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Anonymous message to the BBC

Anonymous message to the BBC

With #OpBBC planned for 1st June 2013 to bring to the attention of the executive, staff and members of the public concerns regarding paedophilia and the grooming of children, the TV tax, tax dodging, the dissemination of truth and a range of other issues it is worthwhile trying to understand the legacy applications and the dynamics at play within the state broadcaster that currently prevent transparency and to have an open dialogue about the BBC’s place in the 21st century and internet age.

We shouldn’t let Savile and others legacy be the dismantling of the BBC as it is as British as a cup of tea and produces world-class natural history programmes, sporting coverage and documentaries and without incessant advertising and other forms of commercialism. But it is compromised by other factors, mainly state control and groupthink.

We need to understand how the BBC works and forensically examine where the blockages to transparency are occurring and rectify it.

As paying customers it shouldn’t really be the job of protesters to ensure we aren’t handing over hard cash only to be lied to and to have twisted wizards groom us from childhood and illusionists try to sabotage our minds through the Eastenders program-me, the CBeebies program-me, the 6 O’Clock News program-me, the Newsnight program-me, the Question Time program-me and of course the Jim’ll Fix-it programming.

One suggestion would be to transform the Programme to the Program. Television is a medium where you just sit back and passively soak up an illusion of reality induced into an alpha wave state of mind as your brain mistakes pixels for atoms and compression ratios and algorithms for form and movement.

The programming is already breaking down. Where once there was a solitary television channel now there are millions. Where once everyone had to watch a certain programme at a certain time – now you can view at your convenience. Where once you were trapped in your living room or bedroom – now you can watch anywhere you like.

What we really mean though by ‘reprogramming the programme’ is for the public – interested groups and individuals to collaborate with the BBC to create software tools and frame-works that make it more difficult for any hidden agenda to twist the truth.  The BBC should also look to involving citizen journalists and hyper-local news to provide a broader picture of what is happening in the world. This should not be seen as a vast transitory slave workforce to be exploited however.

This will look a lot different from stage-shows like the QT programming where questions as well as answers are carefully scripted, the same panellists appear again and again and audience members are hand-picked.

Imagine a feature for example whereby in real-time every utterance from the talking heads that appear on debate shows and news programming was checked and verified against trusted data-sets that could indicate when they are lying?

The BBC should work with the public in making its vast archives freely accessible, searchable and shareable thus enriching the commons. This would also act as a distributed archiving solution that would help to ensure material is not lost forever by single points of failure.

Whilst we have concerns as to elements and policies within the management of the Beeb we are also in no doubt there are hundreds of honest creative people who are already thinking about or even working on similar minded projects within the corporation or in their own time. It would be informative to hear what they have to say.

If we don’t program then we will be programmed at will by the hypnotist that skulks in the corner of the living room. This is why they call it program me.

We don’t really want to hear your agenda-based opinion on the news we just want the facts. We don’t really want you to decide what is news in the first place as we think censorship should be censored. Data is King, let it speak instead.

program (n.)
1630s, “public notice,” from L.L. programma “proclamation, edict,” from Gk. programma (gen. programmatos) “a written public notice,” from stem of prographein “to write publicly,” from pro- “forth” (see pro-) + graphein “to write” (see -graphy).

General sense of “a definite plan or scheme” is recorded from 1837. Meaning “list of pieces at a concert, playbill” first recorded 1805 and retains the original sense. That of “objects or events suggested by music” is from 1854. Sense of “broadcasting presentation” is from 1923. Computer sense (noun and verb) is from 1945. Spelling programme, sometimes preferred in Britain, is from French and began to be used early 19c.

So by its origin all software should be open source.

The BBC should still be a people-powered institution, just tempered by incorruptible and transparent software protocols that the people whether they be British or our brothers and sisters around the world can call upon in times of need when their voices need to be heard and cause for truth and justice defended.

We need to ensure the opposite is not the case where the all-powerful state uses it to spread lies, to censor dissent, to fiddle with our kids and to mind control us all.

