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The Megalithic Wireless Internet: Cup and ring marked stones and the WiFi logo

by 5ocietyx


Wherever WiFi is present you will find the WiFi logo. The logo has no functionality, it’s a symbol for the box of tricks doing the work.  The cup and ring marked motif found at all ‘end-points’ on a cup-marked ley resemble the WiFi logo except they are functional and not just symbolic or artistic. The symbol is the component and can connect with self-similar components that are designed the same way creating a wireless comms link that can stretch across the country and around the world.

Are megaliths the hardware; the hard-disks, memory, transmitters, and batteries? Are the cup-marks the industry standard protocols? the telluric energy the power and data combined that uses the backbone of underground streams as carrier waves?

It is suggested that these cup and ring marked networks were not so much for data transfer but acted as some kind of firewall protecting dwellings by diverting negative energy around it.



It is also noted that cup-marks are nearly always carved where there is an open view. This corresponds with WiFi ‘line of sight’ conditions.

In his book ‘Ley Lines and Earth Energies’ David Cowan mentions that ‘most petroglyphs are positioned so the sun can shine on their surfaces’. This is known as ‘light beam dialling’ although It would be simplistic to think of this as solar power, it is clear that sunlight plays an important part in these ‘spiritual machines’.

According to Carl Munck, our ancient ancestors also built a Global Positioning System by sighting pyramids, temples and stone circles around the globe on specific coordinates to delineate a global coordinate system in relation to the position of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Evidence also suggests that our ancestors also installed a telephony system, an ancient Skype network that allowed voice messages to be transmitted over vast distances.  The aborigines of Australia for instance called the lines ‘turingas’. We will be investigating these and other possibilities including the similarities between ‘cyberspace’ and the ‘dream-time’ in subsequent posts.

Wireless power transmission coils

TDK Wireless power transmission coils

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Renoir: General Network Visualization and Manipulation Program

by 5ocietyx


With the recent revelations by Edward Snowden regarding the NSA’s domestic spying programmes, a great deal of attention has focused on this clandestine agencies ability to slurp network traffic and decrypt its contents.

How it then analyses and visualises this mountain of data is somewhat more opaque.

One way this is achieved is detailed on their own website’s research section. You can find the link here. A brief description follows:

Renoir is a general-purpose desktop program for manipulating and visualizing networks, otherwise known as graphs. It is written in Java to run on any platform that supports the Java Virtual Machine. Through a well-developed GUI, users can manipulate, analyze, and picture graphs. The program is very general, and applicable to visualizing any information expressing associations.

Renoir offers a variety of both automated and manual layout operations for conveying information. It provides user control of node icons, node color, node labeling, link colors, link styles, link labeling, and a host of other preferences. Graphical elements can have any number of attributes of varying types, including text, numbers, sound, and pictures. Attributes may be local or reside on other computers or in databases. Renoir offers unique capabilities to abstract the graph particularly when the graph gets complex, presenting simplified diagrams with details, which can be expanded and/or contracted real-time.

From what they describe it would appear United States Patent Number 6,515,666 otherwise known as ‘Renoir’ is one way they go about it.

Written in Java, Renoir is network-enabled graphing software, very similar to a tool the 5ociety has itself utilized recently provided by Gephi when attempting to analyse the chatter on the ‘Savile Outed as a Paedo‘ mega-thread on the David Icke Forums.

You can play around with the alpha version here (allow 30 secs to load).

Renoir was of course a famous French Impressionist painter. Impressionist painting characteristics include relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes that together form an interpretation of reality. The brush strokes of the NSA’s graphing software are the nodes and the picture of reality they form would appear to be whatever the operative wants to graph.

It is quite easy to see how this would potentially work. The operative could easily scale from a national or even regional level right down to an individual and their associated groups and personal profile that may include real-time communications.  And they could do all this from the comfort of their laptop sat in polo shirt, shorts and sneakers eating doughnuts.

