The Malvern Zodiac

by 5ocietyx

Malvern Zodiac

Malvern Zodiac

According to its discoverer, Alan Gripton, the Malvern Zodiac is the oldest constellational star map in the world

“At the heart of England where ancient counties meet, a beautiful terrestrial zodiac lies hidden – the Malvern Zodiac – a circle of ancient constellations carved into the landscape by the first post-glacial inhabitants of this land more than 10,000 years ago.It is obscured from the modern world by its enormous size and most of the surviving graphic outlines now form the roads, footpaths, waterways and field boundaries of a 21st century agricultural landscape.

The Malvern Zodiac is the source of legends – a unique design that preceded the zodiac that we all know today. It opens a window into the dark and distant past of our ancestors and, when compared to historical documents, holds ramifications that will send shockwaves through the dusty corridors of church and academia.”