Some suggestions for reformation of the BBC

To stop competing with commercial channels in light entertainment – talent shows, reality tv, Monarch programming etc
To rediscover principles of public service
To give the license fee payer more of a say in how the institution is run by appointing members of the public onto the Trust or abolishing the Trust altogether for a more socially equitable mixture of people
To trim down executive salaries to more realistic levels of remuneration. The more you pay someone, the less they think they have to do especially when supping from the teat of the tax-funded sacred cash-cow of neverending milk and honey
To make their tax structure more equitable and in keeping with their own rhetoric
To open the archives for forensic examination by the public
For the EU funding to be forbidden by contract. Why should their millions, which is really our millions, outstrip the billions the British public hand over in the expectation we will get unbiased news coverage and not propaganda from a Vassal of an imploding federalist super-state?
To explore other revenue generators and cost savings with the mind to cut or abolish altogether the TV tax

Clarion call to the British Order of the Jedi

by 5ocietyx

Jedi High Council

Jedi High Council

It has come to our attention that the number of sentient life-forms in Britain who describe themselves as a follower of the Jedi religion has reached 180,000.

With the economy in ruins, the government planning for civil unrest, trusted celebrities unmasked as goblins, and seemingly every department of state shown to be corrupt we call upon the British Order of the Jedi to stop the petty bickering with the BBC’s Dr Who fans and concentrate your efforts towards the real enemies of the land that reside within the British Brainwashing Contraption.

Help us brothers and sisters, noble Jedi of Britain in your countries hour of need. You could be our only hope.  We humbly call upon all Jedi Knights in the land who hear this plea to join us on 1st June, Portland Place, London to counter the mind control apparatus beaming propaganda far and wide and listing it as news, dressing up grotesque paedophilia as art with which to adorn their tempestuous Broadcasting House facility.

An operation to culture jam the transmissions emanating from this central London mind control facility using the force, telepathy, orgonite crystals and peaceful, non obtrusive awareness so as to neutralise the effect of this sub-station of state control and manipulation of the mass mind and gather preliminary intel on what is essentially a mission of diplomacy albeit thinly veiled.

This message arrives with a word of caution. It is estimated that it will optimally require 1028 Jedi Knights to join Anonymous @ #OpBBC and form a telepathic cone of power focused on the broadcast tower on the roof and Jimmy Fixit sculpture idol above the en-trance to Broadcasting House with which to alter the base frequencies that hold together the construct of deceit to then allow the truth vibrations to flow into the building like a breathe of fresh meadow air and influence its energy signature, culture, atmosphere and mindset for the better and free them from the charms of the youth idol worshipping peadocracy and their  death cult of Saturn.

It has been noted and documented in the recently released 5ociety X film – Was Jimmy Savile a Wizard? that your legendary ancestor master Obi Wan Kenobi utilized ‘black magic’ by performing a ‘Jedi mind trick’ upon storm-troopers at the Mos Eisley space port. We have also noted that Jimmy Savile aka Saturn aka Darth Vader also used the same ‘Jedi mind trick’ at the beginning of episodes of the Jim’ll Fix It programming.

With this in mind, we advise all participating jedi to refrain from performing the ‘Jedi mind trick’ during the operation and instead call upon more restorative forms of jedi magic that can be decided upon yourselves as you see fit.

An example of this white magic realism would be to create alternative ethereal designs and thought-forms for works of art that could replace the child-abusing, animal loving Eric Gill’s handiwork.

This is why we have identified the Jedi Order as perfect for this operation as you can offer expertise in these areas of diplomacy and reconassance and consult telepathically the hive mind with your findings. Although this is a covert mission, we would suggest a dress code comprising full ceremonial robes to make your presence proudly known.

The BBC should also be aware that spies have already infiltrated their secretive organisation. There are undoubtedly Jedi  already employed within Broadcasting House just as there are undoubtedly anons, some that don’t yet know it, with official security passes, clearance and access to restricted files.