Total Information Awareness logo

For all its generalised power, ‘Renoir’ is merely one small component of the overall capabilities of the U.S.’s  ‘Total Information Awareness’ programme that some say has taken on an artificial intelligence of its own and is known by the nickname ‘Mr Computer’ and is considered to be a digital ‘superconsciousness’.

If you are interested in exploring this technology further, please express your interest in writing to the:

National Security Agency
NSA Technology Transfer Program
9800 Savage Road, Suite 6541
Fort George G. Meade, Maryland 20755-6541

Or simply leave a comment in the section below and we’re sure they’ll pick it up saving you the bother 😉


Neuromancer, Zion, The Matrix and Google Earth

by 5ocietyx


In his 1984 cyberpunk novel Neuromancer, William Gibson coined the phrase ‘cyberspace’. Gibson is a novelist not a technologist and he says this was an advantage when it came to visualising what cyberspace would be like.

In one passage he states

Program a map to display frequency of data exchange, every thousand megabytes a single pixel on a very large screen. Manhattan and Atlanta burn solid white. Then they start to pulse, the rate of traffic threatening to overload your simulation. Your map is about to go nova. Cool it down. Up your scale. Each pixel a million megabytes. At a hundred million megabytes per second, you begin to make out certain blocks in midtown Manhattan, outlines of hundred-year-old industrial parks ringing the old core of Atlanta. . .

Although technically speaking it’s somewhat inaccurate, he seems to be describing the sensation of using Google Earth and how as you zoom in or fly around the scene fades into view as the screen refreshes.

Neuromancer greatly influenced the The Matrix trilogy providing the framework for the ‘consensual hallucination’ as well as the use of the term ‘Zion’ which is a space station in Gibson’s near future, a future that is already here…just not evenly distributed…yet.

You can read the entire book  online here:

Experiments in Alchemy: The Savile Files Mega-Graph (alpha release)

by 5ocietyx


Over the last few weeks we have been experimenting with Alchemy in our laboratories as well as other forms of techno-wizardry.

AlchemyAPI is a Natural Language Processing service that automagically picks out entities from a block of text and semantically tags them. It can do this with people, places, companies, organisations, job titles and a variety of other categories.

It also keeps a word-count of each entity which we were able to use to size each node in the graph to represent the importance of the protagonists. An experimental feature attempts to work out the ‘sentiment’ of the entity as it appears in the context of the text.

The graph is based on the first 3380 pages of the ‘Savile OUTED as a PAEDO‘ mega-thread on the David Icke Forums. For those that have never visited the thread it is a bit like an online Paedopedia Brittanica that has been investigating the Savile case and the wider problem of child abuse since October 2012.

Like the planet Saturn, the node ‘Jimmy Savile’ unsurprisingly dominates the graph as it sucks in thousands of ‘satellites’ into its orbit. This includes the good, the bad and the royal alike. His node would have been many times bigger based on its word-count but it would take up half the screen.

Over the next few decades, we will be looking to refine the graph and add the all-important connections between nodes. A sample has been added to the ‘Jimmy Savile’ node to show you what the connections will look like.

Of course, by crowd-sourcing this work amongst many people it need not take this long to complete. If enough interest is shown we will provide a simple web interface to allow this to happen.

We’ve seen what ‘white horse’ has been doing with ‘The Brain’ and would be keen to share our data and processes and see if we can combine resources.

The mega-thread has been a force of nature that has directly influenced the police, media and government but it is unstructured data, hard to navigate due to its size and lack of indexing or GUI, infiltrated by disinfo agents, and is what it is – a pseudo-anonymous internet forum often-times based on second or third hand information or more usually articles found on the web and usually from the mainstream media. In other words, the information flow isn’t first class which is pretty much standard for ‘surface web’ data, especially a forum discussing subject matter of this nature.

Despite this, the wisdom of the crowd and the research skills and integrity of the regular posters cannot be discounted and the graph appears to show a fairly comprehensive and accurate picture of everything surrounding the Savile Exposure.

Once the dataset was processed through AlchemyAPI 25333 nodes in total were discovered including over 13000 persons, verified and semantically classified. Through Alchemy, we could also deduce the sentiment of each node. This means how it was perceived in the context of the surrounding text. This is an experimental technology and threw up anomalies although in general it proved fairly accurate.

