Dear Alice

by 5ocietyx

Dear Alice

Dear Alice is the name Hubbard gave to his Training Routine 1 (TR 1) that says it teaches Scientologists how to deliver commands.

The drill has students select a phrase from Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland, (with the “he said’s” omitted), make the words their own, and say the phrase, sometimes repeatedly, to the coach who will flunk the student until the command is delivered naturally and with the right amount of ARC (‘Affinity, Reality, Communication’ in Hubbard-speak) and impingement. E.g.,”Well, we could try to make a fire and the monster will have to come out so he won’t choke.”

According to George Malko

What happened next is a session called “Dear Alice.” It was described to me by Gary Watkins, the once highly placed Scientologist who was expelled by the movement for involving himself with a splinter group Hubbard felt was threatening him. The purpose of Dear Alice, Gary said, is “to increase your intention in communication, your ability to reach another person with exactly what you intended to reach them, rather than have your communication go off astray. It’s done by reading out of a book, “Alice in Wonderland.” You look down at the book and you look at the other person and you say: ‘It’s a Cheshire Cat.’ Then you find another phrase in the book, and you go.” When done properly, Hubbard has said, the exercise increases “your ‘ownership’ of a communication. You look down at the book, you own that phrase, it’s yours, you deliver it like it’s yours.” Says Gary Watkins, “People learn that book by heart before they’re finished.”

The next part of the exercise is something called Termination. “When somebody reads out of Dear Alice,” Gary explained, “and says, ‘It’s a Cheshire Cat,’ the other person says, ‘Thank you.'” This is done “to increase your ability to acknowledge others, and acknowledge in a manner that means not just ‘Thank you,’ but End of Cycle. Completion of Communication. Over and Out. Or STOP. And very often that’s what a Scientologist learns: ‘Thank you. Stop.’ Shut up. In Scientology, the thank-yous mean Completion of that cycle of Communication. Start a new cycle.”

The final exercise in the Communications Course is one designed to increase ownership through “the ability to duplicate. Using Dear Alice, or some other text, one person reads off to another person, and that person has to tell them back specifically what they said. In all these exercises,” Gary points out, “one is always in the auditor’s position, or role, the other is the auditee.”