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Magnetic Rope observed for the first time between Saturn and the Sun

by totalgooched

‘A twisted magnetic field structure, previously never seen before at Saturn, has now been detected for the first time, using instrumentation built at UCL and Imperial  College.

When the Sun’s magnetic field interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field (the  magnetosphere), a complex process occurs called magnetic reconnection which can twist the field into a helical shape.’

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Dr Savile, the Devil’s Highway and the human battery farm of Broadmoor

by 5ocietyx

Broadmoor map
Shortly after the ‘Savile Spell’ was broken it transpired that the 5ociety’s old friend Kenneth Clarke was the minister responsible for handing the keys to Broadmoor to Dr Savile FRCR (Hon). When questioned he claimed not to recollect his decision.


Why is it that these politicians who think they know it all, when you ask them a question it turns out they know nothing?

The Devil’s Highway is a continuation of the A30 leyline aka ‘The Hidden Unity’ due to a multiplicity of faiths erecting temples and churches on the ley.  The road is known by this name all the way to Silchester which is the terminus of the ley.

Was Broadmoor Hospital deliberately situated on this important ley to influence the telluric energies with negativity and would this explain the diabolical name of the highway that runs straight past it?

When a convict, such as Ronnie Kray or Peter Sutcliffe is charged and found guilty they are placed in a cell.  Sometimes they are used as slave labour. If they are old mates with the prison governor then they may get special treatment. Are these ‘cathedrals of criminality’ such as Broadmoor, run by criminal masterminds such as Dr Savile, some kind of cells composed of battery cells that are harvesting the prison atmosphere which in turn affects the flow of earth energies along the meridians?

We will be discussing this question and other intriguing features of the A30 leyline in subsequent posts. In the meantime, if you have any pertinent information or comments please feel free to post them below.

The Lucozade sign, Brentford, 1984 and the Holy Grail

by 5ocietyx


Recently, the iconic Art Deco Lucozade sign has returned to Brentford, not to the exact same spot as the original building has been demolished but it looks very much like it did before. It was once suggested that the lights would be stored in Gunnersbury Park museum and a modernised updated version would be installed instead. On this occasion the Kingston Zodiac decided to keep the legacy code intact and just drag and drop it to a nearby memory address space.

Best viewed at night when the lights are more visible, it serves as an unofficial marker that says you will soon be entering London proper (depending on congestion on the A4).

The eternally pouring magic bottle that ‘replaces lost energy’ into a glass almost takes on grail-like dimensions considering its proximity to Osterley Park, the sign of Aquarius as well as the holy grail of the Kingston Zodiac.

But it is the synchromystical connection to Orwell’s 1984, set in London, that intrigues us the most, especially as his once tutor at Eton, Aldous Huxley set scenes from Brave New World in Brentford too which we’ll come to next in a separate post.

Although the Lucozade sign had yet to be built when Eric Blair finished his seminal masterpiece, we feel in synchromystical terms linear time-frames become somewhat irrelevant when tapping into the timeless realms of mysticism as we sense Orwell had knowingly or unknowingly done. Particularly so with regards to 1984 where dates and history had been confused by The Party.

‘It struck him that the man’s whole life was playing a part, and that he felt it to be dangerous to drop his assumed personality even for a moment. O’Brien took the decanter by the neck and filled up the glasses with a dark-red liquid. It aroused in Winston dim memories of something seen long ago on a wall or a hoarding — a vast bottle composed of electric lights which seemed to move up and down and pour its contents into a glass. Seen from the top the stuff looked almost black, but in the decanter it gleamed like a ruby. It had a sour-sweet smell. He saw Julia pick up her glass and sniff at it with frank curiosity.’

Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell

Blackpool: The superconscious energy farm of the stars?

by 5ocietyx

Blackpool tower

Blackpool obelisk and star-gate

The 5ociety takes a jaundiced, speculative look at the famous sea-side town..