Clicking or touching a node brings up a profile window on the left hand side. The nodes are not currently situated in any particular order.

There is still a lot of noise and duplication that has to be cleaned up and normalised. For instance, Jimmy Savile has over 20 monikers that we will combine as one entity. We have been reluctant to remove too much data at this stage however until further analysis and verification can be completed.

A drawback with AlchemyAPI, that is more to do with the ambiguity of place-names is that it mistook many UK places to be in the U.S. which is understandable considering that America borrowed many British place-names. We are currently rectifying this manually before we geocode the locations and graph them accordingly so that a map of the world will appear centred on the UK.

You should allow around 30 seconds for the graph to load. The interface is fairly intuitive. A navigation tip is to use the ‘map-view’ in the bottom right hand corner along with the magnifying glass and zoom control to bring into view the small nodes.

Hopefully it won’t crash if all 5 of us try to load it at the same time. If it’s unresponsive then try again later.

Let us know what you think and ways it can be improved and expanded.

Link to graph:


by 5ocietyx

Anonymous message to the BBC

Anonymous message to the BBC

With #OpBBC planned for 1st June 2013 to bring to the attention of the executive, staff and members of the public concerns regarding paedophilia and the grooming of children, the TV tax, tax dodging, the dissemination of truth and a range of other issues it is worthwhile trying to understand the legacy applications and the dynamics at play within the state broadcaster that currently prevent transparency and to have an open dialogue about the BBC’s place in the 21st century and internet age.

We shouldn’t let Savile and others legacy be the dismantling of the BBC as it is as British as a cup of tea and produces world-class natural history programmes, sporting coverage and documentaries and without incessant advertising and other forms of commercialism. But it is compromised by other factors, mainly state control and groupthink.

We need to understand how the BBC works and forensically examine where the blockages to transparency are occurring and rectify it.

As paying customers it shouldn’t really be the job of protesters to ensure we aren’t handing over hard cash only to be lied to and to have twisted wizards groom us from childhood and illusionists try to sabotage our minds through the Eastenders program-me, the CBeebies program-me, the 6 O’Clock News program-me, the Newsnight program-me, the Question Time program-me and of course the Jim’ll Fix-it programming.

One suggestion would be to transform the Programme to the Program. Television is a medium where you just sit back and passively soak up an illusion of reality induced into an alpha wave state of mind as your brain mistakes pixels for atoms and compression ratios and algorithms for form and movement.

The programming is already breaking down. Where once there was a solitary television channel now there are millions. Where once everyone had to watch a certain programme at a certain time – now you can view at your convenience. Where once you were trapped in your living room or bedroom – now you can watch anywhere you like.

What we really mean though by ‘reprogramming the programme’ is for the public – interested groups and individuals to collaborate with the BBC to create software tools and frame-works that make it more difficult for any hidden agenda to twist the truth.  The BBC should also look to involving citizen journalists and hyper-local news to provide a broader picture of what is happening in the world. This should not be seen as a vast transitory slave workforce to be exploited however.

This will look a lot different from stage-shows like the QT programming where questions as well as answers are carefully scripted, the same panellists appear again and again and audience members are hand-picked.

Imagine a feature for example whereby in real-time every utterance from the talking heads that appear on debate shows and news programming was checked and verified against trusted data-sets that could indicate when they are lying?

The BBC should work with the public in making its vast archives freely accessible, searchable and shareable thus enriching the commons. This would also act as a distributed archiving solution that would help to ensure material is not lost forever by single points of failure.

Whilst we have concerns as to elements and policies within the management of the Beeb we are also in no doubt there are hundreds of honest creative people who are already thinking about or even working on similar minded projects within the corporation or in their own time. It would be informative to hear what they have to say.

If we don’t program then we will be programmed at will by the hypnotist that skulks in the corner of the living room. This is why they call it program me.

