World Cup 2014: Robot Apocalyse?

by 5ocietyx

The Brazilian government has reportedly paid 3.5 million to US firm iRobot to supply the country with 30 robots for the forthcoming 2014 football world cup, in an attempt to bolster security fears following the recent Boston bombings.

The equipment being purchased by Brazil includes a type of multi-use robot “that has proven useful for a variety of law enforcement applications, including the inspection of potentially dangerous areas and objects, the removal of suspicious devices and the detection of chemical and explosive agents,” according to iRobot.

The robots weigh about 60 pounds and are customizable to include a robotic arm and other feature. They are operated remotely with a small control unit that essentially is a ruggedized laptop with a game-style controller, the company said.

“The purpose of these robots is to keep the operator and other people safe while an investigation is being conducted,” iRobot told The Associated Press in an email.

How well these robots operate without the required joypad and laptop remains to be seen, the suggestion is that these wee beasties are not yet self-controlled, so lets pray the operator is on minimum wage, and thus, the robot takeover can be avoided at this time. However, 5ocietyX continues to monitor all possible singularities.

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