BBC2 recently aired a fascinating documentary on the northern England town of Blackpool. The programme featured many British *stars* from yester-year reminiscing over the golden years of Blackpool, the Mecca of the entertainment industrial complex.

A recurring meme they all shared was how they spoke of the energy of the place and how the town itself was the real ‘star of the show’.

This is the pilgrimage site for gleemen and travelling minstrels across the land and even overseas including ‘international *stars*’ such as Bob Hope and Jayne Mansfield.

Was Blackpool an energy farm for the stars to harvest adulation energy from unsuspecting holiday-makers, thrill-seekers and cabaret fans? And did it take on a life and consciousness of its own?

Was a black pool of energy created in the shadow of the glitz and glamour of show-biz and permanent holiday mood from which stars were attracted to and cultivated for their military handlers?


Jayne Mansfield turns on the Blackpool Illuminations


The town was permanently buzzing with the same heady energy as the fizz in the champagne that flowed in the theatres, hotels and attractions in this early prototype for the hyper-real environment.  The ‘turning on the lights’ mega-ritual called the ‘Blackpool Illuminations’ is an annual mega-ritual whereby a pop *star* or celebrity is ritually chosen to flick the switch and light up the ‘golden mile’ with coloured bulbs.

All very pretty but what else is really going on here? An indication can perhaps be found in the plans to regenerate the town.

Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Grand Theatre, Blackpool, once owned by EMI

To the younger audience of today it is genuinely hard to fathom how some of these *stars* were seen as entertainers and how they became house-hold names. Perhaps it’s a generational thing. The power of broadcast television and lack of genuine ‘variety’ had a lot to do with it.

Believe it or not, the ‘comedy’ duo ‘Cannon and Ball’ not only performed in Blackpool – they actually topped the bill in the most prestigious pop palaces in the entertainment epicentre of the world for a number of years. This is an indication of the psy-op that was performed on the British public.  This was the alleged ‘golden age of British variety’ when artists such as Keith Harris and Orville the Duck were headlining and packing them in alongside Roy Chubby Brown, Danny Le Rue, The Krankies, Cliff Richard, Jess Conrad, Little and Large, Lionel Blair, Max Bygraves, Jimmy Tarbuck and many others.

Many children’s entertainers on television in the ’70s and ’80s were fading stars cast out of Blackpool.

Blackpool super-casino

Plans for Blackpool super-casino predictably featured the dome/phallus combination albeit with a space-age twist; architectural hardware that can be used to harness and store energy.

Recently, Blackpool lost out to Manchester for the honour of having the nation’s first super-casino. With the golden years of British variety waning and the sparkle of the town dimming, it would appear that gambling energy harvesting was lined up as the next industry to replenish the black pool, the superconscious energy beast of the North, the dark reservoir and sold by politicians in Orwellian tones as ‘urban regeneration’ and ‘economic recovery’.

Blackpool is like a glass of coke that has gone flat and all that is left is the undrinkable toxic sugary sludge, a more concentrated potion of ‘the real thing’  that is masked by the fizz during consumption.


The black pool has also attracted swarms of  ‘Hen’ and ‘Stag’ parties to the town in recent years.

This article was bought to you by the Bournemouth Tourist Board


Update 24.06.2013
It has come to our attention that Blackpool also became a magnet for child abusers with no fewer than 800 high-risk sex offenders living there.

The Sex Tourism industry has also used Stag and Hen parties to masquerade.

The Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (Crop), a child protection charity based in West Yorkshire, warned that Blackpool is becoming one of the hotspots where children and young people are sold for sex to older men.

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Britain: An Island of Tolerance…

by 5ocietyx

Geoffrey of Monmouth , in his tome ‘History of the Kings of Britain’ wrote that the founding father of Britain – a refugee named Brutus, a descendant of the Trojan hero Aeneas, who, with a large group of his fellows, was fleeing the aftermath of that historic war – was told in a dream he would find an island where he and his people could be free from tyranny and war. After sailing round Italy (and sort of founding Rome) and fighting through France, they came upon Britain (‘Bruton’), which was inhabited only by ancient giants. They treated the giants to some good old fashioned genocide, eventually settling the land and living happily ever after.

