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Fortean Times ‘too late’ for Stan Gooch

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According to Stan Gooch, the roots of human conflict (and political disagreement) can be traced back to mankind’s dual ancestry and divided brain.


Temple of the Bear

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“Temples” have been discovered intact within caves that were set up and left by Neanderthals with cave bear skulls set upon rock altars and arranged in formations. Instances of teeth and bones carefully lined up have also been discovered in caves once occupied by Neanderthals. The oldest positively dated musical instrument was discovered in a cave in Slovenia. It was a flute made by the Neanderthals out of the bone of a cave bear. It has been dated to 50,000 years ago. In one cave in particular, a stone structure was found to have been erected by Neanderthals with a cave bear skull perched upon it and evidence of numerous spears being thrown at it.’

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David Icke’s ‘Reptilian Bloodline’

by 5ocietyx

‘There, all over the planet, you find the ancient legends and accounts of “gods” from another world who interbred with humanity to create a hybrid network of bloodlines.

The Old Testament, for example, talks about the “Sons of God” who interbred with the daughters of men to create the hybrid race, the Nefilim.

Before it was translated into English, that passage read “the sons of the gods”, plural. But the Bible accounts are only one of so many that describe the same theme.

The Sumerian clay tablets, found in what we now call Iraq in the middle of the 19th century, tell a similar story. It is estimated they were buried around 2,000 BC, but the stories they tell go back long before that. The tablets talk of a race of “gods” from another world who brought advanced knowledge to the planet and interbred with humans to create hybrid bloodlines.

These “gods” are called in the tablets, the “Anunnaki“, which apparently translates as “those who from heaven to earth came.”

The ancient accounts tell us that these hybrid bloodlines, the fusion of the genes of selected humans with those of the “gods“, were put into the positions of ruling royal power, especially in the ancient Near and Middle East, in advanced cultures like Sumer, Babylon, and Egypt.’

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Neanderthal wore makeup

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How the Neanderthal became the Basques

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