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Is the iPhone a prototype for an artificially intelligent monolith…and if so, what does it mean?

by 5ocietyx


It was recently discussed on the David Icke Forums the speculation on another forum as to whether the iPhone was evolving into the same dimensions as the 2001: Space Odyssey monolith and also exhibiting its own embryonic forms of artificial intelligence with apps like siri already passée.

Smart-phones are not the only devices to be housed in black ‘cubes’. As previously mentioned in the Consoles of Saturn post, the main video-game platforms are also mainly ‘black cubes’ with names like Sega Saturn, XBox 360 and GameCube.

You’ll find this same theme everywhere you look technology-wise from flat-screen television sets, monitors, external hard-disks, PC boxes, amplifiers and cameras. Even a classic black computer keyboard has a series of black cubes that you press to issue commands and to access ‘cyberspace’ which means ‘kaaba-space’.

If the iPhone is an embryonic prototype of an A.I. monolith, will future space-historians interpret the Apple logo of the bitten fruit and link it directly with the biblical story of Adam and Eve and forbidden knowledge?

iPhone monolith comparison

iPhone monolith comparison

The monolith is of the dimensions 1:4:9 so maybe the way the device is developing, height-wise at least, the iPhone 6 will match this specification although the trend would indicate it will also become thinner as well as taller?


The Sighthill Stones face destruction

by 5ocietyx

Sign the petition below to stop Glasgow council scrapping the Sighthill Stones, the first meaningful stone circle to have been constructed in the modern age, by the Scottish Astronomer Duncan Lunan.

In 1973 Duncan Lunan reported to the British Interplanetary Society that he had identified and deciphered a hidden radio message sent by an alien space probe, caught but overlooked in the late 1920s by a collaboration of Norwegian and Dutch researchers. Lunan maintained that the putative message came from an object at the L5 point in the same orbit as the Moon, sent by the inhabitants of a planet orbiting Epsilon Boötis.

He concluded the message was “Start here. Our home is Upsilon Bootes, which is a double star. We live on the sixth planet of seven, coming from the sun, which is the larger of the two. Our sixth planet has one moon. Our fourth planet has three. Our first and third planets each have one. Our probe is in the position of Arcturus, known in our maps.”

The Millennium Monolith stone

by 5ocietyx

The Millennium Monolith stone sits atop Monolith Hill in Bedfont Country Park. This is a man-made mound built in modern times with land-fill and is the highest point in Hounslow.

The construction of the park was part of the deal when Bedfont Lakes Business Park was built. It is now home to Hounslow’s own ‘Silicon Valley’ with IBM, SAP and Cisco’s UK HQ all situated on the site.

The Bedfont Lakes complex is nearly adjacent to the A30 or the Staines Road or earlier still the  Roman Road ‘Via Trinobantes’ whose name refers to a Pre-Roman tribe of Celts suggesting it dates back to Pre-Roman times. Perhaps this old straight track has always been there considering the ley line it delineates.

The place-name Staines means ‘Stones’ and is probably meta-tagged to remember the 9 lost standing stones of Staines – the Negen Stones.

Millennium Monolith

Millennium Monolith

The Millennium Monolith stone

Millennium Monolith distance marker

Time Flies: Millennium Monolith distance marker

click for close-up.

St Michael and St Mary lines

by 5ocietyx

The St. Michael Line

According to Jiro Olcott if you were given a ruler and a map (or better still Google Earth) and asked to draw the longest line in Britain without crossing water you will end up with a track that stretches from the tip of Lands End to the Norfolk coast near the town of Hopton.

This old straight track is known as the St Michael and St Mary line.

Olcott goes on to say

Coincidentally this also happens to be the exact axis along which the May Day sun rises over Britain.

This is not the only astronomical coincidence. The distance from coast to coast between these two end-points of Lands End and Hopton measures 365.24 miles precisely.

1 solar year = 365.242199 days

Stone circles, abbeys, tors, mounts, churches, man-made mounds, castles, holy wells and henges have been situated all along these currents. Academia would dismiss this holographic cryptogram as a mere sequence of happy coincidences or simply irrelevant.

Lands End


evidence removed at request of copyright holder

It is 365.00 miles precisely to the circular grass entrance to Lands End that is marked with stones.

Lands End

If the creative force of the universe is able to create the universe perhaps it can intelligently design the dimensions of an island, the undulations of the land or the flow of a river any way it so pleases.

Evidence for a Neolithic Grid System

by 5ocietyx

Neolithic Grid

Egyptian precision

by 5ocietyx

Chris Dunn in the Serapeum of the Great Pyramid

Chris Dunn has this to say about the incredibly flat granite surfaces of the Serapeum, the’boxes’ within the Great Pyramid –

‘The flat surfaces of the inside of the boxes exhibited a high degree of accuracy that is comparable to surfaces found on surface plates in modern manufacturing facilities.

Finding such precision from any epoch in human history leads one to conclude that a sophisticated system of precise measure must have been in existence. This is an area of intense interest to engineers—such as myself—who find in Egypt a language with which we are familiar. This is the language of science, engineering, and manufacturing. Our counterparts in that ancient land left future generations of scientists, engineers, architects, and those who take their instructions and shape materials to their specifications, with a difficult challenge. This challenge is to recognize what they created and provide evidence-based, reasonable answers that give the ancient engineers credit for what they achieved. ‘

taken from –

The Nile Decoded

by 5ocietyx

The Nile Decoded

Mayan Calendar

by 5ocietyx

Mayan Calendar

The Love Frequency

by 5ocietyx

Solfeggio frequency 528 Hz

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