This is perfectly natural seeing as the BBC employs members of the Great British Public and required no planning by spymasters or strings pulled. They are us and it is time to make that known to them.

We are highly confident of the ultimate success of this mission as part of #OpBBC for we feel certain that the ineptitude of the bureaucratic managerial levels within the BBC will have neglected to properly vet employees  even if it was known to them they were recruiting jedi. This is because they think you are a joke. That you are not to be taken seriously. That you are nothing more than a hokey religion from a bygone age.

It is time to prove them wrong.

This complacency towards your noble order provides you with perfect cover to scope the BBC unmolested from the inside as well as outside. All eyes will be on Anonymous not to mention the P.E.L and attempts to hack into the transmissions providing a distraction.

The Palestinian Electronic Army recently commandeered the BBC Weather twitter feed illustrating how vulnerable the BBC is to compromise.

At the 5ociety we are sympathetic of those wishing to send a more direct message to the BBC especially with the obvious lulz that were generated by this particular hack but are mindful of the need to ultimately reform the BBC from the inside. If they stubbornly refuse the will of the people, their paymasters, and squirrel away output that we have paid for to cover their tracks then we will obviously need to re-evaluate our position.

The archives are going to be opened one way or the other so it is advisable for the BBC to do so in an orderly and equitable fashion rather than be hacked wide open for non-compliance with their patrons demands.

We know that many of you have already received this message telepathically and send our greetings, best wishes, love and lulz to one and all.

We are Legion

The Truth is Out There

May the Force be with You

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The Tempest: Prospero, Ariel, Gill and the BBC…and Anonymous

The Tempest: Prospero, Ariel, Gill and the BBC…and Anonymous

by 5ocietyx

BBC test screen

According to the Daily Mail, a BBC spokesperson said:

“The statue of Ariel and Prospero on the front of Broadcasting House stands as a metaphor for broadcasting, executed by one of the last century’s major British artists whose work has been widely displayed in leading UK museums and galleries.

“There are no plans to remove or replace the sculptures at the front of Broadcasting House.

Despite everything that has happened since the BBC’s number one asset, Jimmy Savile, was exposed as Britain’s most notorious peadophile the corporation remains unrepentant of its use of child abusers to host children’s television programmes and its use of paedophiles to decorate its flagship building.

(Broadcasting House was modelled on the ship the King of Naples was aboard before Prospero conjured a tempest from his island which caused a shipwreck.)

Ariel and Prospero

Ariel and Prospero, Broadcasting House

According to the BBC, a naked boy submissively leaning into the raised leg of a wizard is simply a metaphor for broadcasting. According to the BBC,  Eric Gill was a major British artist rather than an incestuous bestiality practitioner. He was both, of course,  but the BBC ‘spokesperson’ completely ignores the background context of the artist despite the ‘inappropriateness’ to use a word the BBC are fond of.

If the Ariel and Prospero statue is about broadcasting, what are we to make of ‘Ariel piping to the children’ another Gill creation adorning the inside of Broadcasting House which features a naked pied piper playing his phallus-pipe in a sea of children?

Ariel piping to the childen

Ariel piping to the childen

It would appear that this piece of work also represents broadcasting.

Like the wizard standing over the en-trance brandishing his little sex-slave like a trophy, we also see Savile in not only the pied piper which represents Pan but The Sower character too which represents Saturn.

Perhaps the BBC can convince us otherwise?


The Sower, Eric Gill represents broadcasting according to Beeb.

That the art of a paedophile that happens to feature the pied piper and a wizard as well as naked children in suggestive poses was not at all influenced by the artist’s personal preferences and the culture of the corporation as a whole.

The BBC approved Gill at the time and hold the same policy now. They obviously share his tastes, otherwise why would they have commissioned him?

Jimmy Savile in wizard's gown

Jimmy Savile in wizard’s gown

The Sower is a metaphor for the military grade psychological operation that is ‘Children’s Hour’.