As Britain’s history unfolded some of it was cruelly obscured. The Druids – the Jedi-like spiritual advisers of ancient Europe – were almost entirely eradicated from the record by the Romans, who understood that as long as they continued to influence the indigenous populations of western Europe the Romans didn’t stand a chance of subjecting, sorry, civilizing the Celtic nations. The Druids established the first universities for example, and were well known throughout the continent as tolerant to all, as long as you came in peace. Celts were not so much a racial group but in fact scores of different tribes loosely associated through culture, but all were welcome in Britain, where they would travel to learn the ancient knowledge of the trees.

When the Romans finally gained the upper hand and successfully crossed the Thames at Brentford to invade Britain, it only took a couple of hundred years for the Britons to intermarry all the way to the top of Roman society. The emperor Constantine was the first Roman leader to adopt Christianity, after, according to some accounts, his mother Helena (who was apparently from Essex) saw a cross in a dream, which Constantine marked his soldiers with before they entered into the decisive battle of Rome against Maxentius. So the cruelty of Roman fascism was eventually toppled by their interaction with the British.

But let’s not forget the crimes committed by what then became the Roman Catholic Church, who went on to persecute the Pagans who lived in Europe and the Middle East. By this I mean of course the persecution of Muslims in the crusades to the holy land, and the hundreds of years of witch-hunts that turned the land – and the ages – Dark.

Sick of the control exerted on the hearts and minds of his countrymen by the Vatican, Henry VIII decided that it would be best if he opted out of European Union v 1.5, a decision that would cost Britain hundreds of years of bloody warfare, all in the name of spiritual freedom and tolerance. Henry (or his enlightened advisers) felt it wasn’t right that a central church should say what you were free to explore, be it spiritually or scientifically, so he, along with a handful of northern European countries, decided to rebel and thus the protestant movement was created. Unquestionably it was this decision that allowed the industrial revolution to take place, and so our modern world.

Perhaps what Geoffrey of Monmouth was trying to provide, with his possibly mythical character of Brutus is an excuse for the historically tolerant nature of the British people, as even he couldn’t explain it in purely social terms. It just was. And the Britain of recent history has been no different. She has broken every boundary of cultural exchange at each turn, and despite the well known disputes and atrocities that have been committed by kings, governments and businesses in the name of Britain, the attitude, or ‘Weltanschauung’ of the people is surprisingly laid back. If you reach her shores, and are willing to drop the bullshit and accept people for people, you’ll do fine. For isn’t it true that the British are a bastard breed, made up of hundreds of years of integration and cultural assimilation? Most refugees take the dramatic step to flee their homeland to escape persecution, for if they were happy under the rule of tyranny, they would simply stay put.

The contribution to British culture by immigrant populations is what makes Britain what it is today. From Medieval Sephardic Jews who brought battered fish from Spain, to the Polish, French and Italian citizens who fled Nazi occupation during WW2, everyone is welcome, as long as you can leave what you were fleeing behind. People would go to Britain expecting nothing other than a safe place to be who you really want to be, free from oppression. Of course, having an empire on which the sun never set helped with a constant influx of cultural ideas. After being the first country to abolish slavery 150 years before, Britain shipped in Jamaican and Indian immigrants in the 1950’s, who brought with them rich, colourful foods and new, poly-rhythmic music, both of which were assimilated, bastardised and regurgitated back out into the awe-struck gaze of the wider world, strengthened and renewed with hybrid vigour.

Even the English language is essentially a mix of Germanic (Viking and Saxon) and French; more proof that each time a new culture has arrived (even if by invasion) it has been gradually integrated and tempered by the nature of the people, or the energy of the isle.

