s entertainers on television in the ’70s and ’80s were fading stars cast out of Blackpool.

Blackpool super-casino

Plans for Blackpool super-casino predictably featured the dome/phallus combination albeit with a space-age twist; architectural hardware that can be used to harness and store energy.

Recently, Blackpool lost out to Manchester for the honour of having the nation’s first super-casino. With the golden years of British variety waning and the sparkle of the town dimming, it would appear that gambling energy harvesting was lined up as the next industry to replenish the black pool, the superconscious energy beast of the North, the dark reservoir and sold by politicians in Orwellian tones as ‘urban regeneration’ and ‘economic recovery’.

Blackpool is like a glass of coke that has gone flat and all that is left is the undrinkable toxic sugary sludge, a more concentrated potion of ‘the real thing’  that is masked by the fizz during consumption.


The black pool has also attracted swarms of  ‘Hen’ and ‘Stag’ parties to the town in recent years.

This article was bought to you by the Bournemouth Tourist Board


Update 24.06.2013
It has come to our attention that Blackpool also became a magnet for child abusers with no fewer than 800 high-risk sex offenders living there.

The Sex Tourism industry has also used Stag and Hen parties to masquerade.

The Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (Crop), a child protection charity based in West Yorkshire, warned that Blackpool is becoming one of the hotspots where children and young people are sold for sex to older men.

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