One of many mind control devices used by the BBC is ‘political correctness’. But politically correct for whom? The mind benders of the Frankfurt School or the customs of the British public? They have habitually used this tool to silence opposition to the deviant agenda they are pushing.  Whilst they have forced people to watch what they say in case it upsets their sensibilities it would appear they allowed their *stars* to go hog wild behaving like Caligula even on their premises and are operating on an altogether different set of values than the millions who subsidize their indulgences through a tax on television set ownership.

BBC logo

BBC logo, black cubes of Saturn?

In the future when English civilisation has gone the way of the Greeks and Romans, assisted by the BBC’s promotion of the EU, paedophilia and multiculturalism, tourists will survey the ruins of London and all that will be left would be a collection of bizarre statues of wizards, nymphs, war-lords, dragons, warriors on horseback, goddesses in chariots, naked men with lions on chains, and of course there will be the statue of ‘Ariel’ and ‘Prospero’.

And the future tourists will take one look at the naked boy and bearded wizard and they will know the dark heart of #peadobritain and see it for what it was. They may even confuse the statue as an out and out memorial to Savile such was the hedonistic exhibitionism of the cult of celebrity and ruling elites of Britannia at the time.

They may even glance at the official NWO guide-book and read that this particular statue symbolised broadcasting.  And in an ironic way the BBC  ‘spokesperson’ is being quite candid. The wizard, the pied piper and the sower surrounded by innocent children, some naked, do indeed symbolise the British Broadcasting Corporation quite eloquently.

#OpBBC engaged.


by 5ocietyx

Breathing, Broadcasting House

Breathing, Broadcasting House

Inspired by the building’s Audio and Music Division and shaped like a listening glass (or loud hailer), ‘Breathing’ is a 10 metre (33ft) sculpture dedicated to BBC war correspondents and reporters killed in the world’s trouble spots. Notice the dome and the spires of All Soul’s church and the replica shortwave radio mast on the original building in the background.

A poem written by its creator, Jaume Plensa, spirals around it and reads:

life turns and turns on the crystal glass
breathing in our body

silence is a voice, our voice
silence is a body, our body

life turns and turns on the crystal glass
breathing in our body

I invite you to breathe
I invite you to listen to the silence

Breathing, Broadcasting House

Photo: Hayes Davidson.

Every night at 10pm a beam of light is switched on synchronised with the nightly 10 o’clock news bulletin.

Breathing, Broadcasting House

Breathing, Broadcasting House

Resonating with the BT Tower

Breathing, Broadcasting House

Breathing, Broadcasting House

Breathing, Broadcasting House

Breathing, Broadcasting House

Statue of Ariel and Prospero, Broadcasting House

by 5ocietyx

Ariel and Prospero, Broadcasting House

Ariel and Prospero by dog lover Eric Gill

Eric Gill created the ‘Ariel and Prospero’ statue that adorns the entrance to Broadcasting House as well as ‘Ariel piping to the children’ and ‘Ariel between Wisdom and Gaiety’.

After Broadcasting House was opened and the statues were installed, concern was voiced about the size of the sprite’s genitalia. A question was tabled in the House of Commons, but the popular story, that Gill was ordered to modify the statue, is not substantiated. 1

Supposedly a deeply religious man who followed the Roman Catholic faith (go figure) according to his biographer, Fiona MacCarthy, Gill’s personal diaries described how he sexually abused his own children, had an incestuous relationship with his sister and performed sexual acts on his dog. 2

Whilst Television Centre appears to be a paedophile’s playground, an incestuous, child abusing, bestiality practitioner was commissioned to decorate Broadcasting House. Savile must have walked through those doors and thought to himself ‘I’ve arrived’.

Ariel between Wisdom and Gaiety

Ariel between Wisdom and Gaiety. Subtle Pied Piper allusions.

Piping to the children, Eric Gill

Piping to the children, Eric Gill

More than just allusions – in your face deviancy by self confessed child abuser.

Broadcasting House, artwork by Eric Gill

Broadcasting House, artwork by Eric Gill


Eric Gill working on Ariel and Prospero statue, Broadcasting House

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