It’s a well known fact that practically none of the significant features of modern British culture are defacto British. Curry, the nation’s favourite dish is Indian, London’s beloved Cockney slang is a mix of Romany and English, and from Merseybeat to Grime the music of Britain has been influenced by Black culture.

On the day of the 2005 July 7th terror attacks on London, Londoners didn’t run home and hide under their beds, or board planes and trains to foreign lands, or attack the fellows of the people accused of the bombings. They simply walked home, in traditional British fashion. They walked together in the face of adversity and whilst the summer sun beat down upon them they moaned about the trains not running, and how ridiculous and inconvenient it all was (at least this time they couldn’t moan about the weather).

The History of eccentricity also plays a large part in the Island’s cultural contribution to the world. Noel Coward, Quentin Crisp, Charlie Chaplin, Aleister Crowley, the Suffragettes, the sarong-wearing David Beckham and countless lords and ladies all play a part in the nurturing of individual and unique character or personality that the British are able to embrace and carry off more or less effortlessly, much to the constant gawping of other less confident nations, who appear way too conformist compared to the British. In other words, there is no country on Earth that does eccentric quite like the British.

Britain is and always has been about acceptance and tolerance of other people’s unique features. But this ‘credo’ is a two way street. The people expect you to be tolerant of their eccentricities, and in return they will show tolerance to yours. The slogan above the door so to speak should read ‘Welcome to Britain, you’re safe, now chill the fuck out’. It’s this tolerance that has in recent years almost disappeared. Fueled partly by an Americanized media based around sensationalism of news events, and partly by the intolerance of a few of the people who have decided to seek freedom (or money) in Britain, the danger of intolerance lurks and threatens to make true the prophecies of George Orwell, and his socialist dystopia 1984.

We can see the recent rise of the right – and the English Defence League in particular – as an up-swelling of the latent seething underbelly of all that is wrong about white, Anglo-centrism, or we can see their hostile stance towards others as a reaction to the intolerance of the supposed aggressor. Perhaps the EDL are more an indication that there is a societal problem today within Britain – and not the British people – that is yet to be dealt with in honest and frank terms. In other words, extreme views call for extreme reactions.

So as we rush head first into the future it’s time Britain became Great once again, and not for her empire, technical achievements or military wits. Its time for Britons of whatever race, religion, age or sexual persuasion to get in contact with the ancient energy of the island, an energy that encourages nothing but freedom to explore every facet of life, every nook and cranny of our short time on Earth. There is magic in the grass and trees of Britain, a force beyond the colour of one’s skin, or the god of one’s choosing. It is only through wholesale compliance to this law of tolerance by every citizen of Britain that we have had a modern world. From Brutus to Berners-Lee, via Boulton and Bacon, this revolutionary force has driven the whole of mankind’s progression for hundreds if not thousands of years, and so it is vitally important that we learn to once again obey this energy, or face a destiny where the Future is just a thing of the past.

In 1785, the English poet William Cowper wrote of slavery:

“We have no slaves at home – Then why abroad? Slaves cannot breathe in England; if their lungs receive our air, that moment they are free. They touch our country, and their shackles fall. That’s noble, and bespeaks a nation proud. And jealous of the blessing. Spread it then, And let it circulate through every vein.”

Dubai unveils world’s largest star-gate

by 5ocietyx


A representative of the Intergalactic Trade and Teleportation Federation (ITTF) showcasing plans for earth’s largest star-gate to His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE as other earthling delegates look on.

The Ruler of Dubai, third from left, has approved the Bluewaters project. Plans have also been unveiled for the AED 1 billion Dubai Eye that will feature as a major component of the Bluewaters Island development. The world’s largest star-gate will prove amust-visit experience for visitors and residents in the UAE and beings from across the galaxy and articulates Dubai’s long term vision to be a key energy portal and teleportation hub in the solar system. (The National-Photo courtesy of Dubai Media).