We don’t really want to hear your agenda-based opinion on the news we just want the facts. We don’t really want you to decide what is news in the first place as we think censorship should be censored. Data is King, let it speak instead.

program (n.)
1630s, “public notice,” from L.L. programma “proclamation, edict,” from Gk. programma (gen. programmatos) “a written public notice,” from stem of prographein “to write publicly,” from pro- “forth” (see pro-) + graphein “to write” (see -graphy).

General sense of “a definite plan or scheme” is recorded from 1837. Meaning “list of pieces at a concert, playbill” first recorded 1805 and retains the original sense. That of “objects or events suggested by music” is from 1854. Sense of “broadcasting presentation” is from 1923. Computer sense (noun and verb) is from 1945. Spelling programme, sometimes preferred in Britain, is from French and began to be used early 19c.

So by its origin all software should be open source.

The BBC should still be a people-powered institution, just tempered by incorruptible and transparent software protocols that the people whether they be British or our brothers and sisters around the world can call upon in times of need when their voices need to be heard and cause for truth and justice defended.

We need to ensure the opposite is not the case where the all-powerful state uses it to spread lies, to censor dissent, to fiddle with our kids and to mind control us all.

Some suggestions for reformation of the BBC

To stop competing with commercial channels in light entertainment – talent shows, reality tv, Monarch programming etc
To rediscover principles of public service
To give the license fee payer more of a say in how the institution is run by appointing members of the public onto the Trust or abolishing the Trust altogether for a more socially equitable mixture of people
To trim down executive salaries to more realistic levels of remuneration. The more you pay someone, the less they think they have to do especially when supping from the teat of the tax-funded sacred cash-cow of neverending milk and honey
To make their tax structure more equitable and in keeping with their own rhetoric
To open the archives for forensic examination by the public
For the EU funding to be forbidden by contract. Why should their millions, which is really our millions, outstrip the billions the British public hand over in the expectation we will get unbiased news coverage and not propaganda from a Vassal of an imploding federalist super-state?
To explore other revenue generators and cost savings with the mind to cut or abolish altogether the TV tax

The Savile Files

by 5ocietyx


Click/touch image to enlarge

As part of ‘Teh Savile Files’ project worked on earlier in the year and shortly to be released, we have been experimenting in data-journalism using a variety of presentation formats to try to make sense of vast data-sets.  One such format is the ‘JSON Sunflare’, a web-based application that allows you to create hierarchical maps based on a central nodal point.

The nodal point in this particular example is Jimmy Savile.

It is worth pointing out that not every name, group or institution included in the map are guilty of any crimes associated with Savile and many are in fact his victims or unwitting associates.

The map provides an overview of how far his tentacles stretched into public life and the nation as a whole.

It is not definitive and will be expanded upon in later versions. If you have any additions that you feel we have missed then please let us know in the comments section below.

(Click or touch the image to enlarge)

Watch our film Was Jimmy Savile A Wizard? on Youtube

The Rabbit Hole, Christ Church, Oxford

by 5ocietyx

Staircase-Great Hall-Christ Church

Staircase, Great Hall, Christ Church, Oxford, England

So this is the very spot where it all begins. The staircase of the Great Hall in Christ Church, Oxford was the inspiration for the Rabbit Hole in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

This is the metaphorical entrance (or en-trance) to a million myths and mysteries swirling through T’hinternets; the timeless, spaceless realm of never-ending twists and turns. Sometimes it is like a maze that leads to dead-ends, echo-chambers and despair. Other times it is like a fractal labyrinth – the very journey itself has rejuvenating qualities.

The Alice stories are woven into the fabric of conspiracy lore. They have influenced ‘The Occult’, promoted by Aleister Crowley who venerated Lewis Carroll, and the Great Beast 666’s misbegotten disciple Elron Hubbard who also utilised the Alice stories in his Scientology mind control cult. They are hard-coded into the Monarch Programme.

The Alice ultra-meme has massively influenced popular culture and was also picked up by the counter-culture of the alternative media land and conspiracy circuit. Like a metaphor of the rabbit hole itself, the Alice legend has cross-pollinated into many other conspiracy related works.

