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The multiple personalities of Billy Milligan

by 5ocietyx

An interesting case of multiple personality disorder from the 1970’s in Ohio, USA. Billy had compartmentalised his emotional and physical experiences into a number of ‘experts’, in order to process the world around him.

‘According to the definitive book on this strange case, The Minds of Billy Milligan, doctors and prosecutors were able to ascertain the existence of 24 distinct personalities, or “alters,” from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds, and even ages. Ten of them were considered acceptable to both Billy and the two most dominant alters, while 14 had been deemed “undesirable” and repressed, not to be discovered until after his trial, along with some insight into the choosing of the alter that would have “the spot,” or the most command of Billy’s body at any given time.’

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Stan Gooch – ‘Creatures from Inner Space’

by 5ocietyx

Taken from chapter 16 – The Natural History of Psychics

‘The foregoing material, and indeed the whole of this book, exposes as complete nonsense the standard scientific view of dreams as some kind of poisonous or incoherent by-product of normal consciousness. The recently published and typical views of Francis Crick, an establishment scientist and Nobel Prize winner, are especially pathetic. He considers dreams to be a process whereby useless mental material picked up during the day is disposed of by the brain. He writes in conclusion: ‘the practice of remembering dreams should be discouraged’. How well this statement reveals the desperate, frozen paranoia of the western scientist towards dreams and the unconscious generally. In this area modern science can justifiably be said to be both repressive and fascist – that is, psychologically disturbed and politically despicable. It was, essentially, this same attitude which led to the burning and torturing of so many unfortunate wretches who dared in former times to proclaim the validity of our human ‘secret life’.

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