Dubai Eye

Dubai Eye

Mercury and the disintegrating star-gate of Feltham

by 5ocietyx


In 2009 to much fanfare and ceremony a memorial was installed in Feltham shopping centre to Freddie Mercury, a former resident of the nondescript satellite of Heathrow.

It featured a gold star in a black pentagon in a red star in a yellow pentagon in a white circle in a black circle with the inscription ‘FREDDIE MERCURY, MUSICIAN, SINGER & SONGWRITER’ and was decorated with two clef symbols.

We use the past tense because just two years later it had fallen into such a state of disrepair through weathering that Hounslow council decided to rip it up and replace it with a smaller memorial stone across the High Street.

Freddie Mercury memorial, Feltham

Freddie Mercury memorial, Feltham

This is all that remains of the Mercury Star-gate of Feltham once the portal had been deactivated and sealed.

It currently remains a mystery as to whether the cosmic gateway was deliberately designed to self-destruct or not.

According to Modern Stargates, Queen were fascinated by the concept of ‘star-gates’ through the band’s lifetime and featured them on album covers, artwork and stage-shows and even memorials.

When the Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux was unveiled in 1995 a ferris wheel was installed behind it. Ferris wheels, as we will be discussing in a future post are also ‘star-gates’ according to Matthew Delooze.

Freddie Mercury Statue, Montreux, Switzerland

Freddie Mercury Statue, Montreux, Switzerland

Freddie Mercury memorial

Freddie Mercury memorial

Freddie Mercury memorial, 21 High Street, Feltham

Freddie Mercury memorial, 21 High Street, Feltham

Inside the heart of Sagittarius the Hunter

by 5ocietyx

The Milton Keynes Midsummer Leyline

by 5ocietyx

According to the ‘Pagan Prattle’  “Milton Keynes is designed so that at sunrise on Midsummer’s day, the sun is aligned directly with Midsummer Boulevard & is reflected in the mirror finish of the railway station.”

PP goes on to say:

“But the MKDC [Milton Keynes Development Corporation] have not only made some effort to evaluate and excavate the archaeological features of the area, they have also created a few ‘earth mysteries’ of their own. As Jimmy Goddard has previously noted the three parallel roads through the shopping centre are Silbury Boulevard, Avebury Boulevard and Midsummer Boulevard. And, although I have not been there to prove it, the midsummer sunrise should appear along Midsummer Boulevard, rising over the highest point in MK, the hill in Campbell Park known as the Belvedere. The terminus of this latter-day geomancy is a pond, with a powerful jet of water rising from the middle, surrounded by a circular hedge and paths leading off in the four cardinal directions.”

In the 1980s a Christian group researched the area and became convinced that Satanic forces were at work and in control of the town. Whilst remaining skeptical regarding ley lines in general being the devil’s work we do have our own reservations about MK that will be the subject of a series of posts with an ‘X-Files’ field trip planned to collect more data with which to evaluate our suspicions.

Tree cathedral

Tree cathedral and car park

Cricket pitch

Running parallel with cricket square

Man-made mounds

Man-made mounds and circles

Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel, main drag

Shopping centre

Shopping centre, main drag

Octagon, main drag

Octagon, main drag

Roundabout and Eye

Roundabout and Eye

Check out our new Milton Keynes Midsummer Leyline micro-site

The Lion’s Gate of Sion

by 5ocietyx

Syon Lion's Gate

Syon Lion’s Gate

The London Olympics began with the Opening Ceremonies the day after the heliacal rising of Sirius on the 27th July and ended with the Closing Ceremonies on the closing of the Lion’s Gate on the 12th August.

These are what some call the tail-end of the ‘dog days’ of summer. This reflects the fact that it is the Dog Star Sirius more so than its spiritual companion Solaris that brings a special kind of light energy to Earth during this period.