White rabbit in The Matrix

White rabbit in The Matrix

It was the white rabbit of the Alice stories that eventually led Neo out of the Matrix and prompted Morpheus himself to muse

I imagine that right now, you’re feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the rabbit hole?

You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. 

The 5ociety 4  The Great Universe will press forward and continue our Grand Expedition of T’Hinternets, surveying the lay of the land of this strange and beguiling realm, an etheric Wonderland that exists somewhere between the ‘real world’ and the internet collecting data curiosities along the way as well as replenishing the common stock with our own original research by contributing data not previously existing on the web, cataloguing and categorising the artefacts and seeking to disprove Gibson’s assertion in the pioneering days of cyberspace that there are no maps for these territories.

Follow the white rabbit

‘Follow the white rabbit’ appears magically from the black cube of cyberspace in the first install-ment  of the Matrix trilogy


by 5ocietyx


In honour of the woman who sculpted the landscape of Britain, both politically and aesthetically, the government have decided that Margaret Thatcher’s funeral will be conducted in the style of George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984. The multi-million pound security operation, known as ‘True Blue’, will use both heavy and under-handed tactics to form a virtual sphere of steel around the event, alone rumoured to be costing £8 million.

Police have been accused of using Big Brother ‘pre-crime’ techniques, monitoring and tracking suspected protesters before the funeral, which takes place at St.Paul’s Cathedral, London. The UK’s Telegraph reports:

‘Police are monitoring social media websites in the run up to Baroness Thatcher’s funeral to help identify individuals intent on violent protests.

Commander Christine Jones, who is overseeing the operation, told The Daily Telegraph that analysts are sifting through “open source” websites to assess the potential scale of action.’

Meanwhile, in a tip of the hat to Orwell, CNN doesn’t report that freedom is slavery:

‘Residents and visitors are urged to be aware that their freedom to move around may be affected.

“London is going to look very different on that day,” said Jones.

“There will be parts of London that are not available. The transport system will look different. There will be various station closures and other changes to the London landscape which people may not be prepared for. And they may also want to be in a place where frankly we will not allow them to be.”‘

News from the day will also be altered by the Ministry of Truth, so that future generations will never know about any opposition to the Iron Lady.

5ociety X continues to monitor all possible dystopias.

Taken from –

Majority suspect Minority Reporting

by 5ocietyx

In the Midlands area of Britain Police are unleashing what they are calling ‘Predictive policing’, where victims of crime are given 24 hour check-ups to make sure they don’t fall victim to crime again, as well as helping immediate neighbours to the crime address their own security issues, by recommending locks and measures that can be employed as prevention.

Meanwhile, in the US, the multinational firm Raytheon (the world’s largest supplier of guided missiles) have developed a technology they are calling Rapid Information Overlay Technology (RIOT – this has been noted), which uses information gleaned from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social networks to analyse your past movements and apparently predict future ones.

Although Raytheon has confirmed the US government are interested in their pseudo-telepathic technology, they added that they haven’t made a deal with anybody, yet.

We at 5ociety X will continue to monitor the future, without RIOT technology.


taken from –

Windows Chi Ro

by 5ocietyx

Windows XP

Windows XP

The Chi Rho, Christogram is a monogram constructed from the first two letters of Christ in Greek (ΧΡιστοs/Christos).

In 312 A.D., Constantine dreamed he saw a Chi Rho Christogram in the sky and heard the words IN HOC SIGNO ERIS, meaning “In this sign you will be the victor.” He ordered the sign of Christ on his legions standards and shields. He won a great victory and later became the first Christian Roman Emperor. He also made Christianity the official religion of the empire.

Constantine coin from ancient Rome

Constantine coin from ancient Rome

In  2000 AD William Gates III had the same vision as emperors in days gone by and continued his pursuit of making the Windows Programme, a sophisticated yet flawed mind control platform,  the thought mode of choice for human civilisation. Part of his over-arching policy was making Microsoft American English an enforced standard language across the interwebz.

As with the fall of the Roman Empire, the Microsoft Empire is currently in a slow but inevitable decline.

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