The torch relay began 70 days before the Olympic torch relay finale concert in Hyde Park on 26th July.

The heliacal setting of Sirius occurs 70 days before its rising. This is the period when it is obscured by the sun’s light. The Egyptians saw this as a time of death and rebirth and echoed it in their funeral ceremonies.

“When a king died, his body was mummified, then interred in a pyramid or other tomb. By custom, burial took place 70 days after death, when the king was “reborn” in the stars.”

The 8th August is the most potent day of the Lion’s Gate – 8 8 and was the day in 2008 when the Beijing Games commenced – 8 8 8. Infinity of infinite infinities.

The Egyptian’s marked the 26th July as their new year. This is the day the Nile flooded each year bringing abundance to the land.

As Sirius rises in unison with the dawn and the sun passes through the house of Leo the Lion forming a conjunction with the galactic centre a star-gate opens activating the Earth Grid. The current astrological house depends on which constellation of the zodiac is obscured by the sun. The sun must act as a relayer transmuting and transmitting the energies from those stars carried on the stellar winds and on into the Earth’s own energy matrices.

50 year storm
As points out, the sun acts as a lens transmitting the energy flow to all the planets in the solar system:

“Even during normal phases of its life, a tremendous amount of electrical energy is created on Sirius, making it the most energized, “positive” point in our little corner of space. Now this might seem like nothing more than a minor curiosity, but these are not ordinary times. Every 49.9 years, the two stars in the system, Sirius A and B, come as close together as their orbits allow, creating huge magnetic storms between them. As they approach each other, the stars both begin to spin faster as tidal forces become stronger, finally flip-flopping over, actually trading places with each other. Imagine a gigantic electrical turbine engine twisting and spinning, generating billions and billions of volts of electricity. This energy is eventually released to flow down the magnetic field lines to the sun, which transmits it like a lens to all the planets.”

The pyramids of Giza are aligned to absorb the energies from Sirius because the priest class and mystery schools knew that the Lion’s Gate brought forth more than just the rising waters of the Nile. By focusing this energy into a massive pyramid they could harness it and work with it. This will be the subject of a future post.

Explanations of what the Lion’s Gate is from around the 1nt3rw3bz

“The heliacal rising of Sirius – July 26 – commenced the Egyptian year, and established the 1460-year Sothic cycle – the return of Sirius to the same place in the sky. During this same time, the .25 extra day per year accumulates for a total of exactly 365 days, or an additional year. Hence, the full Sothic cycle is 1461 years. Note that the Sothic measure is fractal as well. In other words, every four 365-day years there are exactly 1460 days, but in that time there is one accumulated day, hence 1461 days! This is why Sirius presents the logical galactic time marker.”

“It is believed that the Lion’s Gate is also a time and energy portal to ancient Egyptian encodings situated between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is said to be an energy doorway, which activates the etheric and the Hall of Records (Akasha) and is said to be associated with the marriage of matter and antimatter, a point where polarities meet and merge.
These codes are Encrypted at sacred sites all over the world, but centred on Giza. It is thought that these long-established data programmes, communicate with our own inner crystalline codes held in our DNA. By tuning in and connecting with these codings we can access this portal of ancient truths and wisdoms resulting in an accelerated spiritual awakening for ourselves and our world. The more of us who do this the sooner we reach Rupert Sheldrake’s Point of Morphic Resonance where the knowledge is transferred to our collective consciousness.”

Syon Park Lions Gate

Syon Park Lion’s Gate decorated with twin golden lines by Hounslow Council

The lion’s tail points westwards, down the A315 (London Road) through Bedfont Lakes Country Park running parallel with the A30 ley line.


Sphinx, Syon Park, Brentford


Sphinx, Syon Park, Brentford


Sphinx, Syon Park, Brentford

Lion's Gate Syon Park

Lion’s Gate Syon Park

Syon Park

Syon Park

Syon Park Lion's Gate

Syon Park Lion’s Gate

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